Hats From the Past

Royal Hats We began this week with a christening so let’s end it with one as well!

On May 28,1926, the Duke and Duchess of York christened their daughter, Princess Elizabeth, in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace. It’s a great look at millinery fashionable at the time with lavishly trimmed brimmed hats on Lady Elphinstone (the Duchess of York’s sister, far left) and Princess Mary (the Duke’s sister, far right) and cloche on the Duchess, a shape that would become her signature.

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Christening of Princess Estelle, Nine Years On

On May 22, 2012, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel brought their daughter, Princess Estelle, to the Royal Chapel in Stockholm’s Royal Palace to be christened.

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Crown Princess Victoria wore cocktail hat with triangular base covered in the same nude pink fabric as her dress. Lace from her dress’ neckline was cut out into three dimensional applique trim along with rolled roses. A spray of the lace and floral trim was additionally tucked into Victoria’s chignon, just below the hat.

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It’s a beautifully trimmed hat, the scale perfect for an event where all eyes were on Estelle. The addition of that second spray of  lace applique roses is a unique one, adding greater presence to the piece and linking it in a lovely way to Victoria’s updo. We don’t often see accompaniment milliner pieces in such a way.

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Designer: Malinda Damgaard. Dress by Elie Saab. 
Previously Worn: This hat was new

Queen Silvia repeated a blush straw turban with twisted side rose. For this occasion, small pink silk flowers, feathers and a scattering of pearls were added to the design, giving it texture that beautifully complimented her blush lace peplum jacket.

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Designer: unknown. Jacket by Valentino. 
Previously Worn: April 30, 2004

Princess Madeleine wore a pale grey feather crescent shaped headpiece with lavender net birdcage veil. At the time, it seemed like such an elegant and classic choice for her.

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Designer: Malinda Damgaard. Dress and coat from Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti 
Previously Worn: This headpiece was new

Sofia Hellqvist, who was not yet a member of the Swedish royal family, wore an ecru multi-looped bow fascinator studded with trimmed feathers.

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Designer: unknown.  Dress by Tibi
Previously Worn: This headpiece was new

Prince Daniel’s mother, Ewa Westling, wore a fascinator of taupe twists and feathers. Danie’s sister Anna, who is one of Princess Estelle’s godparents, wore a simple brimmed hat in white straw trimmed with a flower and bow at the back.

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Estelle’s other godmother is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who repeated a golden wheat coloured straw saucer studded with tiny diamanté and trimmed with large ecru silk flowers and coque feathers on the underside of the raised brim. The neutral scheme of her ensemble kept Mary suitably in the background while the hat’s dramatic shape and bold trim gave it just the right amount of ‘statement’ in her significant role at this happy occasion.

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Designer: Jane Taylor.  Dress by Strenesse.
Previously Worn: July 2, 2011. It has since been repeated  on June 15, 2016 and June 15, 2019

There were numerous royal guests and members of the extended Swedish royal family at this christening- see their hats at this post.

Which designs from this group of immediate family and godparents stand out to you most these nine years on?

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Confirmation of Danish Prince

Prince Christian of Denmark was confirmed yesterday at Fredensborg Castle Church in a small service attended by close friends and family who live in the area.  

Crown Princess Mary wore a new hat for the occasion. In royal blue straw, the beret base shape in trimmed with large calla lily flowers and long, curving leaves.

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Mary placed the hat on the back of her head, leaving the flowers and leaves sweeping forward over her forehead. This placement makes sense of the long leaves – the way the leaves and flowers frame Mary’s face like a bandeau really works. The piece pairs well with her navy dotted dress to make a stylish look that doesn’t stands up well without standing out and I’m sure many of you will notice Mary’s sapphire brooch is the same one worn for Christian’s christening. I always love such sweet, sentimental touches.

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Designer: Susanne Juul. Dress by Iris & Ink
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Margrethe also wore a new hat for this milestone, a bright pink beret simply trimmed with a large side twist.

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Margrethe wears vibrant colour well and after our recent look at her pink hats, it’s great to see her add another. Yes, the whole ensemble is a rather punchy hit of colour but it feels very authentic to Margrethe’s style. Like everything we’ve seen from Mathilde Førster’s studio, this hat is impeccably made- I’m unable to find a single waver or pucker on that beautifully sewn edge on the twist.

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Like many families, the event was celebrated on a smaller scale than originally planned (and held a year after originally scheduled!).  As such, it was lovely to see both Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary bring a greater sense of celebration to the occasion with the debut of new hats.

What do you think of this new pair of berets yesterday in Denmark?

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Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary’s has paired her elegant black and white floral Ralph Lauren dress with three different hats so far:

Look #1:  With a tan straw beret/calot hat with bow by Susanne Juul worn June 5, 2010 in America and  for Flag Day on September 5, 2014 (with a tailored black jacket)

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Look #2: With a blush straw brimmed hat with removeable straw rose worn November 22, 2011 to arrive on a visit to Australia

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Look #3: with a natural straw brimmed hat with multi-looped bow and feathers worn August 17, 2017 to open a flower festival in Odense

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Which hat do you prefer most with this dress?

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Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Purple Hats

Join me in wishing Crown Princess Mary a happy 49th birthday today with a look at her purple hats, shown below in order of introduction:

1.  2.
Designer: Susanne Juul; Philip Treacy
Introduced: July 27, 2004; December 6, 2004

3.   4.
Designer: Susanne Juul; Jane Taylor
Introduced: June 30, 2008; October 7, 2014 

I’m always fascinated when a dive into a particular royal closet turns up multiple hats of similar shape and colour- such is not the case here! These four designs are not only diverse in shape and scale, they also span the purple spectrum. For one who does not often wear hats, it’s a good mix.

What do you notice about Crown Princess Mary’s collection of purple hats?

Images from Getty as indicated; Julian Parker / UK Press via Getty; Corbis; Julian Parker / UK Press via Getty; Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis