Who Wore it Best: July 2013 Poll

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The Royal Hats Bog When you think of a quintessential summer hat, what do you think of? For me, it’s a classic panama hat. Like us, most royals are on vacation these days and with vacation comes the inevitable sightings of royals in panama hats. Since I have featured exclusively women in these polls so far, I thought it would be fun to do a “Princes Only” version of our monthly poll featuring a string of handsome royal men in summery panama hats. The only question is – in your opinion, Who Wore It Best?

Prince Philip, May 13, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, May 13, 2013

Prince Joachim, July 14, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Joachim of Denmark arriving in Nice, France on July 14, 2013 
Prince Edward, July 5, 2010 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, attending a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, July 5, 2010

Prince Felix and Prince Nicolai, July 11, 2010  | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Felix and Prince Nicolai of Denmark on holiday in Cahors, France, July 11, 2010 

Prince Charles, March 23, 2003  | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Charles on a visit to Egypt, March 23, 2003 

Prince Frederik, July 7, 2009 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Frederik of Denmark on holiday in the south of France July 7, 2009 

Heinrich Prince of Fürstenberg, August  7, 2008| The Royal Hats Blog Heinrich Prince of Fürstenberg on holiday, August 7, 2008

 Voting will remain open until midnight GMT on July 30th and I will unveil the winner on July 31st. You’re welcome to vote as many times as you wish. Happy voting!

Photos from Danny E. Martindale via Getty Bauer Griffin via Zimbio; WPA Pool/Getty via Zimbio Lars H. Laursen via Billed Bladet; Mark Cuthbert via Getty; Bauer Griffin via Zimbio; and The New York Times via Vanity Fair

16 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best: July 2013 Poll

  1. Hello!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and think you sure Know our european royalties’s agenda! However i haven’t seen anything about our new belgian king and queen and the Hats of thé day 😉 not extravagant however a few nice ones 🙂 Mathilde’s one particularly 😉

  2. I think Joachim is looking a little “Indiana Jones” here. Very tough call among him, Fred, The DoE and the little princes.
    And Mr Fitzroy, I loved the comment about Camilla sitting on Charles’ hat. Spot on description!

  3. Prince Fred probably does look best…..Charles looks rediculous, like Camilla had perhaps sat on it before he put it on, and Wessex, well comment will be deferred. The august Duke of Edinburgh has MrFitzroy’s vote however, perhaps not for this particular photo, but for his history of Panamas going back 60 years plus….and extra points in this photo for wearing a summery hat with what appear to be winter hunting tweeds….an iconoclast on every level he is!

  4. The Duke looks wonderful for his age, and whatever is said about the other contenders now, the Duke was very young and very handsome in his youth. I have to said Prince Charles is probably wearing the hat he wears for gardening if not for farming.

  5. These hats do look OK to me. They are more about style than fashion. BTW, a farm hat is a baseball cap with a John Deere tractor embroidered on the front.

    • I live in the heart of Canadian farmland and you must too because your description of a farm hat is spot-on!! Your comments are always so funny and insightful Gottfried!

  6. It’s nice to see some hubba hubba handsome princess here finally in some hats!! LOL!! I don’t like this hat. It looks like a farm hat. Only the little boys look cute.

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