Monday Multiples: Princess Benedikte

One of the hats that fared well in our recent repeated hats poll was Princess Benedikte’s purple felt trilby. She has added two different hatbands to this hat and paired it with four ensembles:

Look #1: With a graphic grey and camel coat worn March 8, 2013 to a manufacturing facility


Look #2: With a magenta suit worn for a December 3, 2013 visit to an elder care facility


Look #3: With a grey textured suit with fur stole and a grey leopard print hatband added to the hat worn March 3, 2017


Look #4: With a multicoloured woven textured coat and heather purple dress, along with a purple silk hatband added to the hat, worn October 3, 2020 for the opening of Parliament

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Which hatband, and which ensemble do you prefer most with this hat?

Photos from from Niels Henrik Dam;  Allan Nørre Overgaard; Lars Krogsgaard; Ole Jensen and Ole Jensen via Getty; Getty as indicated 

This Week’s Extras

Princess Benedikte in a new brimless hat covered in feathers last Sunday at memorial service and wreath-laying in Spentrup to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Denmark’s WWII liberation
The Akishino princesses were in black hats today for the ttended the funeral of former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone

Princess Charlene shared this sweet snap of Princess Gabriella in a velvet headband with bow, in a cuddle with her brother
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Lovely lavender felt beret with feathers by London-based milliner Merve Bayindir
The most exquisite halo bandeau of ecru cut feathers, pearls and beads by Irish milliner Michelle Kearns
Sassy burgundy stylised trilby with silk binding and back bow by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Pale yellow straw hat with windowpane brim and side trim by Australian milliner Catherine Kelly
Turquoise straw teardrop percher with veil and stunning feathers by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Bright pink felt fedora with dotted hatband by France-based Spanish milliner Sylvia Martinez
Deep blue button percher with peacock and pheasant feathers by UK brand SB Millinery
Statement yellow oversize dome with fringed seams by Australian milliner Stacey Hemera Roberts
Chic leopard print felt cap with black velvet bow by UK brand Marrison Millinery
Sweeping silk pink, lilac and cream silk abacca design (see side view here) by Australian milliner Souri Sengdara

Luscious leaf green silk abacca head wrap with oversized flying bow by Australian brand Fox millinery
Charming textured natural straw percher with oversize white leather flower by Tasmanian milliner Cessiah Alice
Nude pink feather covered beret with gold quill & statement feather flowers by UK-based Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
Bold pyramid hat design covered in red feathers by Australian milliner Cynthia Jones Bryson
Ombre dyed aqua straw boater (notice the beautifully dyed silk binding and hatband!) with feather wrap. By Australian milliner Stephanie Spencer

The Danish monarchy released four new portraits of Prince Christian to mark his 15th birthday
King Philippe welcomed his sister, Princess Delphine, for a meeting at Laeken Castle. Their joint statement not only recognizes Delphine’s title, but feels like the start of something good. Her interview on 60 Minutes Australia, taped before this meeting, is edited toward the sensational in my opinion, but still worth a watch.
Lovely to see the Spanish royal family this week at events for the Princess of Asturias awards and Spanish National Day
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Photos from social media as indicated

This Week’s Extras

Back on September 26th , Princess Benedikte opened an exhibition by sculptor Helen Schou at Randers Art Museum⁣⁣. She wore a blue woven raffia hat embellished with a looped bow beneath the upswept brim.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Wonderfully quirky blue straw bandeau trimmed with hand rolled straw pencils by UK brand Warrillow Studio
Luxe maroon felt stylised trilby with double vertical side bow by American milliner Jennifer Hoertz
Pink straw lovely shaped saucer with dusky rose silk flowers by Dutch milliner Daphne Fernandius
Fantastic hand rolled, strolled and stitched headpiece in ecru and blue straw by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Sleek and elegant grey straw cartwheel brimmed hat with statement flower by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Black straw bandeau with braided scrolls and flowers by Texas millinery brand The Mad Duchess
Matching shoes, clutch and button percher in vibrant peacock printed velvet by France-based milliner Sylvia Martinez
Super high halo bandeau in pleated silver satin by British milliner Victoria Charles
Magenta halo bandeau with handmade hydrangea trim by UK-based Italian milliner Guilia Mio
Royal blue felt upturned brim with black braid Mondrian design by German milliner Angelika Löbering

