British Royal Wedding: Other Royal & Noble Guests

The only foreign royals invited to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding were Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, who co-founded the Sentebale charity, and his wife, Princess Mabereng. Princess Mabereng’s printed dress embellished with pink flowers and a matching pink head wrap are made from traditional Basotho fabrics, a lovely Lesotho connection to Prince Harry, who has great affection for this small country.

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Guests at the wedding also included numerous members of the Spencer family. Countess Spencer wore a Rachel Trevor Morgan designed vertical saucer hat in regal purple straw, decorated with multiple organza bows in the same hue. With her purple Pamela Roland jacket and dress, the hat tops a striking ensemble.

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One of my favourite ensembles of the day was worn by Charles Spencer’s daughter, Lady Kitty, who paired an emerald crepe floral Dolce and Gabanna dress with a matching custom straw calot hat with side knot, feathers and veil. Kitty placed the Philip Treacy design further forward on her head than a calot is traditionally worn but the effect, with her simple hairstyle, open neckline on the dress and restrained jewelry, is so very beautiful.

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Kitty’s sister, Lady Eliza Spencer, wore a half circlet headpiece in black lace around the lower back of her head. Another unusual placement, the piece contrasted beautifully against her blonde waves. Their mother, Prince Harry’s aunt Victoria Aitken, wore a veiled black fedora hat. Both black designs were from Philip Treacy.

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Prince Harry’s aunt, Lady Jane Fellowes, topped her grey and blue floral coat with a large navy straw hat with mushroom brim, trimmed with a ruched navy hatband and large flower on the side. While the two pieces coordinate,the pairing feels rather bland. Maybe I can’t get beyond the grey coat, which I don’t think is the best colour for Jane.

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Lady Sarah McCorquodale also wore a navy straw hat. A more angular shape, the crown on her hat featured squared angles and the upswept brim, a short upturned kettle edge. The hat’s lines are softened with a spray of multicoloured flowers that tie with Sarah’s floral coat. Sarah’s daughter-in-law, Bianca, visible directly behind her in the photo below, topped her pink jacket and floral dress with a matching large teardrop shaped percher hat trimmed with a multi looped bow.

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Sarah’s daughters Celia, below center, and Emily, below right, both wore lively pink percher hats.

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While I have not yet spotted a photo of Countess Mountbatten of Burma, British milliner Dillon Wallwark posted this photo of her daughter Lady Alexandra Hooper (née Knatchbull) in a stunning hat from his studio. The pale pink straw design is lavishly trimmed beneath the upswept brim with silk roses and bows.

The Grosvenor family was also in attendance. The Duchess of Westminster wore a wide brimmed black straw hat trimmed with striped black and white feathers that linked with her zebra printed dress.

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The Duchess of Westminster’s three daughters each wore a saucer hat from Rachel Trevor Morgan. Lady Tamara topped her bright, peacock feather printed dress with an upswept navy saucer embellished with navy silk bows and  turquoise and lime ombre dyed, arrow trimmed feathers. Balancing two vibrant pieces is a challenge but this ensemble got it just right and remains one of my favourites of the day. Lady Viola contrasted her orange dress with a smaller navy percher saucer trimmed with a swath of dotted tulle. Lady Edwina paired her pink and black dotted dress with a pink saucer rimmed in black piping.

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The Van Cutsem family was also in attendance. Emilie van Cutsem topped her orange coat with a matching bumper hat trimmed with an orange net tulle veil and spray of orange and fuchsia feathers at the back.

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Her son William’s wife, Rosie van Cutsem, topped her printed coat with a large button base percher hat trimmed with what looks like a lavender bow at the back. Her son Hugh’s wife, Rose Astor van Cutsem, topped her bright floral printed frock with a textured white button percher trimmed with a burgundy tipped silk rose and white curling quills by London based milliner, Cara Meehan.

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Lady Carolyn Warren, wife of Queen Elizabeth’s racing manager John Warren (daughter of the late Lord Porchester, who was a close friend and former racing manager of the queen) wore a prepossessing cream straw hat with domed crown and wide, lattice patterned straw, trimmed with multiple straw twists on the back half of the hat. It’s not the first thing I’d think of to pair with a lace dress but it’s a wonderful combination. Lady Carolyn’s daughter Susanna, wore a natural straw bumper base percher hat trimmed with an explosion of white feathers. The combined look of her high necked floral dress, hairstyle and hat is a fresh and elegant one.
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Zoe Warren, Lady Carolyn’s daughter-in-law and and mother of the littlest bridesmaid Zalie Warren topper her bright pink Dea Kudibal dress with a matching percher hat from Bundle MacLaren. The design features a wired net tulle brim and arrow trimmed feathers. If you’re going to go bright pink from head to toe, this is how you do it.

