Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday

Birthday milestone 90

 2014-06-07 Paris 3   2014-03-27 Lloyds of London 3  2014-06-24 Northern Ireland 10 2014-07-03 Scotish War Memorial    2011-06-15  2014-06-05 Paris welcome 3 2014-06-11sports centre opening 1  2011-06-22 2015-07-02  2016-04-20 Windsor 2014-05-28 garden party 2007-03-08 Brighton 2014-06-19 Ascot Day 4 4 2015-06-16 Day 1 Ascot 1 2014-03-21 dance company 3b 2010-06-16 ascot 2006-03-31 visit to Staffordshire 2014-04-17 Maundy Thursday 2 2010-03-08 Leicester 2 2016-03-03 Queen's Trust Britain's Queen Elizabeth II leaves St Mary Magdalene's church after the Royal Family's Christmas Day service on the Sandringham estate in eastern England Britain's Queen Elizabeth II leaves after attending the traditional Easter Sunday Service at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle 2014-04-11 Newbury Races  2006-12-15 2000-02-16 Danish state visit2009-12-25 Christmas 1997-11-07 Swindon 2003-04-20 1998-03-09 2015-09-05 Braemar 2012-04-25   2002-06-04 Golden Jubilee 2014-03-10 Commonwealth Day Observance 1 2008-11-13  2003-10-30 2006-03-16  2014-04-08 Royal College of Organists anniversary 1 2004-07-26 UK QE orange  2002-07-11 set of emmerdale  2014-11-06 Flanders memorial garden 5 2010-12-25 2014-12-28 church 2   2015-06-19 Day 4 Ascot 1 2014-03-06 Garden Party 2 2014-06-26 garden party 2  2015-06-26 Germany Day 4 2014-06-24 Northern Ireland 4      2007-05-08  2007-06-30 Scotland 2016-04-21 90th birthday   2014-06-04 Royal Horse Guard's Beating retreat 1   2014-06-06 D Day 70th anniversary 9    2001-07-11 Garden Party2        2006-03-17 Singapore     2014-06-18 Ascot Day 2 1 2009-06-11  2014-06-25 Ireland 1 2012-06-05 Jubilee  2014-03-06 Reeds School 1 2016-03-17 lion exhibit London zoo 2011-04-24 Easter 2012-03-01 Fortnum and Mason 2009-12-02 2015-06-15 Magna carta anniversary 1 2012-06-17 Queen's Cup Guard's Polo Club 2013-08-08 Balmoral 1 2014-06-10 garden party 1 (2) 2014-05-20 Portsmouth 2012-06-19 Ascot 2011-07-15 Bletchly Park 2011-05-19 2015-06-04 WI annual meeting 2 2015-06-26 Germany Day 4 2 2012-06-26 Ireland 2002-06-02 Golden Jubilee 2010-05-20 2011-06-18 Ascot 2011-10-27 Perth 2012-06-13 2016-03-24 Maundy Thursday 2015-06-23 Germany 2011-04-21 2012-05-19 Armed Forces Parade & Muster 1 2015-05-29 Lancaster 2013-01-20 attending Castle Rising Church 2 2007-06-27 2015-12-03 Church rededication anniversary 2011-06-07 Wales 2015-11-28 Malta 1 2014-07-17 Reading station reopening 2015-07-16 East London (2) 2015-10-24 2015-10-15 new school of veterinary medicine 1 2015-03-13 Afgahnistan service of remembrance 1 2014-10-18 Ascot 2014-06-23 Northern Ireland 1 2012-06-01 Epsom 2010-04-28 2011-05-03 2013-06-15 Trooping the Colour 2015-06-25 Germany blue 2015-06-17 Day 2 Ascot 1 2015-04-30 2015-04-18 Newbury Racecourse 2013-03-27 Maundy Thursday 6 2013-06-24 Polo final 4 2014-06-14-trooping-1 2010-06-29 2014-10-21 Singapore state visit 1 Britain's Queen Elizabeth II smiles duri 2013-02-03 West Newton Church at Sandringham 2 2007-11-29 Milton Keynes 2004-01-08 Queen Mary naming 2006-06-17 Trooping the Colour 2016-02-23 opening Elizabeth line 2014-05-21 Garden Party 2014-06-28 Royal Hospital Chelsea 2 2008-07-08 BP Garden Party 2011-03-24 2014-06-07 Epsom 4 1989-10-01 Singapore 2015-10-20 Chinese state visit 1 Queen Elizabeth II of England laughs as she leaves  2002-02-19 Jamaica 2011-11-21 Turkish state visit 20th Commonwealth Games - Opening Ceremony  2014-06-05 Paris arrival 1R 2014-09-06 Braemar 1 2010-06-19 UK - Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act - British Queen Elizabeth II  The Order Of The Garter Service

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35 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday

  1. Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth and may she celebrate many more. Her hat collection is colossal. Thank you for putting this together HatQueen and I hope you had a happy and relaxing holiday.

  2. What a beautiful and artful tribute to a woman whose sense of duty and commitment can only be admired. Thank you for this.


  4. Thank you @HatQueen for this awesome tribute for HM’s 90th birthday! A few hats I’ve never seen before, and of course, minus 2, they’re all from the 21st Century, which is incredible. Someone did something like this once for (I think) Beatrix or Máxima a little while back; I’ll have to see if I can find it, but I’m certain it comes no where near this level of greatness. Cheers Ma’am!

  5. What a beautiful tribute! Thank you for that brilliant show of color!

    Hip Hip Hooray Your Majesty! Best wishes for the happiest of birthdays!


    • Treat for the eyes MY WORD. I saw this when I got home from work and my plans to cook dinner went out the window because I could not drag my eyes away from this. Sent the man out for takeout because I was glued to this (no kidding). IT IS AMAZING. I don’t know how you did this but it’s THE BEST ROYAL HAT POST EVER.

      LOL. I was mad at your long break (who gets 3 weeks of vacation in the real world?) but you made it all better with this. YOU ROCK.

  6. Pingback: Happy 90th birthday to HM The Queen, the queen of hats – Hattingdon's Official Blog

  7. Goodness: the full spectrum of color. That must have taken some thought and composition. I still alight on “25 bells” (14) and the hat to its right (13) and then, to my surprise, the “Wedgwood” hat (101) and the one to its left (102). As she wrote to one of her milliners, Her Majesty must be one of the major supporters of the hat industry. Many happy returns, Ma’am. And, thank you for your hard work in compiling this retrospective, Hat Queen.

  8. Its a rainbow of hats! This must have taken two weeks to put together. Are you sure you were on holiday HatQueen?
    So many great hats!

  9. What a huge amount of work to pull all this together. Thank you! (And you know everyone’s thinking right now of what hats possibly could be missing!)
    I wonder how many of these hats would bring back specific memories for the Queen. For whoever has met the Queen, seeing the hat she was wearing at the time of the meeting certainly would bring back memories, I’m sure.

  10. Fantastic! There were several surprises of unknown hats mixed in the rainbow of loveliness! Thank you HQ, you already deserve a break after this week alone!

  11. Brilliant and a lot of work, what’s the chance of a look back through the years as Elizabeth II hat inventories only cover from 2000, her style transformation from 1930s to the present day in hats. That could be interesting.

    • “Hatrospective” is the perfect word for this, JamesB!

      You have really outdone yourself this time, HatQueen! Thank you so much for compiling this.

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