Luxembourg Wedding: The de Lannoy Family

Royal Hats Several of my favourite hats at this wedding were worn by immediate members of the bride’s family, who are all members of the Belgian nobility. As Stéphanie’s mother Alix tragically passed away several weeks before the wedding, her maternal aunt Lydia de Schaetzen graciously stepped in to fill the role of mother-of-the bride. She arrived with Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, magnificent in a grey hat with pink straw trim to match her beautiful coat. I believe this hat was designed by Fabienne Delvigne.

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Stephanie’s older sister, Nathalie Hamilton, wore a deep purple Fabienne Delvigne hat with netting detail. While the hat coordinated well with her gorgeous purple velvet coat, it looked like a mass of crumpled fabric and net tulle on her head.

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Alice de Lannoy (wife of Stephanie’s older brother Olivier) looked elegant in a blush hat with burgundy bow and feather trim. I think the jaunty angle of the hat livened it up a bit, especially against her pale blush silk dress.

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My favourite hat of the entire event was worn by Stephanie’s sister-in-law Luisa de Lannoy (wife of her older brother Christian). I don’t even know how to describe it- a cerise straw figure eight trimmed with a whoosh of matching feathers. I loved it because it was unique, unexpected and a gorgeous contrast to her grey coat and dress. It’s over the top without going Beatrice over the top, if you know what I mean.

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The entire de Lannoy family is pictured below. Stephanie’s sister Gaëlle (who is religious sister) is in the front row while her final sister Isabelle, is in a green hat in the second row.

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One thought on “Luxembourg Wedding: The de Lannoy Family

  1. I love Luisa’ s hat also with the “whoosh of matching feathers!” Alice hat is nice, but her dress made me uncomfortable seeing the material extend from one arm to the other. It seems that would restrict your motion so much. The color of Lydia’ s hat was wonderful! The style was exciting! The size of it was . . . too big for her. But bravo for wearing it anyway! I love the way the collar of her coat accentuated her necklace! It made me very sad to hear that Stephanie’ s mother had died a few weeks before the wedding. It would have been hard for me to go on with the celebration. I feel for Stephanie!

    BTW HatQueen did all the comments from this wedding go to computer heaven? I was shocked not to see any comments.

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