Queen Máxima​ Presents New Rose

Queen Máxima attended the Dutch Rose Association’s National Symposium in the Rosarium in Winschoten today where she presented a new rose developed in honor of the 50th anniversary of the garden. For this event, she was dressed in shades of pink and purple from head to toe complete with her oversized burgundy picture hat with straight sided crown and large mushroom-shaped brim.

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At first glance, the ensemble clashed to my eyes but the more I look at it, the more I see it as another example of Máxima’s unique (and certainly bravely beautiful) take on vibrant colour blocking. Is it a good mix? You be the judge.

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Colour aside, the texture of this dress makes such a statement on its own and I’m afraid that wearing it with too many other visible surfaces will always create a cluttered look. I love Máxima in a statement hat but I think the fabric of this dress works much better with a smaller hat (as Queen Mathilde did last week). Might this be one of the few occasions when a beige straw calot and small pearl earrings might have done the trick? Even saying those words makes me shudder because when it comes to Queen Máxima, the last thing I want to suggest is restraint of her style.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 19, 2016June 19, 2015; June 24, 2014May 24, 2014
I’m on the fence with this look (it doesn’t help that I’m annoyed by the rippling ribbon binding on this hat). I turn the discussion over to you, dear readers? Is this too much colour or beautifully clashing contrast? I’m on the fence.  Wonderfully layered texture or sensory overload? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.
Jump over to this post to see the three other dresses Queen Máxima has paired with this hat.
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26 thoughts on “Queen Máxima​ Presents New Rose

  1. Love the colors, glorious on her, and very suitable to the occasion, but too cluttered. I love the hat, which does seem to need some attention. However, the skirt is too translucent for my taste–maybe I am being to old-fashioned.

  2. This is typical Max; only she could pull this outfit off. Yes, there’s a lot going on, but I can tell it was done in a thoughtful way (even down to the gloves), so while it may clash a bit, she looks so wonderful and happy and that makes it fab!

  3. It’s an enthusiastic YES for me! Except for the wrinkling ribbon trim on the hat… Fabienne should send someone from her atelier over to the castle to do some hat maintenance.

  4. Woo-hoo, Max is back!
    I love everything about this hat and ensemble…( though the lingerie effect of the skirt was a bit of a shock as I scrolled down, I must say. I can’t wait for mini-underskirts to become unfashionable).
    But quickly averting my gaze from said skirt, what a grown-up way to do Romantic! Maxima has carefully avoided the usual jeune fille cliches — note that there is not a bow, pintuck, flower (printed or millinery) or item of retro needlecraft in sight.
    And that simple hat (not too big, in my view, for this tallest of royal ladies) says “garden-party”, just as convincingly as it says “sophisticated/city chic”, or “classic” with other ensembles. Versatile indeed.

  5. This is very Max! I love all the colours put together, each colour is different but to me, it works.
    The only problem I have is with the hat –> it seems she needs to keep her head up to be able to see correctly, or the hat placement should have been a tad more at the back. It must be uncomfortable and bothering.
    I love the picture with her hand on top of the hat! 🙂

  6. I think the ensemble is entirely fabulous. The contrasting (rather than clashing) colors and textures work brilliantly. And about those earrings…

  7. The dress goes with the hat, and the dress goes with the wrap. The hat and wrap clash. I’m like Royal Hats with that binding, I just don’t understand why a designer like Fabienne Delvigne would let that out of her workshop on anyone’s head, let alone the Queen’s..

  8. I don’t think this was as successful as her Poland ensemble (which was the best outfit for this hat IMO), but still love the boldness of it all, especially with all the color since we can too often get her in all beige. I do think the scarf/wrap seems a bit distracting in terms of color and the whole outfit itself, but certainly not the worst thing ever. Outfit opinions aside, she does look happy, and it’s nice to see her again after almost a month (don’t make us wait so long again haha!)

    • This hat and its ensemble in Poland (the second time it was worn) was spectacular. Looking at the photos again, I think this same purple wrap was worn that day as well!

  9. Gotta laugh at picture number 5 where Max is completely obscured. So funny. For the record…I am on the yes side. Classic Maxima.

  10. I am afraid I am in the overload category. Parts work like the color of the shawl ( which I don’t think was needed) with the dress or the purse, gloves and hat. And to me the jewelry would have been more of a statement if the rest of the outfit was all of one color. That being said if anyone can make the ensemble look bold without looking ridiculous it would be Maxima. And lastly when all of the comments are done we can all agree she always looks so HAPPY!

  11. It’s an odd grouping of items, but I think the effect is spectacular. The hat is too large. The purse sometimes looks as though it clashes with the shawl. I don’t care for shoes with plastic, and the dress looks so different on the parts covered and not covered by the slip. But taken as a whole, it’s a marvelous Queen Máxima outfit. She (and her dressers) obviously have a lot of fun putting her outfits together. (I wonder whether the same is true for many other queens.)

  12. Maxima at her most fabulous! But like Hat Queen, I find the rippled ribbon very annoying. It makes the hat seem cheap, and I suspect it is not!

  13. This is Max at her boldest! You have to love the way she puts together an ensemble like no one else, but since she has that infectious smile and love of life, she carries off what would look ridiculous on many others. Love, love her zest for life!

  14. Oh I love this! Fabulous hat and absolutely gorgeous color combination in jewel tones – you can pair purple with shades of red or pink as long as you make sure they’ve got a blue undertone (that’s why the green gemstones work too).

  15. I think it’s an overload of clashing colors and textures, but I’ll take pink and purple over her similar outfits with orange accessories. The hat is a bit too large but otherwise great. Queen Maxima certainly exceeds our expectations.

  16. Absolutely ravishingly. I love everything about it. Initially I thought t it clashed, but the more I looked, the more I liked it. It’s pure Max, and it’s a wow. Love her.

  17. I love this. I love the hat so much, and I’m not bothered by the outfit. If I had the option, I’d suggest changing the dress for a cream sheath and keep the pink wrap and hat, rather than lose the fabulous fabulous hat.

  18. I’ll vote for overload. I would have liked the ensemble without the wrap and I don’t get the green in the earrings. Also, while I always appreciate a lady carrying or wearing gloves, hers appear to be leather. They seem out-of-place with springtime colors and textures of the dress and hat.

  19. The dress on the visit to Poland wins hands down with this hat. I do like the hat, although I see what you mean by the ribbon hat binding not sitting flat. The dress fabric here is strange. What is it? It sort of reminds me of cheese cloth that’s been dyed and starched!

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