Princess Noriko Travels to Izumo for Wedding

Those of you following the Imperial Royal Family likely saw the bittersweet rituals performed by Princess Noriko of Takamado last week as she bids farewell to her royal life. Yesterday, Princess Noriko and her mother Princess Hisako left Tokyo and flew to Izumo where her wedding to Kunihiro Senge will take place tomorrow. For this trip (and what is likely Princess Noriko’s final appearance as a princess), Noriko topped her ruffled suit with a pale pink bumper hat trimmed with a spray of silk rosettes on the side.  Princess Hisako wore a similar style hat in ice blue. While the hats and suits are not what one might consider cutting-edge style, I think the sentiments of this final appearance trump style today. They make a very sweet  mother-daughter pair, don’t they?

Princess Hisako and Princess Noriko, October 3, 2014 | Royal Hats

In a thoughtful gesture of farewell, the Emperor and Empress sent the car usually reserved for them to take Princess Noriko to the airport.

Princess Noriko, October 3, 2014 | Royal Hats

Princess Hisako and Princess Noriko, October 3, 2014 | Royal Hats

Pop by tomorrow afternoon for coverage of Princess Noriko’s wedding!

Photos from The Imperial Family of Japan

20 thoughts on “Princess Noriko Travels to Izumo for Wedding

  1. I think the Princesses make the perfect, sweetest mother-daughter pair, and they look so happy together, and the pastel suits and hats look so feminine and stylish.

  2. Mother and daughter look very nice. Not questioning what was done in the past, but it does seem time to change the rules. It’s bad enough that a princess can’t inherit the throne, would love to see the crown prince’s daughter do so – but to ban princesses who marry while princes are allowed to remain in the royal family seems Gothic by today’s standards. If someone wants to forfeit their title because they find the court too oppressive, that’s one thing, but it should be a choice.

    Will say I love the traditional look of royal ladies though. It makes them stand out, as well as being most becoming and the hats are marvellous.

  3. I do think it’s funny how the imperial ladies all dress the same – such conservative suits and twee hats, it’s like they all channel Princess Di from 1982. The Empress is the most fashion forward of the lot! Anyways, I rather like her hat, and it’s a lovely time for them; I just wish she weren’t dressed identically to her mother!

  4. She and her mother both look very happy so I don’t think losing the title is all that important to this young lady. I think she probably looks forward to the freedom marriage will provide her away from the strict protocol of the royal family. Looking forward to seeing her wedding dress. I hope she doesn’t pick one of those strapless nightmares!

  5. What an absolutely beautiful mother and daughter team, they look stunning. PN’s suit is perfection..there is nothing wrong with that outfit and hat, in fact I love the hat, I want that hat and would wear it. The color is so wonderful on her, it makes her look like she is blushing and Yes she is a blushing bride to be……….Her mother looks like she is beaming with joy for her daughter, I wish PN and her husband the most joyous life filled with lots of love and delight in all that they find in each other and their new lives.

  6. She and her mother both look absolutely lovely. She doesn’t look at all sad to be giving up life as part of a highly formal and ritualized existence. She looks very happy and so does her mother. I hope the wedding is perfect and that she lives happily ever after.

  7. This blush color is very flattering and so “bridal” IMO. Love the ruffled sleeves and the cameo. The roses on the hat are beautifully done and save it from being too “air hostess”. Lovely pair, and I hope she will be very happy in her new life.

  8. They both look lovely. The Princess looks very happy. Could you educate me? I don’t understand why she will no longer be a princess.

    • Once females of the Imperial household marry they are no longer considered part of the Royal Family and become private citizens who no longer participate in the life of the court.

    • Under the terms of the 1947 Imperial Household Law, Japan princesses lose their titles and membership in the imperial family upon marriage, unless they marry the Emperor or another member of the imperial family.

    • The sad thing is this. The Imperial family is almost entirely female. The entire future of their monarchy rest upon the shoulders of one little boy. It would be sad for the Imperial family to become extinct! I hope they change their rules and start allowing the Princesses to stay in the family and to be able to succeed to the throne. 😦

    • I agree. The pastels suit them so well with their dark hair and I love the jewellery too. I especially like the spray of pink flowers on PN’s hat.

    • I agree Jean. The soft pastel colors have a great retro look, and are also very pre-bridal. The look is soft, feminine, classic, understated elegance. They also coordinate well together in the pale pink and blue.

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