This Week’s Extras

On Monday, Empress Masako repeated an ivory short-brimmed hat with wide lime printed hatband for the Midori Prize.

For the Four Freedoms Awards in Middelburg on Thursday, Queen Máxima repeated a vibrant green floral dress with wide brimmed burgundy sinamay hat. Princess Beatrix repeated a bumper hat in black sinamay woven with silver threads.
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Yesterday, Queen Margrethe repeated her blue plaid trilby to open Gødstrup Regional Hospital.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

A lovely Easter greeting from Princess Charlene of Monaco, who we warmly welcome back to public life and offer sincere wishes for her continued health.

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Hat From the Past

Royal Hats We kick off this week with a look back to March 1996 when then Crown Princess Masako stepped out in a berry suit and matching streamlined hat with slightly upturned brim. The saturated colour suited her particularly well, don’t you agree?

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This Week’s Extras

On Monday, Infanta Elena was snapped on her birthday in a burgundy trilby with slim leather hatband.
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On Wednesday, Empress Masako was photographed in her pale blue silk jacquard covered hat with upturned kettle brim and tall hatband arriving for her father-in-law’s 88th birthday.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Gorgeous gold wired bandeau with jewel-toned beads by British milliner Hermione Harbutt
Orange felt cap with crochet overlay, faux fur and plexiglass visor by Vivascarrion Artmilliners
Navy tweed button with roped swag bow trim by British brand Maria Monica London
Emerald pleated ribbon bandeau headpiece with pearls by Australian milliner Bec Bayss
Gorgeous peacock blue peachboom felt fedora by British milliner Louise Pocock


Christmas greetings from the Wessexes, the Sussexes, Nicholas and Alina Medforth-Mills and royal families of Norway, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Albania and Monaco.

We end with a lovely message from Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar and yesterday’s poignant Christmas message from The Queen.

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Catching Up Imperial Family Milestones

In last weekend’s “Extra’s” post, we celebrated the December 5 official presentation of Princess Aiko following her 20th birthday, dazzling in a diamond tiara and necklace borrowed from her aunt, Sayako Kuroda.
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It turns out that members of the Imperial royal family also gathered for this celebration, the ladies in hats as well! Princess Kako was seen arriving at the Imperial Palace in her pale sage green silk jacquard covered calot hat with cuffed bumper brim, trimmed with a spray of silk flowers on the side.

Previously Worn: Dec 23, 2019; Apr 10, 2019
Princess Hanako repeated her dark green velvet hat with clamshell-shaped bumper brim trimed with an ostrich plume and bow at the back.  Princess Yuriko wore a turquoise printed silk draped pillbox (or maybe a toque shape?) with rolled rose and leaves made of the same fabric, placed on the side of the design. 

 Princess Hanako’s hat Previously Worn: Feb 24, 2019; Jan 14, 2015Jan 10, 2014Jan 4, 2011
Princess Nobuko looked to be wearing a new dusty pink silk covered pillbox high on the back of her head. Princess Yoko repeated her tall salmon pink silk covered pillbox wrapped in a double fringe of feathers in the same hue. Princess Akiko looked to be wearing a new cream hat with shallow crown and brim covered in a beautifully draped hatband that tied in a side bow.

Princess Yoko’s hat Previously Worn: Mar 23, 2021;  Nov 8, 2020Oct 25, 2019Apr 10, 2019
Princess Hisako repeated a salmon pink velvet pillbox with indented pork pie crown, trimmed in pink, peach and burgundy velvet applique flowers that also embellish the neck and shoulder lines of her matching gown. An interesting note from Imperial family expert Prisma- while this ensemble dates back until at least 1992, it was worn, most recently, in January 2014 by Princess Noriko! Princess Tsuguko looked to be wearing a silvery blue silk covered pillbox that I believe is new.

Previously Worn: Jan 15, 2014 (by Princess Noriko); Jan 14, 1992
Sayako Kuroda was also in attendance in a pale green silk calot covered in a ruched dotted white veil.

On December 9th, Empress Masako celebrated her 58th birthday. She arrived at the home of her parents-in-law in a pale blue silk covered bumper hat.

Sayako Kuroda was also seen arriving at the Imperial Palace to greet the Empress on her birthday in a pleated ecru calot hat.

Which ones of these eleven hats stand out most to you?

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This Week’s Extras

Empress Masako in a grey hat with tightly upturned brim today to mark the anniversary of Japanese surrender at the end of WWII. The bow tucked into the brim at the back is a charming touch on this design.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Very chic red patterned buntal straw hat with Dior brim and multi-looped bow by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
White pillbox with beautifully draped silk rose overlay by American milliner Tracy Young
Pink straw saucer with black and white polka dot flying bow by Irish milliner Carol Kennelly
Brilliantly bonkers! Silk abaca helmet with beaded bowler silhouette by Australian milliner Andrea Cainero
Stunning shape on the cartwheel brim of this design in floral-woven straw by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Another head turning feathered bandeau, this time in midnight blue, by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Tall turban entirely covered in different kinds of pink silk flowers by American milliner Sarah Sokol
Red straw halo headpiece with black crin ginko leaf trim by Australian milliner Christine Waring
Wonderful pattern on these woven buntal cloche hats by British milliner Jess Collett
Easy breezy coated linen cap by American milliner Peter Forson
Sweet headpiece of rolled sinamay lilies in different pink shades by Australian milliner Catherine Kelly
Boater with braid crown, perspex brim and a swarm of blue butterflies by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Graphic black and white striped disc percher by London-based milliner Philip Treacy
Lovely pink felt button with embroidered leaves and 3D silk flowers by German milliner Anne Schneider
Cloche covered in lime green straw loops and feathers by Australian milliner Philip Rhodes
Whimsical beaded trim on this navy button percher by France-based milliner Sylvia Martinez
How fun is this vibrant pink scalloped brim take on a boater hat by New Zealand milliner Maria Wright?!

Sweet holiday snap shared by the Danish monarchy

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