While not officially nobility, the Middleton family’s royal connections feel secure enough to include in this post. Carole wore an elegant green silk Catherine Walker coat and dress with a matching seafoam green straw fluted saucer hat. The Jane Taylor design is embellished with green silk flowers and leaves and grey tulle. The trim on the hat gives enough dimension to the piece to keep the ensemble from looking too one note- truly a beautiful pairing.

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Another one of my favourite looks yesterday was on Pippa Middleton Matthews, who topped her pleated floral dress from The Fold London with a Jess Collett hat. The hat’s natural straw button base, ivory silk flowers and densely woven beige cut net trim pairs so perfectly with the ivory, green and beige dress.

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Update- The Duchess of Cornwall’s daughter Laura Lopes and daughter-in-law Sarah Buys were also both in attendance. Laura is in a green patterned dress and black straw teardrop percher hat with yellow trim. I love that she chose an African print for this wedding and the small hat in a strong colour stands up well against the dress. As for Sarah Buys ‘ crushed velvet dress and patterned, waved headpiece- I think the whole look has an unfortunate Miss Havisham vibe. 

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There are such strong hats in this group- which ones stand out most to you?
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50 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding: Other Royal & Noble Guests

  1. Alexandra Fellowes (Lady Jane’s daughter-in-law) is centre back, wearing a pale pink floral headband.

    Embed from Getty Images

    I’m wondering if this is Lady Pamela Hicks (nee Mountbatten):

    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Karen Spencer: super fierce! I’d be scared of her if I had to meet her and the jacket is a bit over the top but I love it
    Kitty Spencer: Love the dress, not sure about the hat. LOVE the orange shoes!
    Eliza Spencer: love the headpiece, hate it with that navy dress and jacket. Brass buttons are better left to military uniforms and marching bands
    Victoria Aitkins: don’t get how that dress and hat go together at all. Odd but I kind of like it.
    Lady Jane: Mumsy but since she’s a grandma it’s OK I guess
    Lady Sarah: cute hat with the flowered coat
    Lady Tamara: never heard of her before but LOVE her dress and hat combo
    Lady Viola: also never heard of her before but love the orange and navy
    Lady Edwina: like the dress but that pink dish on her head is really boring. It needs a bunch of feathers to liven it up.
    Carole Middleton: a very mother of the bride look but it’s pretty on her.
    Pippa Middleton: cute. I don’t really like the dress but the hat is perfect for it
    Lady Carolyn: no idea who she is but her hat is killer! Love her daughter’s grey and yellow dress with that hat
    Zoe Warren: It’s a lot of bright pink and I LOVE it!
    Laura PB: cute that she chose an African print dress. It’s good on her and the hat works.
    Sarah PB: That dress looks like it was made from an old beadspread and the hat doesn’t match it at all. I know she’s high fashion and everything but this is really ugly.

  3. Lady Jane Fellowes and her (tall) son Alexander Fellowes in the background of this shot.
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  4. Here’s another image of Lady Sarah, again behind the annoying woman who didn’t understand that there might be a dress protocol … (see below)

    Embed from Getty Images

    I love the expression on the face of the woman in the background. Which one is she looking at?

    Embed from Getty Images

  5. Ta-dah: Lady Sarah McCorquodale is in the floral coat and hat to the right, with her husband Neil, and behind them her son George McCorquodale and his wife Bianca. (The big bloke in the blue suit to the left is a rugby player.)

    Embed from Getty Images

  6. I don’t like Kitty’s green hat as much as everyone else does. The neckline on her dress is so open I think she might have been better with a wide brimmed hat. Her mother’s fedora with that green dress was really horrid.

    My favourites here are the Middletons. Carole’s coat is so elegant and the hat is just perfect. Pippa’s hat and dress are also a perfect match. I’ll be going to two weddings this summer and if I look half as good as this I’ll be happy!

  7. Standouts among this bunch are Countess Spencer and Lady Kitty Spencer who look phenomenal from head to toe. They were my best dressed for the whole event from a fashion standpoint. Both the strong purple and strong teal are phenomenal. Lady Kitty almost looks like a porcelain doll. I feel like we’re so spoiled by so much great millinery all at once. Just wow!

