Who Wore it Best: July Poll Results

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It was a close race between Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Crown Prince Frederik but we have a clear winner in this month’s poll of the best princely wearing of a panama hat:

Prince Frederik, July 7, 2009 | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Frederik of Denmark on holiday in the south of France July 7, 2009 

Swoon. I’ll be back tomorrow with the first August poll!

Photos from Danny E. Martindale via Getty Bauer Griffin via Zimbio; WPA Pool/Getty via Zimbio Lars H. Laursen via Billed Bladet; Mark Cuthbert via Getty; Bauer Griffin via Zimbio; and The New York Times via Vanity Fair

5 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best: July Poll Results

  1. I gave him my vote but my husband told me it was unfair because obviously what is so attractive in him is the whole look – sunglasses, open shirt, arms on the waist… and incidentally a panama. What do you think of it?

    • On this blog, I usually try to include a closeup photo of a hat along with a wider shot of the hat with the “whole look” because I think that whole look can really influence if a hat looks great (or not!). I agree- the whole look is what works here! I think it’s impossible for us to totally separate a hat from the rest of someone’s look.

      • What is so attractive is how effortlessly handsome Frederik looks. That is one of the sexiest things about him and Prince Haakon, my two favorite princes!

      • I agree with both of you, HatQueen and Maggie. It’s fair to consider the look, and Frederik is bloody handsome… 😉

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