Birthday of Princess Anne

Royal HatsPrincess Anne, The Princess Royal, celebrates her 63rd birthday today. One of the hardest working royals in the British Royal Family, Anne is patron of over 200 charities and carries out more than 500 engagements per year. Her fashion is no-nonsense and this summer alone, she has recycled hats that first entered her royal wardrobe 31 and 32 years ago. She is confident and plays by her own fashion rules and that’s why I love her so much. I think Anne looks best in classic, streamlined, clean hats (free of cutsey embellishments) like this navy blue straw chapeau with elegantly sweeping brim she wore for the Braemar Games in Scotland in September 2010. A strong hat that this strong royal woman carries very, very well.

Princess Anne, September 4, 2010 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Chris Jackson/Getty via Zimbio

3 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Anne

  1. Oh, my favorite BRF Princess, she is so classy and chic. This is a real royal princess that so many in Europe and elsewhere can look up to for how a princess should be in all ways. Love her hat, and the yellow one that she wore that was 31 years old, my very favorite hat of all, I love the style, sassy and chic at the same time. Wish this young lady many many years of birthdays!

  2. Sadly she looks her age and then some – just something in the family genes I think…but like you I really admire her – she is a really hard worker and seems selfless about it – I don’t even know where she lives where as the others in the immediate family I know a lot more about.

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