This Week’s Extras

Prince Philippos of Greece and Nina Flohr were married in a civil ceremony last Saturday, December 12, in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The bride wore a ivory boucle suit and large structured bow in her hair, both by Chanel

On Monday, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attended the opening ceremony of the Global Environmental Action (GEA) International Conference in Tokyo. Empress Masako repeated a deep green hat with upfolded brim edged in braided trim.

Princess Charlene wore a Dior lambskin leather beret on Wednesday as Princess Gabriella christened a new police boat named in her honour

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Beautiful scarlet velvet halo bandeau with silk roses by British milliner Bee Smith
Stunning jeweled hatbands and trim on felt fedoras in jewel tones from Italan brand Borsalino
Icy blue felt hat with grey trim and wonderful folded ribbon hatband by American milliner Dorothy Morant
Burgundy button percher with beautiful vintage folded ribbon by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Winter white felt octagonal cloche with fur pompom by Canadian milliner Karyn Ruiz
Chic leopard print felt trilby with emerald velvet hatband and bow by Italian brand Batog Hats
Purple felt beret with lovely velvet leaf and floral trim by American milliner Wayne Wichern
Glamorous perchers in orchid purple with crystal veil and scarlet with crin ruffle by UK milliner Tracey Miller
Two turtle doves?! by Spain-based American milliner Parrish Lee
Ice blue velvet and sequin covered halo bandeau by British brand Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
Tweed pillbox with oversize lily trim by French brand Mei Mei France Chapeaux
Statement vertical saucer covered in fantastical fuchsia feathers by Australian milliner Cynthia Jones Bryson
Dapper beaver felt fedora in the most beautiful shade of teal by Hornskov København
Prink straw brimless design with wonderful folded ribbon trim by Spanish milliner Eugenia Jimenez
Elegant grey felt beret with net veil trim by French milliner Clotilde Toussaint
Fun floral trim on this vibrant blue beret percher by British brand NDLQ millinery
Black and maroon felt fedora with patent leather hatband by French milliner Geneviève Parois
The most darling green and black striped button percher with bows by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan

Lovely Christmas greetings

We close this week with a tale of Christmas magic, told by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Photos from social media as indicated

This Week’s Extras

Princess Hisako in a lovely green felt trilby with shaped crown and feather trim on Tuesday for a press conference for an upcoming exhibition at the Hungarian Cultural Institute
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Amazing grey button percher with aqua straw and crin vertical trim by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Striking ivory felt button percher with black trim by American milliner Sally Casewell
Cognac felt cap with leather brim and slim hatband by Dutch brand Bronte
Tangerine straw hugger with ruffled brim, leaves and lace flowers by Australian brand Rachi Rach Hattery
Navy blue silk shantung pillbox with rose trim by British milliner Dillon Wallwork
Gold straw bandeau headpiece with dimensional flowers by American brand Lifted Millinery
Charming black straw cloche with stripe side bow by Mei Mei France Chapeaux
Raspberry felt teardrop percher with flower, feathers and folded bow by American milliner Jill Courtemanche
Midnight blue felt trilby with stiched side knot and textured hatband by Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
“Yin Yang Boater” in black felt and white straw by German milliner Felix Weber

Leopard print felt percher with large bow by British milliner Stephanie Gallen
Royal blue vertical looped bow headpiece in organza and crin by British milliner Stephen Jones
Grey felt crushable travel hat with orange stitching and brim binding by Italian brand Borsalino
Forest green velvet halo bandeau with handmade rose by London-based milliner Guilia Mio
Black button percher with magenta trim by British brand Queen Bee Millinery
For our dear gents, a smart camel felt fedora with chocolate and navy hatbands by Danish brand Hornskov København
Red felt hugger with ruffle and sparkling brooch by British milliner Karen Geraghty
Coral and boysenberry plaid straw bumper hat with flyaway brim & statement feathers by Australian brand Millinery By Mel
Dark blue felt beret with lovely side sequin trim by Italian brand Modista Stybel
Statement picture hat in natural straw with rosette covered brim by Australian milliner Cynthia Jones Bryson

And finally, Advent greetings from Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar

Photos from social media as indicated

Imperial Crown Prince Proclaimed

Last Sunday, the Imperial royal family celebrated Rikkoshi-Senmei-no-Gi, the final ceremony in the Emperor’s enthronement that officially proclaims the new crown prince which had been postponed seven months due to the global pandemic.

Empress Masako arrived early in the morning to prepare for the day of ceremonies in her oyster silk covered bumper hat.
Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Kiko followed an hour later, Kiko in a pale lime silk jacquard floral gown with matching calot hat. The cuffed brim on this hat is covered in wide bias stripes of smooth silk and silk smocked in the same fine pattern as the waist on Kiko’s dress. This smocking gives some textural dimension to the hat, especially when punctuated with the small shiny silk stripe between each section. While a subtle detail, it is impeccably executed and once again, shows incredible quality and millinery skill.

At eleven o’clock that morning, the Imperial royal family gathered for the Rikkoshi-Senmei-no-gi ceremony where the new Crown Prince was officially proclaimed. Emperor Naruhito and Crown Prince Akishino wore traditional sokutai robesand the distinctive black kanmuri hat. Empress Masako and Crown Princess Kiko wore junihitoe multi-layered kimonos with the triple pronged golden headpiece and elaborate sculpted sweeping ponytail that is worn with this costume.

