Imperial Royal Hats Last Week

The Imperial royals are the most frequent hat wearers these days. Here are the hats they wore last week.

On Monday, October 17, Princess Akiko wore a grey brimmed hat for a national convention.


On Tuesday, October 18, Crown Princess Kiko wore a streamlined black hat for a memorial service at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery while Princess Yoko wore an ivory hat with short brim for a visit to Yasukuni Shrine.

Princess Nobuko arrived in Fukui on Wednesday, October 19 in an ivory brimmed hat with navy hatband. Thanks, Prisma, for including a photo of the feather trim on the side of the hat!

For the National Summit on Agriculture on Thursday October 20, Princess Nobuko wore a vibrant green pillbox wrapped in net veil.


Also on October 20, Empress Masako repeated a hat covered in the palest blue silk jacquard to visit Empress Emerita Michiko on her birthday. Princess Akiko wore a textured white cloche hat trimmed with a fabric flower on the side for the World Tea Festival in Shizuoka.


On Saturday, October 22, Empress Masako wore a navy silk covered hat with upturned brim for a series of events in Okinawa Prefecture.


The same day, Princess Hisako repeated a pale ice blue bumper hat with side bow for an environmental convention in Tokyo.

On Sunday, October 23, Empress Masako attended a national Cultural Festival opening in an ivory short brimmed hat with double ochre hatband.

I love the fresh green of Princess Nobuko’s pillbox and Empress Masako’s ochre yellow ensemble above. Which hats here stand out most to you?

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Catching Up… The Imperial Royals

For an August 25 home show exhibition opening in Chiba City, Princess Hisako repeated her pale blue brimmed hat with muti-coloured feather trim on the side.

On August 28, Princess Hisako attended a calligraphy exhibition in Tokyo in an ecru hat with upturned brim and bow at the back.

On September 2, Princess Hisako wore a blush straw bucket hat with lattice woven brim to open a nutrition convention.

For the  150th anniversary of Japan’s modern school system on September 5th, Empress Masako wore an ivory short brimmed hat with wide hatband in the same butter-gold as her silk suit.

On September 12, the Emperor and Empress attended the 75th founding anniversary of the Japan War-Bereaved Family Association. For this event, Empress Masako wore a dove grey suit and matching hat with straight-sided crown and short brim trimmed with a pale, pleated hatband.

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On Saturday, September 17, Crown Princess Kiko wore a black bumper hat to see off the Emperor and Empress on their flight to London for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Princess Hisako wore a hat with white brim and purple crown on September 24 for a national sports event.

On September 27, most of the Imperial family attended the state funeral of former Prime Minister  Shinzo Abe

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On September 29, Princess Akiko wore an ivory hat with short brim and blue hatband for a milestone in the Shinto religion.

Saturday, October 1: Empress Masako wore a white short brimmed hat with indigo hatband for a sports festival opening.

Princess Hisako attended the National Sports Festival from October 3-5 in two chic hats.

On Wednesday, October 5, Princess Yoko wore a white hat with layered mushroom brim to attend events at the national Sports Festival.

On Thursday, October 6, three Imperial women wore hats for various events.  Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako marked the 150th anniversary of Japan’s railway system. Empress Masako wore an ecru hat with upturned brim trimmed with a latte stacked hatband and bow at the back.

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The same day, Princess Hisako topped a lovely blue and white printed dress with a shallow white hat while Princess Akiko attended the National Sports Festival in an ivory brimmed hat with layered hatbands in soft pink.

On Saturday, October 8, three Imperial hats were worn! Princess Hisako attended the National Performing Arts National Convention in a brimless lilac silk covered hat trimmed with sparkling beads studded on one side. The next day, she repeated a green pork pie hat with curved brim. Princess Akiko donned a grey hat with short brim and side bow to attend a wheelchair race while her mother wore a jaunty magenta mini percher pillbox trimmed with an crin ruffle and silk flowers for a conference in Oita.

On October 9 and 10, Princess Tsuguko and Princess Nobuko attended the National Sports Festival. Princess Tsuguko wore a prim ecru boater with wide toffee hatband while Princess Nobuko wore an angular take on a tam hat, in navy, with a bow around the back.

On Tuesday, October 11, Princess Kako attended National Sports Festival. She wore an ivory brimmed hat with fuchsia hatband overlaid in lace with and a spray of fuchsia flowers on one side.


The trim makes this hat! It’s a wonderfully vibrant look for Kako. Interestingly, the hat appears to have been upcycled from her elder sister’s wardrobe. I suppose that answers the question of what happened to Mako’s hats…

On Wednesday, October 12, Princess Hisako attended a tree planting ceremony. She wore a white hat with short brim upfolded on one side and trimmed with orange flowers and a slim orange hatband.