Flax yellow straw draped percher with beads by Australian brand Natalie Jane Millinery
Dramatic tiered black felt pyramid hat by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Red felt fedora with fantastic trio of trimmed black feathers by Canadian milliner Truly Carmichael
Blush straw percher with grey quill and feather flower by UK brand Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
Large natural straw hat with beehive shaped crown and fantastic garden of layered applique flowers covering the braid-edged wide brim. Made by Australian brand Belle Folie Lifestyle

As per Luxembourg royal tradition, a new rose was christened on Tuesday in honor of Prince Charles. The Hereditary Duke and Duchess also gave an interview on their experiences with parenthood so far.
Snippets from a press conference on Monday with Delphine Boel, who, based on DNA testing, has won the right to use her father’s last name and title of Princess of Belgium. It’s a sad story all around that could have had such a different (healthier, more positive for all) outcome.

We end this week with Prince William’s tour of Bug-ingham Palace. So sweet!

Photos from social media as indicated

Danish Opening Of Parliament 2020

Members of the Danish royal family attended the official opening of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen today.

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Queen Margrethe repeated her blue hat with low, rounded crown and short, sidesweep brim. The hat is covered in the same finely woven wool as her jacket and the hat is simply trimmed with a hatband and side bow in the same checked tweed as her skirt.

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Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: Feb 8, 2020; Jan 14, 2020

Crown Princess Mary repeated her cuffed calot hat in black velvet felt. The feather trim we saw on the left side of this hat on its inaugural outing (to this same event, two years ago) was not present today, making me hope it is a removeable embellishment and not a permanent edit.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Oct 2, 2018

Princess Benedikte topped a multi-coloured woven coat with her stylised purple felt trilby. The leopard print hatband we saw trimming this hat on its last outing was replaced with a silk one in a lighter shade of purple that gives a lovely note of both color and textural contrast and links beautifully with her coat.  It remains a great hat on Benedikte- the brim shape dictates it be worn at a jaunty angle that suits her so very well.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 7, 2017; December 3, 2013;  March 8, 2013

What do you think of this trio of repeated hats today in Copenhagen?

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Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

This Week’s Extras

Alina Medforth-Mills, wife of former Prince Nicholas of Romania, added a traditional Romanian embroidered hatband to her casual sun hat by French brand Maison Michel for a visit to Transylvania this week.
Princess Benedikte repeated her lovely pink straw wide brimmed hat on July 31 for a visit to the Danish Consulate General in Flensburg, Germany. It’s such a great hat on her.
Several new millinery designs caught my eye:
Textured black straw saucer with ecru bows by British milliner Awon Golding for Lock & Co.
Red button percher with ruffle and silk abaca rose by American milliner Inna Walker
Chic grey straw cloche with delicate silk floral and veil trim by German brand Malinè
Vibrant circles of feathers completely covering this percher by UK milliner Marie-anne Talbott
White parisisal beret percher with palest pastel rainbow feather trim by UK milliner Georgina Blyth
Beautifully shaped and patterned sun hat in classic cream and navy by French milliner Béatrice de Beauvoir

Striking angular shape on this navy felt trilby with orange feathers & hatband by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Pink and red chinoiserie button percher with statement bow by American milliner Nicky Miller
Lovely detail on this green layered silk organza rose headpiece by UK milliner Judy Bentick
For our dear gents, a handsome fedora in moltofino Milan straw with silk hatband by German milliner Nicky Marquardt
Lilac straw saucer with pearl edge, silk wisteria flowers and flying bow by Irish brand Marc Millinery
Ivory straw brimmed hat with cascade of delicate butterflies by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Such creative shape and use of colour on this felt headpiece by UK brand blackmore hats (recently awarded the Craftmanship Award in the 2020 Feltmakers Design Awards)
Black and white ruffled crin hat with button crown by Irish milliner Carol Kennelly
Ruby pink straw vertical saucer with yellow stamen feather flowers by British milliner Juliette Botterill
Ecru straw boater with feather hatband and handpainted brim by Spanish designer Lidya Diaz
Absolutely perfect shades of blue on this breezy Panama straw fedora by Dutch milliner Pauline Bisscheroux
Fantastic grey patterned percher with statement hand-dyed ombre straw orchid by French milliner Sylvia Martinez

Members of the Greek royal family enjoying time together on the island of Spetses

Photos from social media as indicated