Hat From the Past

A Flashback to 57 years ago today when the most iconic royal bride of all time walked down the aisle. We all remember THAT dress but what do we think about her headpiece?

Princess Grace of Monaco | The Royal Hats BlogPrincess Grace of Monaco | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Manuel Litran and Walter Carone via Getty

28 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

    • I don’t usually like traditional dresses that are up to the neck covered in lace. Those dresses usually look like their swallowing up the bride. This one doesn’t. I think the cap works because her hair is up and she has such a long, swanlike neck. There’s still a lot of space between the collar of the dress and the cap. It doesn’t hurt that this is REAL handmade lace and not the cheap polyester machine made stuff you see on a lot of wedding dresses today.

      • I can not add more words of wisdom to those already eloquently shared here. This bridal ensemble is that which all others will be compared yet never surpass. The crowning glory was this juliette. Absolute perfection. 11/10

    • That’s fascinating. From the sketches, the headpiece almost looks like a kokoshnik tiara. It looks much more regal in the sketches than in the photos. I suspect it looked much more regal in person as well.

    • In the drawing the head piece looks like a halo. With the veil down over her face it must have given the most angelic effect.

      • I read here every day and really love this blog. I’m a little shy about writing since you all know so much more about the hats. My friend got me over here and I’m learning so much about all the other royal ladies.

        I was a 10 when Princess Grace got married. I remember it so well. The pictures in those days were not near as good as they are today and same with the TV. But even still, we all were so in love with her dress. She did look like an angel! And she was so calm and serene. She was probably scared stiff but she looked so peaceful on the outside. We thought she was so elegant. I still think she was the most elegant bride. I also think this dress and headpiece is what turned her into a princess that day. After then, she wasn’t a Hollywood actress anymore. We all thought of her as a princess.

        Her headpiece was kind of like a crown now that I think about it. Looking at it now, I just love how the lace on her bodice was carried up on her headpiece. Her face was surrounded with that lace.

        • Janet, welcome here! I am so happy to hear you enjoy this blog.

          Your recollections about this wedding were just wonderful to read. Your comment about this wedding dress and headpiece turning Grace Kelly, the actress, into Princess Grace, is very insightful. I think you’re absolutely right. This dress (and headpiece) was at the heart of her transformation.

          Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you’ll share more of your memories and thoughts in the future!

      • Dear Janet,
        I feel the very same way as you. I was also a young girl in 1956 and remember this wedding so clearly. There was something so special about Princess Grace and your so right. She became a princess that day, not because she married a prince but because she carried herself like one. I don’t think it would have been the same if she was wearing a tiara. She seemed so young and innocent (yes we know now she wasn’t) and that lace cap added to the awe and mystery. It was truly a fairy tale come to life.

  1. I don’t like her headpiece. It seems really fussy and prissy. I think a tiara would have been a lot better. She still could have worn the veil over her face

    • Sometimes tiaras do no look very good on bride’s. I thought the one that Princess Maxima wore with the stars sticking up was a little too spiky for her wedding. Countess Sophie’s tiara was also kind of pointed and you could see the bottom which made it look akward as you mentioned. Princess Kate’s tiara was the Scroll Tiara and had gentle waves that were not very high. That made it look really pretty. So I think there can be tiara’s that look really nice for a royal bride.

  2. This is the dress that all other royal brides are measured against. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the headpiece. It looks good on Grace but I prefer a delicate tiara with a royal wedding dress.

    • I think the lace headpiece perfectly framed her face and complemented her dress so well. It was just the right final touch.

  3. It’s interesting she didn’t wear any tiara as her contemporary royal brides did. Do you happen to know if Prince Rainier’s mother or sister wore one? I kind of liked the headpiece though. It made her whole look a bit different from the traditional bridal looks. And of course, I loved the dress! As you said, it’s iconic look.

    I happen to have a poll about the most beautiful royal bride in 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s in my blog atm and Princess Grace seems to dominate that one too.

    • I’ve looked through my photo archives (and some online) and can’t find any photos of Princess Antoinette’s first wedding. I suspect she did not wear a tiara because she was already the mother of three children when she married… although she was rather eccentric and anything is possible! I’ll do some digging about Rainier’s mother, Princess Charlotte.

    • Has anyone in her family worn a tiara? Here daughters did not. Charlene wore hair ornaments but no tiara. Maybe it is not a Monégasque tradition.

      • The only one in the family who wears a tiara at all now is Princess Caroline. Princess Charlene doesn’t even wear one!

      • That may be. And that’s why I asked if brides before her wore one. I think Grace still wore tiaras on other occasions later on. Not very often, but sometimes.

  4. With the dress the headpiece is excellent. Wouldn’t recommend anyone try it though. The shape of the skirt balances it and keeps the whole away from dowdiness.

    • I totally agree. There is something about the lace points on the headpiece that works beautifully with the long slim lace sleeves. A tiara would have given this a totally different look.

    • It’s beautiful but I really don’t think it’s a look that translates today. The dress maybe but the headpiece, no way.

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