    • Oh yes! Well said! As to Lady Kitty, she looks exquisite from the trimming of her hat, through the Renaissance neckline of her dress to her orange high heels. It isn’t given to everybody to wear green veiling (not always kind to the complexion) but she carries it off very well.

  8. Might be up a gum tree with this one, but wonder if this is Alexander Fellowes, Harry’s cousin, and his wife Alexandra (on right). If this bloke isn’t part of the Spencer clan, he jolly well ought to be – there’s a distinct resemblance!
    Embed from Getty Images

    • This is Alexander Fellowes- hard to tell but I don’t think they are the same person. He’s quite a bit taller than his wife Alexandra, even in heels.

      Embed from Getty Images

  9. Embed from Getty Images

    Harry’s cousin Celia McCorquodale is at the centre of this group in the bright pink hat, while her sister Emily Hutt is in the pale pink.

    • Here’s another photo of Emily Hutt and her husband James

      Embed from Getty Images

      • Thanks again, Sandra. I suspect Celia and Emily’s brother George and his wife Bianca were in attendance as well- do you mind keeping an eye out for them as well? I’m truly going to bed now…!

    • Brilliant! I’ve added this to the post. Thanks, Sandra.

      I’ll leave further additions and corrections until tomorrow. It’s time for much needed sleep.

  10. Thank you HatQueen for including Princess Mabereng. I was glad to see these royals were among the privileged to be invited, and that the Princess wore a beautiful traditional headdress and outfit.

    Countess Spencer’s RTM disc hat was fantastic, and this rich purple color looked wonderful on her. I’m just not certain about that capelet, however.

    The emerald/jade color of Kitty Spencer’s hat is absolutely stunning! It’s a great hat, but I think a fuller hairstyle would show it off better rather than her tight updo. Also, I feel like her neckline is too wide and square for this dress, but otherwise is a beautiful outfit.

    Not a fan of Eliza’s headpiece, which is hardly visible. Victoria’s veiled fedora was a interesting choice, especially in black, but I’m glad she balanced it out with her green dress.

    Lady Jane’s whole look was quite traditional and unoffensive, but she wore everything well, and it was nice to see her given a prominent part in the service, and was also chosen to join the parents as the left the service.

    I really like Lady Tamara’s hat, but I found the dress too busy. Viola and Edwina both looked fine, but I wasn’t wowed by either ensemble.

    Carole Middleton looked quite elegant in her ensemble, and I love the color for her. Definitely another favorite of the day. Pippa’s cocktail hat was a good choice, but I quite dislike the beige additions to the pleats of her dress.

    I liked the combination of hat with the lace dress for Lady Carolyn Warren. I feel like I saw this hat on her at Ascot once in the last few years, or at least something similar.

  11. Lady Kitty is a standout here. The drama of that trim is amazing.

    Love the use of the netting on Pippa’s. Lady Carolyn looks great as well.

  12. Did anyone happen to see any photos of Lady Sarah McCorquodale at the wedding? I don’t recall seeing her on television.

    I thought Lady Jane Fellowes did a wonderful reading, and it was so touching that she walked out with the parents to wave goodbye to the newlyweds at the steps of the church. That was a wonderful moment.

    • I saw a glimpse of her, sitting in the quire with the Felloweses, on the BBC’s television coverage but have not found any photographs so far.

  13. Thank you for all this wonderful detailed reporting. There was also the (unfortunately large) hat on Lady Jane Fellowes

    • How could I have forgotten her? (the answer- not enough sleep!). I’ve updated the post to include her, although can’t yet find photos of Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

  14. Thank you, Hat Queen, for this epic series of posts – you must be absolutely exhausted!
    I must admit, my least favourite hat of the whole flotilla has to be Her Majesty’s. On the plus side, there were so many wonderful hats worn that I don’t have room to list all my favourites.

    • I so agree. She is my absolute favorite from the day, and her hat is perfection. Such a beautiful color and style on her.

  15. Lady Tamara’s outfit is amazing! I would like to see close-ups of the hat and see it from different angles! But alas! We will probably never see it again. Carole looks perfectly appropriate and beautiful! I do like her hat and the color is somewhat different than we’ve seen her in before. Pippa looks great, also. I do wish James Matthew’s blue vest was a slightly different shade. It just kind of stands out instead of blending in with his morning suit.

