Who Wore it Best: December Poll Results

The Royal Hats Blog

The very last bit of business from 2013 we need to attend to is unveiling the result from our last poll. The clear winner of the black fur Papakha hat was

Archduchess Kathleen, Dec. 29, 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog

Archduchess Kathleen of Austria, Dec. 29, 2012  

The Austrian royal ladies captured the top two spots in this poll with Princess Beatrix not far behind in third place. Stay tuned later today for the first poll of 2014!

 Photos from PurePeople; Princess Diana Fan Blog; UK Press via Getty; Hoy.es; Samir Hussein via Getty; Christophe Karaba via Corbis; Chris Jackson/Getty via Zimbio; and PurePeople

5 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best: December Poll Results

  1. I believe this kind of hats requires a strand of hair or some hear over the forehead to be successful. I think that’s why the two Austrian highnesses made it to the top, and Diana was fourth.
    Regarding Princess Beatrix, I suppose she arrived third because we are used to seeing her in such a shape – although she wears it in a bigger scale.

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