Hat Queries

The readers of this blog ask great (and tough!) questions. Here are my attempts to answer them.

General Hat Questions

What makes a great royal hat? Part 1 and Part 2
Pillbox placement? Part 1 and Part 2
How do royals store their hats?
How do royal hats stay on and not fall off?
How much do royal hats cost?
What are some occasions where we non royals could wear hats?
When do young royal girls start wearing hats?
Whose royal hats would you most like to wear?
Why don’t royals wear hats when they introduce new babies?

Hat Mystery Solutions

Princess Beatrice’s gold percher hats
Queen Elizabeth’s black fur winter hats
Queen Elizabeth’s modified hats worn for the June 2014 tour of France
Queen Elizabeth’s millinery modifications
Queen Margrethe’s all purpose straw hat

British Royals

All your questions about Bearskin hats
Did The Duchess of Cambridge’s hat style change during her pregnancy?
Why is the Duchess of Cambridge wearing so few hats on her tour of New Zeland and Australia?

Dutch Royals

Who designs Princess Beatrix’s hats?


12 thoughts on “Hat Queries

  1. Dear Hat Queen, I really enjoy your blog, looking forward to you new posts everyday, and poring over the photos and comments. I wonder, though, whether you know of any other blogs, perhaps one dedicated to us common folk and our hats? Thank you.

  2. Hello!!!!!! I once saw a picture of Princes Margaret sitting in a carriage with the Queen Mother, arriving at Ascot. I do not know what year. Iit possibly was the early sixties my mind seems to think. It was a black and white picture with Princess Margaret sitting to the left of her mother. The hat was stunning!!! It was a perfect orb encircling her head quite high and out to the sides evenly. It was a see through sheer concoction that looked pastel or white. It was made of a whole bunch of even holes. It stayed on her head with a thin hem fitted to her head again all round. I have not been able to find this picture since. I would very much like to duplicate it but I just cannot find it again. If you have seen this hat or something or a couple of somethings that resemble what I have described, please let me know. I shalll be forever grateful!! Thank you!! Betsy Nelson

  3. This isn’t exactly about royal hats per se but rather about royal ‘head gear’. In your wise opinion, do some of the royal ladies use wigs? Now that I am growing older my hair is thinning and I’m paying more attention to the older royals’ hair. I notice Queen E. has beautiful perfect coiffed thick hair each day she is out in the public. Any thoughts?

    And I do love your blog. It makes me happy to see the royal ladies’ individual styles and to read your thoughtful comments. J.

  4. Dear HatQueen,
    After reading your article on “How Hats Stay On,” I notice you never mentioned static electricity. 🙂 Considering some of the materials making up a hat are likely static prone, how is this kept under control? Do the hat makers use an anti-static treatment or is the fabric tourmaline-infused? I can only imagine but have never seen one of the feathery hats go all frizz.

  5. Hi HatQueen! I have two questions for you.
    1 What is your favorite style of hat?
    2 What is your favorite royal hat that you have shared with us?

  6. I’m new here, but see you are in North America? What is someone who likes hats to do in our culture? I live in central Kentucky, where ladies who attend the Kentucky Derby go all out wearing hats, but that is ONE hat event in a year. The only other hat occassion I can think of might be a wedding. Is our culture so casual that hats aren’t appropriate? I was shocked to see the Spanish ladies even wore slacks to church on Easter! No dresses, let alone hats or veils.

    • Deb, you raise such a great question. I promise to do a post on this very question soon! It’s a great question and I have a hunch some readers here will have some very interesting ideas.

      And yes- I’m in Vancouver, Canada. We have even less hat events here than you lucky Kentucky folks! It’s my dream to someday come to the Derby.

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