Who Wore It Best: September Poll Results

Royal Hats

Royal Hats

In the race between these two Philip Treacy moulded picture hats with butterfly bows (both worn at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011), I thought the outcome might be close. Was I wrong! Sometimes, a hat is only as beautiful as the outfit it is paired with and you, dear readers, are not fans of shiny teal suits. The clear winner in this race is:

2014-09 results

Lady Frederick Windsor in Philip Treacy, April 29, 2011

Stay tuned early next week for the next poll.

Photos from Carl de Sousa and Chris Jackson via Getty

6 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best: September Poll Results

  1. For me there is a placement problem with Sophie’s hat. The brim is asymmetrical, wich is lovely, but the crown should rest on the top of the head. Here it seems to be floating, which screams “I’m stand on a headband”, something only the milliner and the owner should know

  2. While I liked Marhilde’s hat better, I couldn’t vote for her because of the hideous teal suit. I didn’t care for Sophie’s hat, but just felt she looked better over all.

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