Birthday of Princess Beatrice

Royal Hats When you think of royal hats, many people think of Princess Beatrice of York (because of THAT hat, of course!). I will admit- for a few years, this young princess’ hats were a little off the wall (see here, here and here) but as she has matured into the poised young princess we see today, her millinery style has settled and she has started wearing hats instead of the other way around. As we celebrate Beatrice’s 25th birthday today, here is a hat that she wore so beautifully last April when she accompanied her grandparents to a Maundy Thursday service in York. I thought this cream straw beret trimmed with large navy flowers and a navy net veil was young, fresh, elegant and oh-so lovely on Beatrice. I really do think she is coming into herself (as most of us do in our twenties) and into a style that works very well for her. Well done Bea!

Princess Beatrice, April 5, 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog Princess Beatrice, April 5, 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: Gina Foster from the Spring Summer 2012 “Jubilee” Collection
Previously worn: April 5, 2012 and October 20, 2012 

Photos from Max Mumby via Getty and Chris Jackson via Zimbio

10 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Beatrice

  1. I didn’t realize the navy things on her hat were flowers until you pointed it out, but design and color-wise, yes, I like this very much. Do you think Bea’s engagement to Dave Clark will be announced at her birthday party today, as speculated? (as a woman of a certain age, I always think of the Dave Clark 5 when I see his name……)

  2. She is beautiful, its crazy how much she resembles Queen Victoria!
    This is my favorite hat of Bea’s, I would love to own it myself.

  3. I sometimes forget that Bea is only 25. She is mature and carries herself with poise beyond her years. Yes, some of her hats in the past have been a little out there but I certainly wore some questionable things when I was young. The color of this hat against her complexion and hair is really pretty.

  4. I think this was one of Bea’s most successful outings! But I have to disagree with you about the Alexander McQueen butterfly hat, I love that one!

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