Princess Beatrix Celebrates 80th Birthday

I’m sure you all join me offering sincere congratulations to Princess Beatrix today on the occasion of her 80th birthday and thanking her for a lifetime of memorable hats.



28 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Celebrates 80th Birthday

  1. I have been a fan of Princess Beatrix for a long time! She’s such a lovely lady with a very sincere smile.

    She has a formula that she sticks with and it works well for her.

    Happy Birthday, ma’am! And many more!

  2. What a wonderful collection. It really helps me appreciate the variety that are in HRH’s hats when I might have mistakenly assumed they were all very similar. It is interesting to read that HRH is a sculptor. Many of these hats do remind me of inventive architecture, with the Guggenheim coming to mind.

    Thank you for all the work to bring such an amazing retrospective.

  3. Thanks a lot for this amazing overview. What a collection!
    I never really realized that, although she has a very recognizable style, there’s still a lot of variety. And I have to say her typical style suits her well. My favorite hats are the more sculptural ones, those with the elements swirling around. Those with the feathers are great as well.

  4. I admit that when I first started following this blog, I found Princess Beatrix’s look rather eccentric! But, I’ve come to appreciate the sculptural look and originality of these creations. And it’s always wonderful to see her — what a human ray of sunshine!

    Thanks for the splendid retrospective, HatQueen! It’s right up there with your Queen Elizabeth.

  5. I love her big hats with the all those fluffy feathers around the edge. My wish would be to see these hats displayed in a large room on shelves in color groups; that would be a gigantic work of art in itself!!! This is a fabulous review, thanks very much for compiling it.

  6. wow love this complication! Queen Elizabeth once said that hats are part of the uniform and looking at this complication princess Beatrix agrees.

  7. This compilation is so beautiful — and instructive as well! What a showcase of creative millinery. It’s made me appreciate Beatrix’s style in quite a new way. We are very lucky that Beatrix did not just stick to safe practical conventional hats (though there are a few of them in this collection, e.g pillboxes, simple brimmed hats — mostly from earlier years).
    What I can see from the pics in aggregate is that Beatrix’s face is a long oval, with soft curved features, which looks best with a hat with width — to balance out her high forehead. Hats that sit back off her forehead, in particular need more width than height (brilliantly executed in white hat #6 already cited in the comments). But mostly she creates balance by favouring hats which sit down on her forehead, and also wearing her hair wide at the sides. For me, her best hats are those with with wide and low crowns (not narrow or high crowns that emphasise the length of her face). And as she hasn’t had the angular jawline and long neck that suits hats with unremittingly straight-line geometry, her most successful linear hats have curved lines and edges, and non-90 degree angles – or are executed in “soft” colours and materials. The turned up brim in all its forms is a real winner for her. Also, the hats that we would now consider “typical Beatrix” have an attractive lightness about their appearance. Despite their considerable size, the great ones look airy and weightless. There is nothing close, tight or heavy about how they appear to connect to her head.
    As others have suggested, there are more than a few hats shown that are over-exaggerated; but that’s to be expected with a creative risk-taker like Beatrix. The beautiful hats more than compensate for those less successful.

  8. Gorgeous retrospective! That must have taken you a long time to compile. Well done!

    I think she looks beautiful in the white floral hat in the top row, second from right.

    A very happy birthday to HRH!

  9. Thank you Hat Queen, for this wonderful retrospective !
    Beatrix was a great queen and a tremendous hat wearer. She has a strong character and is a sculptor (it is said she still sculpts every day in her studio, now that she has more time for it) and it shows in her hat choices.
    She was my queen for thirty-three years. Long live Princess Beatrix !

  10. What a fabulous retrospective! I think Princess Bea is the most creative hat wearer out there. Are they all attractive? God no, some of them are downright bonkers; but Beatrix’s smile and love of life seems to lift them. Nobody else could get away with half of these, and that’s why I think she’s fabulous!!

  11. There were a few doozies in this collection, but overall what a fantastic look back at Beatrix’s millinery journey. I know she’s mostly out of the spotlight now, but man do I miss some of her more creative hats! Thanks for this HatQueen, and happy 80th birthday Your Royal Highness!

  12. No little whimseys here! Beatrix knows what she likes and wears it well! I hope she is enjoying a well-deserved semi-retirement. Her smile lights up whatever room she is it. Many happy returns to her.

  13. I’m impressed with the gorgeous presentation; I went through just looking at what a good job you did with the color gradations. I’ll have to go through again to look at the hats.

  14. HatQueen, this is a most impressive inventory you have put together.

    I am not a big fan of most of these hats on her. They are beautiful as display hats to showcase millinery, but many remind me of Ottoman Empire hats, and not in a good way.
    My favorites are several of the hats with wide brim. I really like the blush pink hat with what I think look like roses between two brims

  15. Happy birthday to Princess Beatrix and OMG this collection is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for gathering them all up. I especially love the white with the flowers under the brim at the beginning of the second row (they look kind of like plumeria), the pink with the split brim with flowers stuck between the two brims (end of 4th row), the teal curlicues (I think it looks like a halo, in the middle of the 22nd row), and the fabulous blue feathered creation in the next row down.

    Those favorites are actually mostly outside her usual “Princess Beatrix hat shape”, which I feel should be officially called that BTW. However, I also love her characteristic shape, and my favorites of those are the purple net covered one 14 rows up from the bottom, the black or dark grey with what looks like diamonds around the brim (10 rows up from the bottom) and the pink with the giant flower on the back (6 rows down from the top).

    What’s amazing to me is that even though she has such a recognizable characteristic shape to many of her hats, within that shape there is a HUGE variety in angles, layers, and other characteristics. So even though she has a million hats in that shape, they don’t seem at all boring or overly repetitive. That’s not something I would have expected until looking at them all here together like this.

    Kudos to hat queen, and again, Happy Birthday to HRH!

  16. Thank your for this retrospective! I see that Beatrix has a little bit of Max in her hat wearing. For example the blue one with all the flowers and there’s the red one with all the flowers and the aqua one with all the feathers and something else amongst them and then there’s a black eagle’s nest! Now that I’ve seen Beatrix in a few hats with higher crowns I agree those do not look the best on her, but I don’t think brimless is a necessity.

  17. What a wonderful collection of hats and memories. Thank you HatQueen. Happy birthday Princess Beatrix from sunny southern CA, USA. Best wishes and many more hat-wearing years ahead of you!!!

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