Who Wore It Best: February 2014 Poll

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As winter drags on and on this year, I thought a dose of spring might be welcome. For the second poll this month, we’re going to face off two light, airy and decidedly springy hats. These two Philip Treacy designed cream picture hats, both with a tall, indented crown and raised brim on one side, were chosen by two royals with very different approaches to fashion. The question remains, dear readers, Who Wore It Best?

  Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Lady Gabriella Windsor at the Golden Jubilee Service, June 2002;
The Duchess of Cornwall at Ascot in June 2007

This poll will be a little shorter than most and will remain open until February 28 at midnight, GMT. That gives you just eight days to cast your votes- happy voting!

Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best: February 2014 Poll

  1. I’m afraid the hats paled in comparison with Camilla’s brooch. One my screen it looks more orange. I would love to know what it is and how I’ve missed it up to this point.

  2. I’m not fond of either of these hats, I don’t know why. I’m slightly more in favour of Ella’s as Camilla’s hat just reminds me of a cowboy hat, for some reason! (I know there’s hardly any resemblance, but that’s what leaps into my mind.)

  3. the brooch caught my eye as well. it must me real jewelry – cannot believe that a blingloving magpie like camilla would wear statement jewelry for an occasion like ascot, with extensive media coverage in the sartorial / millinery department. i would assume a garnet, judging from the colour, and because a ruby that size would be highly overdressed for daytime. the design and size indeed point in the direction of queen mum.

    just my 2 pennies….

    • MrFitzroy was wondering about the brooch as well…any hatters happen to have any jewel dish on this piece? It sorta screams Queen Mother, but dont recall having seen it before.

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