Danish State Visit To Argentina: Day 3

Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik undertook a busy programme of events the Agentinian city of Tandil yesterday, including stops at city hall, a park with state of an early Danish immigrant (who became mayor) and the Danish Church. For these events, Queen Margrethe repeated her bright pink straw hat, trimmed with double navy floral fabric hatband bound in navy piping and double row of the same small flowers in white, pink and navy organza with unfinished edges.

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This is another one of Margrethe’s go-to summer ensembles and offered some vibrant contrast after the softer hued ensembles worn on the first two days of this visit. I’m still not a fan of the hatband or fussy flowers (a wide navy petersham ribbon and a single large silk bloom, please) but quietly admire anyone who can pull off a bright pink suit and hat.

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Designer: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: June 6, 2018; June 2, 2018; May 29, 2018Aug 28, 2017;  June 16, 2017September 12, 2016June 27, 2016June 3, 2016August 31, 2015June 26, 2015

I’ll admit- I’m a little disappointed we didn’t see a new hat on Queen Margrethe in Argentina this week (I was REALLY hoping we would). The hat’s that did make the journey for this visit are familiar repeats but still solid choices. What are your thoughts about Margrethe’s hats this week?

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Danish State Visit To Argentina: Day 2

The second day of the Danish state visit to Argentina included visits to the Parque de la Memoria, Teatro Colón opera house and participation in a Business Seminar at Kirchner Cultural Centre. For these events, Quen Margrethe repeated her pale pink straw hat with slightly upswept brim on one side. The hat is trimmed with a side spray of white silk flowers and a pink silk ribbon hatband and brim binding that are both piped with a slim stripe of white.

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The piping on he hat, dress and jacket unify the three pieces and add a crisply tailored sense to the ensemble. Yes, it’s very matched and the shape isn’t overly exciting but… does it have to be? I admit that I prefer watching the royals who style different outfits, mixing hats with different pieces but understand that, for some royals (mostly those with, err, um, advanced maturity), perfectly coordinated outfits and hats that can’t really be worn with other pieces, is the way to go. It’s a polished way to create a royal wardrobe, as evidenced by this ensemble on Margrethe yesterday.

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Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen. White silk flowers by Danish fleuriste Effi Pingel
Previously Worn: June 29, 2018; June 3, 2018; Nov 23, 2017July 15, 2017

Any new thoughts on this hat?

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Danish State Visit To Argentina

Queen Margrethe arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday, a day ahead of the start of a state visit to Argentina. For her arrival at the Danish embassy (presumably her home base during the visit?), she repeated her navy felt hat with rounded crown, gently raised kettle brim and wide silk hatband with tied bow at the side.

Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Sep 7, 2018;  May 9, 2017May 3, 2017

For the official welcome yesterday at Casa Rosada Presidential Palace and visits to the supreme court and Argentine National Congress, the Danish queen repeated her pale blue straw picture hat with openly woven sideswept brim. The hat’s trim, a posy of pink and white silk cockscomb flowers and green feather leaves, links with the floral print on the accompanying silk dress and coat.

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We’ve seen the hat before but so there’s no much to add except to say that it’s still a great one for Margrethe. The open weave on the brim gives such textural contrast and lightness to the overall look. I will repeat my compliments about the overall the balance of this ensemble from its last outing– neckline and brim, texture and pattern, solid and print are all great. It’s a pretty and elegant look for Queen Margrethe.

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Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: July 4, 2018; October 22, 2015June 25, 2013

The visit continues through Wednesday, and I think we can expect another hat or two!

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This Week’s Extras

Reader Jimbo reminded in one of the comments this week that Queen Elizabeth repeated her purple hourglass shaped hat with pin tuck trim by Angela Kelly/Stella McLaren last Sunday to attend church at Windsor
On Wednesday, Princess Hisako attended the Tokyo send off ceremony for Team Japan to the Special Olympics Summer World Games Abu Dhabi 2019. She wore a black short brimmed hat with wide blue hatband.
Members of the Norwegian royal family were joined by Queen Margrethe  for a World Cup skiing race today at Holmenkollen. Predictably, cozy winter hats were the order of the day.
Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended a memorial service yesterday for the victims of the Great Tokyo Air Raid, the princess in one of her signature bowler hats with wide hatband.
Thanks to a reader who shared fantastic views of two royal hats on display at the Fashion Museum in Bath- the Countess of Wessex’s Jane Taylor hat is familiar but click over to see Queen Mary’s feather trimmed toque hat. It’s as close as we’re ever going to get to one of her signature toques.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Purple velvet perchers with pleated crin ruffle trim by British milliner Jane Taylor
Stunning pillbox trimmed in black & white guinnea fowl feathers by Nicola de Selincourt
Pale grey straw boater with exquisite beaded snowflakes by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Amazing colour blocking on this emerald, eggplant & claret felt fedora by British milliner Jess Collett
From British brand Hostie Hats, this royal blue straw domed disk with fantastic feather trim
Exquisite lace trimmed white crin disc with purple roses by British brand Guibert Millinery
Sunny yellow straw calot with feather and white hydrangeas by Irish milliner Laura Hanlon
Whimsical “Dandelion” headpiece made of white feathers by New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Lovely shape on this bright turquoise brimless beaded design by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Smooth, clean and wonderfully graphic black straw hat by Irish brand Martha Lynn Millinery
A giant white organza ruffled picture hat by British milliner Edwina Ibbotson that I suspect we’ll see at Ascot!

And for those of you still trudging through winter, this fabulous black felt fedora trimmed with red lace appliqué, sequins and pearls made by British brand Laylaleigh Millinery.

