Ascot Hats: Duchess of Cornwall

Since her marriage and the start of her royal life in 2005, the Duchess of Cornwall has attended Ascot every year except in 2010. Here are all of the hats she has worn to Ascot:

2005 & 2006: Streamlined oatmeal straw raised brim with signature Treacy bow on June 14 2005 and a wide cartwheel brim with long, curved feathers on both sides for June 20, 2006

2007: A high, upswept lattice brim trimmed with white flowers and navy arrow trimmed feathers on June 19 and a light natural straw hat with tall, deeply pinched crown on June 20 

 Embed from Getty Images

2008: Wide brimmed cream straw picture hat trimmed with mint vines on June 17; aqua straw hat with gentle upsweep and spiky grey feather trim on 18

 Embed from Getty Images

2009: June 16 & 17, 2009 in a cream straw rounded upsweep and lavishly trimmed pink straw picture hat

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2011: Repeat of the rounded upsweep with flying straw twists from 2009 on June 14 

2012: Another cream straw design on June 19, 2012 with rounded upsweep rimmed in a wide stripe of silk

2013: June 18, 2013 in a cream hat with peaked crown and multi-looped straw twists; June 19, 2013  in the repeated cream straw upsweep from 2009 & 2011

2014: Pale blue straw picture hat with crin inverted underbrim and flying bows on June 17, 2014; cream hat with statement origami trim on June 18, 2014

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2015: June 16  in a mint green straw hat with sharply upswept brim and straw twists;

Embed from Getty Images

2016: Blush pink hat with giant silk flower on June 14; Repeated cream hat with looped bow on June 15, 2016; Sleek white upswept brim with pink floweron June 17, 2016; cream hat with navy straw hatband on June 18, 2016

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

UPDATE: Since this post was published, these the Duchess has worn the following additional hats to Ascot:

2017: New cream straw hat with angular crown and spiky feather spray on June 20 and a blue upsweep with silk flower trim on June 21 

 Embed from Getty Images 

2018: Two neutral hats with sidesweeping brims and asymmetrical crowns- almond with floral trim on June 19 and ecru with lace trim on June 20


Of the Ascot reviews we’ve seen so far, The Duchess of Cornwall’s hats have the least variation. It’s not a surprise- they all come from the same millinery studio and the consistency of style we see here extends to the rest of Camilla’s hat closet. She has found a style that works and is sticking to it- something many women of her age (and younger!) do with their wardrobes. I think it’s better we appreciate these hats for what they are – brilliant large pieces that are beautifully balanced and wonderfully trimmed. I can’t think of another royal who consistently does picture hats as well as Camilla does and I for one, would love to claim a few of these beauties for myself. 

It’s safe to assume we’ll see the Duchess in a Treacy creation this year- I’d love to see her in more vibrant colours. What do you think of the hats Camilla has worn so far to Ascot?

27 thoughts on “Ascot Hats: Duchess of Cornwall

  1. I love Camilla, she looks like such a blast. I adore these big hats she wears in general and I especially love the two pink ones. I think the colour suits her particularly well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that green one with the vine leaves before, but it is fantastic and I think she’s also wearing one of the Queen Mother’s brooches.

    • Floriana, I am with you…the 2 pink ones are my faves from this bunch. Followed closely by the first from 2007 with the lattice brim. Thanks.

  2. I just spent over an hour getting on the site! I finally had to borrow my husband’s iPad. I LOVE the retrospective of the Duchess’ Ascot hats! Can’t wait to see what she wears this year. I’ll go along with the majority and say that more color(pastels) would be welcome; maybe something “peachy”? The color would look lovely on her I think and she could wear that large brooch with the orange stone. I’m also hoping to see the York princesses at Ascot this year and hope their millinery choices are fabulous.

  3. I’m surprised to see this much variety since I think of Camilla’s hats as all being the same. The 2007 with navy feathers is a nice variation, but I think the 2015 mint green might be my favorite. I always appreciate some under-brim trimming.

    I’ll join the chorus for more color, too, at least in the trim. Why doesn’t she wear more blue? The shade of her 2005 suit is especially pretty for her.

  4. I suggest that the Duchess of Cornwall not acquire any more huge hats in cream. Go for color — at least for pastels. She looks excellent in the pink, green (those mint leaves alone are incredible) and light blue or turquoise. By now the Duchess has a reputation for huge hats to live up to. There’s nothing wrong with her cream hats, but she has enough variety to match anything, I’d guess. At any rate, she looks superb in these huge hats.

  5. Camilla looks good in these large showy hats. And, Philip Treacy’s work suits her very well. I like most of them. I’m not as fond of the early one that looks like a tumbleweed landed on her hat, but that’s a rare miss. I like the pink with the giant flower, and the very restrained one with navy accents from last year. My favorite might be the white lattice with the white flowers and navy feathers from 2007.

    Excited to see what’s coming next week!

