Who Wore It Best: April 2013 Poll

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Last week, a number of readers commented about the Fabienne Delvigne hat worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg. It was described as both a bird’s nest and an orbiting solar system; no matter how you describe it, this one is certainly unique and a little off the wall. Since a very similar hat from the same designer has also graced the top of another royal head, I thought it would be perfect for this month’s first poll. So I ask you dear readers on this silliest of days, who wore this bird’s nest/solar system hat best?!

Embed from Getty Images
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg  in lime green for Luxembourg National Day, June 23, 2006

Embed from Getty Images
Princess Máxima of the Netherlands in orange during a tour to New Zealand, November 4, 2006

Voting will remain open until April 14 and as per usual, I’ll unveil the winner on the 15th. You’re welcome to vote as many times as you wish so go to it! And, have a Happy April Fool’s Day.

Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best: April 2013 Poll

  1. I like Maria Theresa’s hat better on her because of her hair. With her hair pulled back, the hat is dramatic and a sort of centerpiece. I don’t like it as much on Princess Maxima because her hair is a teeny bit messy and that makes the hat loose its affect. Say whatever you want about these hats, they are works or art!

    • What is the point of any hat? Or bracelet? Or earrings? They are all a fashion accessory. They serve no purpose but we still will come to admire them! This one might not be to your taste but that makes it no more or less pointless than any other hat.

      I think that this one is memorable- so many hats are boing. What is the point of a fashion accessory that is easily forgotten?

  2. I’m not sure that this orange is a fitting color on Maxima- with her skin tone, I think she looks much better in pink.
    I think it’s too hard to choose a winner between these two because these hats are just a little to out there for me. But they look funny for April Fool’s Day!

    • I think what Eliza meant by “fitting” is that Maxima is the Princess of Orange (the royal house of the Netherlands is the House of Orange-Nassau). It’s a pun!

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