Princess Madeleine shared this sweet snap of Princess Adrienne, who celebrated her first birthday this week
Queen Inkhosikati LaDube, 12th wife of the King of Eswantini (Swaziland) and mother of three of his children, died on Friday at age 31 in South Africa following treatment for skin cancer. She is likely best remembered here for the bright mint green ensemble and percher hat she wore to the Diamond Jubilee Muster in Home Park, May 19, 2012.
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Dutch Royal Wedding 17 Years On: Royal Guests Part 1

When Crown Prince Willem-Alexander married Máxima Zorreguieta seventeen years ago, his status as heir to the Dutch throne made the wedding a state occasion and as such, a large number of royal guests attended. We now look at some of these royal hats.

Queen Margrethe’s hat linked with her fur trimmed coat, the domed crown covered in the same textured blue wool fabric. The denim blue inverse brim made this design unique, hugging the bottom of the crown tightly before opening horizontally, the shape punctuated by a slim lighter blue hatband on the under side. the brim’s front brim vent was further highlighted with a pearl brooch. Despite its small footprint, this hat packs a lot of punch- perhaps too much in combination with the fur collar and cuffs on the coat?

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Princess Benedikte wore a silver tweed coat and hat with fur trim on the bumper brim (and collar and dress hem). The scale of fur trim is just right here and the dark colour contrasts AND coordinates beautifully with the fabric. The fur hem of the dress is a little odd but the hat works really well.

Benedikte’s eldest daughter,  Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, topped her lilac dress and coat with a magenta felt brimless hat trimmed with a tall spray of feathers. The pieces are all individually attractive but I’m just not sure they combine well together. Photos of Alexandra’s younger sister, Princess Nathalie, who also attended, elude me.

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Queen Silvia’s midnight blue hat combined straw and velvet- not a combination we often see. The hat’s wide, upturned kettle brim was edged in a wide stripe of velvet which was repeated on the crown. A ruched hatband of light straw added softness, volume and textural contrast between the crown and brim.

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Crown Princess Victoria topped her tailored chocolate suit with a matching straw hat. It’s a hat I’m happy to leave in the past for Victoria, its unrefined finishing and awkward looking hatband making a less than flattering look for her.

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Princess Madeleine’s hat packed a little more style punch and finesse with its angular crown and upswept brim around the back. The sequinned hatband reads a little ‘glitzy cowgirl’ and the roughly woven straw feels slightly unmatched against Madeleine’s beautifully tailored dress and jacket but somehow, the look works for what it was.

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Queen Sonja topped her cantaloupe orange lace suit with a matching silk cloche hat. The upturned brim updated the traditional shape with some angular edge (a touch somewhat nullified by the wide, rather dowdy lace hatband) and a small spray of orange feathers and a canteloupe silk twist on the side attempted to liven the design. A matching canteloupe lace purse and fur stole completed the look- and a lot of canteloupe it was. Melon overkill, I’d say.

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit was barely six months into royal life at this point and her ensemble reflects some of this inexperience. Her navy silk cloche hat was embellished by a wide, ruched hatband and the same matchstick cream stitching around the outside of the brim edge as on the neckline of her dress and, in reverse, on her cream coat. All in all, it was rather bland.
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From bland and boring we move to brilliantly bizarre with Princess Märtha Louise’s hat. A fantastical design that combines a tall, olive green felt square-edged hourglass crown, a wide purple felt brim, purple roses and cobalt, orange and red feathers, the hat is unexpected, whimsical and… well, it’s just bonkers. Pairing this embellished purple suit with this hat was a gutsy move I’ve always admired and makes me smile, still.
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Well- there’s much to discuss here! Which hats stand out to you, most? Which hats have weathered the passage of time, best?
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Danish Queen Visits Army Base

On Friday,Queen Margrethe travelled to Oksbøl Army Base to attend a parade marking the reinstatement of the Danish Artillery Regiment and visited Schleswig’s Foot Regiment at Haderslev Barracks. For this event, she wore a new bumper hat in grey fur (or faux fur?) and matching coat. As far as fur hats go, this is a really good one. The star of the ensemble is the coat, which beautifully showcases the striped fur on the diagonal, and I really like how this stripe is repeated on the hat’s crown but contrasted, subtly, with solid grey fur on the cuffed brim. Issues with fur aside, the hat tops a great, streamlined winter look for the Danish queen.

Designer: Likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
What do you think of Queen Margrethe’s new hat?
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Danish Queen Opens New Hospital

Queen Margrethe was in Sønderborg yesterday to open the new Danish Rheumatism Hospital. For this event, she repeated her burgundy hat with upfolded, Breton style brim, trimmed with a pair of trimmed, striped feathers on the side. The brim shape on this design has always been unique, thanks to that single row of stitching that creates an almost hourglass shape around the crown.

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I dag deltog H.M. Dronningen i åbningen af Dansk Gigthospital i Sønderborg. Tidligere har hospitalet ligget i Gråsten under navnet Kong Christian X’s Gigthospital. Dansk Gigthospital er drevet af Gigtforeningen, som arbejder for bedre vilkår for mennesker med gigt, herunder støtte og igangsættelse af forskning indenfor forebyggelse, behandling og helbredelse af gigtsygdomme. Gigtforeningens vision for Dansk Gigthospital er at sætte nye standarder for høj tværfaglig behandling og rehabilitering af mennesker med gigt. Dronningen har siden 2001 været protektor for Gigtforeningen og bliver i forbindelse med hospitalets flytning også protektor for Dansk Gigthospital. Det var i sin tid Kong Frederik 9. og Dronning Ingrid som indviede det oprindelige Kong Christian X’s Gigthospital i Gråsten i 1956. 📸 Gigtforeningen ©

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Designer: Likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: March 11, 2017February 12, 2016October 22, 2014
Any thoughts about this hat?
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