Who Wore it Best: December 2013 Poll

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Another one of my favourite royal winter hats is one we have seen on two young heads in the British Royal Family. This Whiteley Fischer Ltd.designed wool felt beret features a large diagonal feather and twirled side bow. The Duchess of Cambridge wore it in black while Princess Beatrice’s version is in grey with pale blue sequins.The question remains, however, Who Wore It Best?

 Princess Beatrice in Whitely, Dec 25, 2009 | The Royal Hats Blog    The Duchess of Cambridge in Whitely, March 20, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Princess Beatrice on Christmas Day, 2009
The Duchess of Cambridge at the Baker Street tube station, March 20, 2013

As usual, the poll will remain open until midnight GMT December 16 on and we will celebrate the winner the next morning. You are again welcome to vote as many times as you wish.

Photos from Danny E. Martindale and Chris Jackson, both via Zimbio

11 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best: December 2013 Poll

  1. Well, I agree with the comments on the angle, but I don’t like the sequins at all, and the full-black look pleases me. Catherine, then 🙂

  2. You have certainly made this very hard for me HatQueen!!!!! I adore both hats and it is so hard to choose. I never ever ever thought that I would not cast a vote for my dearest Duchess of Cambridge, but the slight angle difference and those wonderful blue sequins give Princess Beatrice a slight edge here in my opinion. So I am casting my vote for Princess Beatrice! (You also accidentally called Beatrice by her sister Eugenie’s name in your post) 😉

    • I agree- the slight angle change makes a significant difference in the overall effect of the hat. Since I have to choose, I’m giving Beatrice my vote but both hats are a great success.

  3. Hands down Beatrice. Wore it first and wore it the best. I’m assuming Beatrice’s is bespoke, love the grey/blue color combo.

  4. I voted for Beatrice! Which I’ve absolutely never done before not did I think I ever would. And against the very elegant Catherine, no less! It’s a strange, strange day!

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