Birthday of Princess Marie Chantal

Royal Hats Princess Marie Chantal of Greece (née Marie Chantal Miller) celebrates her 45th birthday today. Marie Chantal, who married Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece in 1995, lives in London with her family; she she heads an eponymous line of luxury children’s clothing and Pavlos is successful a hedge fund manager. As royals without a monarchy (Greece formally abolished their constitutional monarchy after a referendum in 1974), the couple are seen at events relating to other European royal families (Pavlos is first cousins to the crown princes of Spain and Denmark, second cousin to Princess Victoria of Sweden and closely tied to the British Royal Family). The lack of a crown, however, does not diminish her glamour- Marie Chantal’s fashion is legendary and her millinery is usually custom made by Philip Treacy. To celebrate her birthday today, I thought we’d look back at one of her most striking hats, worn in January 2012 for the Ruby Jubilee of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Isn’t this deep burgundy wool picture hat with upturned diagonal brim trimmed with figure eight loops and silk blooms spectacular?

Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, January 14 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog     Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, January 14 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Allpix and Albert Nieboer via Corbis

4 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Marie Chantal

  1. She is lovely and elegant. I like the hat but I think the flower is too big. I also like how she matched her husband’s tie to her hat!

  2. In theory, the hat is lovely but the actual execution is missing a bit for me. I think the flower is a bit too large, distracting, and the brim goes very flat against her forehead in a strange way. Finally, I don’t think the hat compliments the outfit. Marie Chantal is very elegant but this hat isn’t my favorite.

  3. It is a really splendid hat. My one reservation is her hair; it seems to me a rather formal hat (or I should say a hat well suited to a formal occasion, as this was), and would, I think look better with a more formal hair style to support it.

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