Dutch Monarchs Visit Eemnland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the region of Eemnland where they made stops in Amersfoort, Soest, Eemnes and Bunschoten. For this visit, Queen Máxima brought out a hat worn just once before, back in 2012 for Prinsjesdag. In rich magenta felt, the hat follows the familiar upswept ‘slice’ brim shape favoured by the Dutch queen and that she wears so very, very well.

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The ensemble paired with this hat could not be more different than the streamlined gown we saw with it on its first outing and gives the hat a completely different feel. The silk coat and patterned dress are great in theory but the dress’ maribou trim at the neckline, sleeves and hem trim take it a little too far over the top for my taste, leaving the hat struggling for attention within the overall look. Remove the maribou from the dress and tailor in some of the bulk from the coat to balance the ensemble and I think it would sing much more harmoniously.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: While I thought this was a repeat of the hat worn for  worn for Prinsjesdag on September 18, 2012  it is a new design
My quibbles about the Natan coat and dress aside, it’s wonderful to see this hat again. What are your thoughts about its outing today?
UPDATE- despite looking identical to the 2012 Prinsjesdag hat, Josine over at Mode Koningin Maxima confirmed this hat is actually is a new design. Aside from colour variation (unreliable in different lighting conditions), the crown shapes are slightly different and the Prinsjesdag hat has a slimmer hatband and side bow.
Hat today; Hat worn for Prinesjesdag, Sep 18, 2012  
Photos from Getty as indicated; Michel Poro and Patrick van Katwijk via Getty 

19 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Eemnland

  1. I would prefer if the brim had a less severe upturn towards the crown. Let’s have a more curved effect. This brim looks like it hat hit a wall going 100 mph!

  2. Here is another comparison of the two hats, thanks to Josine Droogendij of the Mode Koningin Maxima blog who first alerted me to a hunch that the two hats were different. It’s not the first time Máxima has added almost identical twin hats to her wardrobe but it still seems perplexing.

    • If both hats are by Fabienne, and the 2012 hat has not appeared since then, then perhaps the original hat somehow got damaged but Maxima liked it so much that after years she decided to get another one as close as possible to the original, which even some of us ordinary folks often do with our favorite clothes. Other than that, having two hats so identical does seem like an extravagance, even for a Queen.

    • It is possible these are two different hats, but I would venture to say it was sent back and reworked by Delvigne (I personally like the little bow from Prinsjesdag hat for something a little different). But then again, she has multiple golden and blush slice hats, so . . .

  3. I love the color, and like the hat/dress/coat ensemble pretty well (though I agree that we could have done without the feathers), but I also think that the hat looked a little bit better with more of her hair showing, as in the 2012 appearance.

  4. I’m happy to see this hat again. It’s a wonderful piece. But I agree with the others: get rid of the trim on that dress.

  5. I like Maxima’s hat, the maribou trim on the dress (though perhaps it does fight with the hat a bit) and the traditional caps on the two ladies in the second picture with Maxima.

  6. Máxima heard my call to repeat this hat!! A most gorgeous return of this hat, if you remove the marabou feathers from the dress. Listen to Coco Chanel, remove one thing, and that thing should be the marabou, and then this would be an absolute stunner of an ensemble!

  7. They should have edged the frock with a band of material from the coat, the feathers are just a bit too fluffy. fantastic outfit apart from that.

  8. I see I’m not in the minority about that maribou trim! Too bad, since the pattern and texture of the dress are so beautiful. Is this really only the second wearing of this slice hat? It’s a great match for the dress.

  9. Good God! Hat, fabulous. Coat, very glam. Dress… well I like the pattern. But maribou feathers? Really? They’re just really tacky and cheap looking.

    I love Máx for her fearlessness, but sometimes she just needs a really good friend to calm her down!

  10. Oh I love this so much! I’m not crazy about the trim, but I love the hat and coat and pattern of the dress. What a fabulous color.

  11. Goodness! Maribou? Really??? Looks very tacky – and I can’t get past that to even think much of the hat! I wish she would not wear her coats over her shoulders like she does – it only looks either sloppy, or like and after though. If it’s too cool to wear a sleeveless dress now, then don’t wear one – or wear one that you can put a little jacket over it – not a great big flowing coat.

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