On Thursday, October 13, Princess Akiko repeated an ecru cloche with upfolded brim for a national self-defence awards ceremony. The same day, Empress Masako repeated an ivory brimmed hat with blush hatband and scroll braid trim to the an event in Tokyo.

On October 14, Princess Hisako visited an elementary school in Sopporo in an ecru hat with interesting crown made of overlapping sections in different textured fabrics.

On Saturday, October 15 in Kanai City, Princess Nobuko, opened a garden wearing a dark blue pork pie hat with extended brim trimmed simply with a lighter hued hatband. The same day in Sopporo, Princess Hisako attended a house festival in a black felt hat with upturned brim trimmed with a teal hatband and a teal bow with black beaded embroidery just as on her collar.

On Sunday, October 17, Princess Hisako wore a chocolate homburg hat with twisted chocolate and pumpkin hatband to present a football championship. This hat pairs so well with her suit and pumpkin turtleneck.

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Catching Up

We have some hats to catch up on:

July 3: Princess Akiko in a natural straw hat with wide pink hatband for a cultural visit.ย 

July 4: Queen Margrethe repeated her apricot straw hat with navy hatband for Rebildselskabet’s 110th anniversary

July 8: Crown Princess Kiko wore an ivory hat with high, rounded crown and short kettle brim with tall hatband at a convention in Tokyo.

July 14: Crown Princess Kiko repeated an ice blue silk covered pillbox for a Red Cross event in Tokyo and Princess Hisako wore an interesting draped purple hat with flying bows for a technology award ceremony.

July 15: Princess Takamado in a cornflower blue hat with curved brim overlaid in pleated white organza at a Tokyo art exhibition.

July 18: Queen Margrethe repeated her navy and white hat arriving on the royal yacht Dannebrog to take up residence at Graasten Castle.

July 21: Emperor Naruhito carried a black silk top hat while Empress Masako wore a white silk bowler hat and Crown Princess Kiko wore a white silk covered pillbox for visits to Meiji Shrine.

July 22: Princess Kako also visited Meiji Shrine in a domed pillbox hat covered in ecru silk with back bow.

July 22: Prince Joachim and Princess Marie in straw fedoras at the Tour de France.

July 23: Duchess of Cornwall wore a new white straw Philip Treacy picture hat at Ascot Racecourse

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July 23: Princess Anne in a casual natural straw trilby with navy hatband while Princess Yoko repeated a blue brimless hat.

July 25: Princess Yoko at Meiji shrine in an ivory bowler hat.ย 

July 29: Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence in a brown fedora at the Commonwealth Games

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August 3: The Earl of Wessex in a dapper fedora with red and navy hatband at the Commonwealth Games

Have I missed any?!

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This Week’s Extras

We met a new royal hat wearer this week, young Lilibet, who made her debut in theย  ‘Lily’ Lace Bow Headband by Village Baby

On Monday, Members of the Mikasa and Takamado families attended a memorial on the 10th anniversary of Prince Tomohito’s passing.

On Tuesday, Princess Hisako repeated a pale silvery blue brocade bumper hat with calla lily trim on the side for an award ceremony

On Wednesday, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence presided over the annual ย Founder’s Day Parade at Royal Hospital Chelsea.
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On Thursday, the Countess of Wessex repeated her ecru straw hat with mushroom brim trimmed with ecru and black feathers by Jane Taylor while on a visit to Gibraltar
Yesterday, Crown Princess Kiko wore a grey brimmed hat for a memorial in Hiroshima

Queen Mathilde and Queen Sonja wore new hats last week that we’ll look at in greater depth tomorrow.

Did you see Sarah Cant’s beautiful hat, modelled by Zara Tindall? See the comments for more hats that caught my eye this week.

Lovely photos shared by Princess Mรคrtha Louise and Durek Verrett for the announcement of their engagement. Fashion styled by Maggie Alava.

Are you ready?!

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This Week’s Extras

On May 15, Princess Akiko of Mikasa attended the scaled down Aoi Matsuri at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto in a simple white brimmed hat with ecru ruched hatband.

Last weekend, Crown Princess Kiko wore a black silk hat with mushroom brim for a memorial event. Princess Nobuko wore a bumper hat covered in beige lace with silk pleated trim for an event at Fujita Health University.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

Princess Yuriko celebrated her 99th birthday over the weekend!

And there’s always time for one more view of this absolute gem.

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