Who Wore It Best: March 2016

Royal Hats Last week, a number of you recognized a percher hat worn by Zara Phillips Tindal as a piece also seen on the Duchess of Cambridge. From Gina Foster’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Alpine collection, the ‘Meribel’ design features a velour felt base trimmed with a large stylized bow. While Zara’s version, from a ready-to-wear collection, is likely based on an earlier piece made for Kate (who wore it first back in 2013), the two hats are undoubtedly the same design. This begs the question, dearest readers- who wore it best?

Zara Phillips Tindall at Cheltenham, March 18, 2016 and the Duchess of Cambridge on March 17, 2014

UPDATE: I’ve had several emails asking to expand this poll to include Kate’s earlier wearing of this hat, with an Alexander McQueen plaid coat. As per your requests, here is this option:

The Duchess of Cambridge on December 25, 2013

This poll will remain open until this Friday at midnight GMT and we will celebrate the results shortly thereafter. As in other polls, each device may register one vote per day. Happy voting!

Photos from Getty as indicated

25 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best: March 2016

  1. It’s all to do with the hair- the correct hair style shows off a hat and Zara with her hair up does just that.

  2. I think Zara wears hats beautifully, even when she makes some extreme choices. Love her pizzaz and she always seems to enjoy the fun of fashion (even if the occasional outfit is regrettable!). Zara gets my vote.

  3. I like the shade of Zara’s better but I went for Kate with the tartan coat as I think the overall combo is the best. But I prefer this hat with hair up, maybe Kate will start trying this look a bit more.

  4. I think it looks better on Kate, probably because of her hair being down. The shape is a little bulbous and needs some balance. Zara’s teal matches Kate’s solid color coat better. While Kate’s green goes well with the tartan coat.

  5. The Duchess’s coats and beret don’t match, as they have different shades of green. Her hair looks untidy blowing about. This hat really needs a neat hairstyle such as a chignon. I like the hat itself and I prefer Zara’s look.

  6. Prefer Zara ‘s teal colour. DOC combination with the plaid coat looks better (the other one just mismatch). But still like the teal.

  7. I voted for Catherine Cambridge in the tartan coat because of the coat, otherwise it’s absolutely a dead heat. I want that coat though.

  8. I like the DoC’s pairing with the tartan, but this hat really needs a chignon. Also, the teal pops against Zara’s black and white coat. So, Zara wins this one.

    • I can’t help but think that the hat more fits Zara’s larger head or stronger features(and coat texture) although the contrast with the tartan coat is better than the Duchess’s other choice. .

  9. Almost a tie, but I’m going with the Duchess of Cambridge for the win. Kate’s wearing feels lighter, somehow.

  10. In these pics – definitely Zara. Kate’s mismatched greens really bug me. However the first time Kate wore it, with her black watch tartan coat was much more successful in my book.

  11. The hat looks best on Zara, no contest. The color is pretty and lively. The green is just not to my taste. Normally I like the color, but the hat just doesn’t do it. Too much hair, and it makes the proportions of the hat come off not quite right.

  12. Is it just me or is Zara’s hat colour a perfect match to Kate’s coat? I agree with Gransgirl and Zita – I prefer Zara’s look.

    • Colors on computers certainly do vary, but to me too it looks as though Zara’s hat would match the Duchess of Cambridge’s coat. Perhaps the Duchess has both hats and, in a darkened closet, pulled out the wrong one for St. Patrick’s Day last year.

  13. I found this to be a very close call. The hat looks great on both. Zara had a slightly more jaunty angle, but her updo was a bit severe. Kate’s hair was a little too unrestrained. Zara got my vote.

  14. I don’t like the two different shades of green on the DoC. I also don’t like the idea I’m watching a shampoo-commercial. Therefore I prefer Zara’s look.

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