Members of the extended Imperial Royal family were in attendance, the ladies in court dress (gowns and hats).
Princess Mako repeated a blush dotted silk jacquard gown and matching bumper brimmed calot hat. Princess Kako repeated a scarlet bandeau headpiece trimmed with silk flowers.
Princess Mako’s hat previously worn: Nov 16, 2019; Jan 13, 2017; December 23, 2015;
Princess Kako’s hat previously worn: Feb 23, 2020; Oct 25, 2019
Princess Hanako topped her apple silk gown with a matching saucer percher hat with pleated rim, embellished with ivory feathers and silk leaves. Princess Nobuko wore a bandeau headpiece covered in periwinkle blue silk, trimmed with feather flowers on the side.
Princess Nobuko’s hat previously worn: Feb 23, 2020
Princess Akiko of Mikasa wore a lemon yellow bumper hat wrapped in a swath of pleated crin and trimmed with a spray of silk flowers across the back. Princess Yoko repeated a pale coral textured pillbox.
Princess Akiko’s hat previously worn: Oct 25, 2019; Apr 10, 2019
Princess Yoko’s hat previously worn: Oct 25, 2019Apr 10, 2019
Princess Hisako wore a standout hat with crown in the same vibrant green silk as the cuffs on her gown. The hat’s cartwheel brim appears to be  covered in overlapping ombre leaves and an overlay of veil. Princess Tsuguko repeated her burgundy bumper hat with veil and side silk floral trim.
Princess Hisako’s hat previously worn: I believe this hat is new
Princess Tsuguko’s hat previously worn: Apr 30, 2019; Feb 26, 2019; Jan 10, 2018 
Following the ceremony, the Crown Prince and Princess worshipped at Kashiko-dokoro shrine which is located on the grounds of the Imperial Palace. They were joined by several of the Imperial princesses who wore pale gowns and repeated ivory hats.

That evening, the emperor, empress, crown prince and princess took part in the Choken-no-Gi (First Audience ceremony), the women in glittering diamond parures complete with impressive tiaras.

The vibrant hats worn by the Imperial princesses at the Rikkoshi-Senmei-no-gi stood out to me- weren’t they wonderful?!
Photos from social media as indicated; The Asahi Shimbun, The Asahi Shimbun, The Asahi Shimbun via Getty; 

Imperial Royals Marks Shrine’s Centenary

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attended a ceremony at Meiji shrine in Tokyo today to mark 100 years since it was founded. The shrine,  founded on November 1, 1920, is dedicated to the Emperor Meij, who died in 1912, and his wife Empress Shoken. For this event, Empress Masako was white, head to toe, with a new hat.

Covered in the same textured pique as her ensemble, the hat follows a familiar bowler-ish shape for Masako with straight-sided, slightly domed crown and short, primly upturned brim. What’s unique here is the embellishment – oversize, overlapping petals around the hat, in place of a hatband. We’ve not seen this on any of Masako’s other hats and it lends a distinctive look that seems to reference the scalloped hem of her jacket. It’s an interesting one.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Empress Masako’s new hat today?

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This Week’s Extras

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attended the Autumn Equinox Festival at the Three Palace Sanctuaries on Tuesday
Princess Elisabeth completed the first 4 weeks of training in a year-long military course, earning a Blue Beret along with 180 other students. Her parents attended the ceremony yesterday, her father awarding the beret and her mother making a statement of solidarity in a repeated Elvis Pompilio royal blue calot with feather trim (see photos from its last outing here)

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Chic and sleek red felt hat with silk piping hatband by US brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Navy Harris tweed covered beret percher with leather sash and statement flower by British milliner Karen Geraghty
Stunning cream straw sidesweep with silk hatband bow and orchids by London-based milliner Joaquina Pereira
Purple felt halo bandeau with diamanté-studded veil overlay by Scottish milliner Maggie Mowbray
Shaped plastic hat with individually formed flower brim by Australian brand Victoria Jane Millinery
The most wonderful texture on this vibrant green hat with overlapping bow trim by British milliner Edwina Ibbotsen
Lilac straw trilby with crin knotted hatband and purple net veil by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Blue ombre  draped Paris cloth ring headpiece by Australian brand Natalie Jane Millinery
Rose pink felt cloche with lavish feather and floral trim by British milliner Lynn Leach
Vintage silk velvet casque headpieces in autumn hues with beautiful top stitching by British milliner Dillon Wallwork
Adore this punchy mulberry and turquoise colour blocked felt boater by London-based Maria Monica Millinery
Exquisite sense of movement on this coral feather covered teardrop percher by Australian milliner Jill Humphries

The Danish monarchy released a regal new portrait of Queen Margrethe (love her in this shade of blue!)
Princess Charlene looked fantastic in a sparkling Jenny Packham gown for the Monte Carlo Gala for Planetary Health on Thursday
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Beatrice was at Windsor Castle this week to see the display of her wedding gown, which is now open to the public (on a side note, she also stepped out this week in the most fantastic Cynthia Rowley embroidered dress)
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Very happy news from Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack
Sir David Attenborough dropped in on the Cambridges for an outdoor screening of his new movie. He brought Prince George a fossilised tooth of a giant shark, personally excavated during a family holiday in Malta in the late 1960s

Photos from social media as indicated