  6. These retrospectives are lovely — what a treat to walk down memory lane for such a major event. There is always just SO MUCH hattery on parade, that it is easy to lose a few in the yearly deluge. So, it is a delight to have this opportunity to review and reflect. Speaking of losing a few, MrFitzroy somehow has no recollection of some of the DofC early Ascot years–which is remarkable considering the creations worn.
    Does 2006 have an intentionally windblown look, or was the photo actually taken in the wind….tour d’ force indeed, gale force, one might say! 2009 with the unpruned vine, leaves MrFitzroy a bit speechless, and we ALL know that NEVER happens.
    So many wonderful hats, but 2016 was certainly the most stunning year as a grouping, and a lovely distillation of everything that got Camilla to that point.
    Can hardly wait for this year, which will be guaranteed memorable, if only for the fact that HM may miss one of the days for the first time in 64 years….think about that!
    Thank you HatQueen for your brilliant and hard work in assembling these wonderful posts.

  7. Well she’s consistent. But when it looks this good, who cares! Camilla has actually done fascinators (both of her children’s and Zara’s weddings for instance), but for Ascot she goes large. And good for her. There’s not one that I dislike, but like you I’d like to see a bit more colour. But as a woman ‘of an age’ she wears fabulous millinery and brings her ‘A’ game every time.

    A favourite? I’ve always loved the one with the green leaves, and though I suspect it’s in mothballs, would love to see that reappear again.

  8. I think we all know the answer to ‘Royal most likely to create shockwaves in the world of millinery by wearing a percher or fascinator’. As someone who loves wide-brimmed hats I can’t find fault in her choices. My favorites are the last two hats from 2016. I love the softness the flower brings to the design and the cream and navy model is very crisp and a nice change of pace color-wise.

  9. I love Camilla for keeping large hats in the public’s view! She is definitely one of the best at wearing them, and despite the lack of color variety, has rarely failed to impress in the hattery stakes. Of course I hardcore advocate for more color for her, whether it’s pastel or saturated (saturated being my preference); at the very least, I think she could wear more colorful outfits with her cream hats.

    My favorites from this list: 2006’s feathered masterpiece (bring that back out of the hatbox soon!), 2009’s rose pink hat, 2012’s wood shaving hat (I love the unusualness of this one), 2014’s ice blue hat, 2015’s pale green hat, and 2016’s light pink hat and white and navy hat.

  10. As a hat-lover, I really appreciate Camilla. It is so rare among royals that a) they can physically and in personality look their best in the more flamboyant hats and b) even if they can, that they choose to wear them, that we can be very grateful to Camilla for her championing of the serious hat. (Serious as in bold and wonderful examples of the milliner’s art, not as in unfrivolous.) Some of these appeal to me more than others, but I’m happy with almost all of them, and they are wonderful as creations too, beautifully finished and balanced. I’d love to see the 2006 feathered hat worn again. It seems like a splendid Ascot hat, summery and a little OTT.

    • I also love that 2006 hat.
      Camilla’s signature style, secure in the hands of Phillip Treacy, never seems to miss. There’s something fresh and joyous about it. I can hardly think of a hat of hers by Treacy that I don’t love.

  11. There are so many gorgeous hats here that suit the Duchess well, that I find it hard to pick a favourite. Agree with other comments that some more colour would be welcome.

  12. As everyone has said Camilla wears the large picture hats very well! At her age why change what works both in style and in milliner. That being said I also agree more color would be a nice change. When I look over these choices my favorites would be the oatmeal cream in 2005, the mint green in 2015 (like the color) and the cream hat with the navy band in 2016. For me the hats with the more simple trims are more attractive maybe because the hats are so large to begin with for example the two pink creations. While Camilla will probably not be wearing anything much different this year I will enjoy seeming what she does wear.

  13. This style certainly suits Camilla and I especially love the blue and pink. The Duchess seems to have many cream colored ones, and I agree with others who wish she would try more colors. Don’t know if saturated colors would suit her as I don’t remember if she has ever worn this style in a saturated color. I would be surprised to see her deviate from what seems to work for her.

  14. She definitely looks gorgeous in this style of hat, and it seems to be a great millinery pairing. I’m with you on more color. I think favorites of mine include the 2006 and first 2007, but they’re largely all beautiful. The only one I don’t care for is the green vines- it looks a bit costumey to me.

  15. It is all relative isn’t it? I found myself looking at the last hat and thinking it was very small! I agree that a bit of colour wouldn’t go amiss. Camilla certainly has a variety of cream coloured cartwheel hats. But she certainly wears her large hats well.

  16. My primary thought when I look at these photos is “hats, finally actual hats!” I love these gorgeous creations! And Camilla does wear a large hat well. She and Queen Maxima are the best at this type of hat. As for more color – I’d love to see her break away from so much cream because when you see her in the soft pinks, blues, greens, they are so becoming to her. I don’t think she’d be a candidate for saturated color but I agree that more of the soft colors would be wonderful for her. Here’s hoping next week brings more beauties!

  17. I agree that this general style works for Duchess Camilla. That said, some of them , especially in the beginning seem to be too large or too overloaded with trim. Starting in 2014 the proportions seem to be just right. My favorite hats are the three with the trim under the brim, as well as the pink one with the giant rose from June 14, 2016 — so pretty.

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