    • James’ vest would have been perfect if it had been just a bit greener, to coordinate better with the ladies in his party. Did anyone else notice the great extent to which even family groups outside of the wedding party were color coordinated, as if anticipating that they might look better when photographed together?

  16. Hat Queen, these three ladies are the daughters of the late duke of Westminster rather than the stated duke of Wellington (this is a very easy mistake!). Their brother; Hugh, the current duke, is a godfather of Prince George. This is a nice connection as their mother, Natalia, is a godparent of Prince William.

    By the way, I love how Dan Snow’s tie matches the pink in his wife’s outfit. Well played!

    Thank you so very very much for all the work you’ve done this weekend to keep us filled with eye candy – it’s very much appreciated!

  17. Not sure which post to comment on the fact I saw only one top hat from the entire guest contingent. And it was Stephen Jones, clearly wearing a concoction of his own making (remember David Beckham at the Cambridge’s wedding?), worn askew and, honestly, just entirely wrong. Good on him for wearing a hat, but I am not a fan of his gentlemen’s top hat design.

    • Yes, Chicago Chuck- the lack of top hats is surprising. Stephen Jones’ hat can be described as ‘sylised’ at best, although it does appear to be some type of silk.

      Embed from Getty Images

      I did find Lady Sarah’s sons, Arthur and Sam, holding hats but they are clearly fur felt and not ilk beauties like yours. I can’t imagine what happened to the hats between this picture and their arrival at St. George’s Chapel- perhaps, placed on a shelf somewhere at Windsor Castle when they realized none of their relations were carrying their hats?

      • Actually HQ, I’m 99% sure the Chatto gents hats are silk plush, antique hats. That would certainly make logical sense. And in the photo you posted above, whom I assume is their father is also holding a silk hat. One does wonder what happened to their hats. The Chatto gents have certainly grown into handsome young men.

        • Well, this is one question that has been burning my lips (or rather my fingertips) for three days now, but I didn’t want to bring it up as you where doing such a terrific job giving us all these beautiful and well documented pictures:
          Why oh why aren’t any of the gents wearing hats? They are in morning coats (most of them) and of course in church they would take of their hats, but why are they not wearing them when they arrive?
          Please can anyone explain?

        • I think all of us are making microsecond looks at things because now that I see Stephen Jones hat in a still photo (rather than at the crack of dawn when I was watching the TV coverage) his hat looks to be a fine silk plush topper. He’s just wearing it jauntily on his bald head!

          As to Wies’ question about why there weren’t more men wearing hats – I doubt anyone will ever be able to give a good response. We know that many of the men in attendance likely have top hats in their closets, due to the likelihood they attend Royal Ascot from time to time. It baffles me when men have the opportunity to step out in full morning attire (I mean, if you can’t do it for a royal wedding when can you do it?!?!) but don’t take advantage of the moment. My husband and I loaned our morning attire and top hats to two friends who were attending a watching party at the British Consulate’s home here in Chicago. They were standouts at the party!

      • In all of our chatting about the various folks in the photos, etc. none of us has lifted up sweet Sam Chatto and his lovely sentiments expressed in his Instagram above. I think he might well have been inspired by the Most Reverend Curry’s sermon! At the very least he came away from the wedding full of love and suggested we all share love with one another. What a fantastic post from the young Chatto gent! I’m going to share some love with family and friends today, inspired by Sam. I encourage all of you to do the same!

        • Sam Chatto’s instagram regularly sees post of this sentiment and you’re right- it’s a needed change from many of the exchanges seen in our world.

    • If I can just mention .. apparently Meghan commissioned Stephen Jones to make hats for her all her friends ! I thought that was quite the gift … don’t you ?

      • When I first saw George Clooney it was a close-up of he and his wife and I noticed immediately that his jacket had peak lapels and was gray, suggesting to me that he was wearing a gray morning suit (rather than black morning coat and striped trousers). Alas, when they showed him where I could see his full stature he was in a lounge/business suit. Actually quite a good looking suit, but a bit bummed he didn’t do the British thing and wear morning attire. And as crazy as it sounds for someone of his wealth, he could easily have hired morning attire from one of multiple fine mens wear shops in London. They do a bang-up business because of Royal Ascot.

        • I too, was disappointed not to see him in a morning suit. He lives up the road so it’s not as if he isn’t putting down some roots in the UK. The lounge suit just seemed a little, no pun intended, lightweight, especially in amongst all those beautiful waistcoats the morning suit men were wearing.

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