Dutch Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Guests

We finish our look back 20 years at the May 2001  wedding of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien today with hats worn by royal guests and extended members of the Dutch royal family to the couple’s religious ceremony.

Princess Mathilde wore a white parasisal straw hat with slightly flared, flat-top crown and generous mushroom brim. The classic black and white scheme always works and I really like how the black stitching on her coat was reversed in white on the hat’s black hatband.

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Crown Princess Victoria took a more neutral path with a tan and cream subtle plaid coat and dress topped with a picture hat in beige straw. It was not a dynamic look (it’s all rather biscuit!!), not helped by the low curve of the hat’s gently sidesweeping brim that sat awkwardly low over Victoria’s face.

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Mette-Marit Tjenssem, who would become Crown Princess of Norway three months later, wore a blush coat with sequin detail repeated on the hatband of her cream picture hat. It was another quiet ensemble (despite the sequins) but nice, from today’s vantage point, to see Mette-Marit in a brimmed design.

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We can usually count on Princess Märtha Louise to bring some colour and she did not disappoint at this event, pairing her lilac shantung silk suit with a deep orange statement hat. Between the hat’s vibrant shade, extended brim with point ends, fuchsia brim binding and brim stitching and hatband of cut orange and fuchsia silk leaves, it was a memorable design.

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Princess Kiko was in head to hem pale butter yellow. Her hat was a most interesting shape with a bumper style overtop a downward facing visor- it really defies description. Can you remember seeing her in another design of this shape? It feels unique.

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Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg topped her red suit with a natural straw woven hat with rounded crown and fluted brim bound with chocolate binding and topped with a layer of silk petal studded crin… or a large patterned lace? The hat was finished with a large flower on the left side.

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The Countess of Wessex wore two toned hat with green fluted crown and palest seafoam parasisal straw with very interesting, inverted brim and trimmed with peacock feathers. We don’t see many two toned hats and while this one reflects millinery styles of the time, still was a well balanced and interesting (in a good way!) design.

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Princess Alexandra De Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berlebourg (Princess Benedikte’s eldest daughter) contrasted her pale blue ensemble with a copper straw picture hat. The unexpected scheme worked, as did the hat’s scale on Alexandra’s tall frame. I really like the proportion between the hat’s crown and wide brim and the textural contrast provided by the stitched silk bow.

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Princess Miriam of Bulgaria wore a folded black sinamay design with black and white feathers and a black veil.

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Princess Margriet wore a wide brimmed hat in red sinamay with long sinamay sash folded over the hat. That folded sash was unique, as hat trimmings go, but seemed at odds with the rest of the design.

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Princess Marilène (back row behind Prince Constantijn) wore a dark hued, wide brimmed hat. Princess Irene (front row on right, beside Maxima) wore a lime green straw boater with extended brim. Princess Christina (second row, in between Prince Constantijn and Queen Beatrix) looked to be in a hat with black brim and royal blue crown.

It’s always interesting, looking back at past events, which hats seem timeless and which ones reflect specific styles of the time. Looking back 20 years at this event, which hats stand out most to you?

You can see hats worn by immediate family (and the bride’s attire) at the religious ceremony here and hats at the civil ceremony here.

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Christening of Princess Estelle, Nine Years On

On May 22, 2012, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel brought their daughter, Princess Estelle, to the Royal Chapel in Stockholm’s Royal Palace to be christened.

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Crown Princess Victoria wore cocktail hat with triangular base covered in the same nude pink fabric as her dress. Lace from her dress’ neckline was cut out into three dimensional applique trim along with rolled roses. A spray of the lace and floral trim was additionally tucked into Victoria’s chignon, just below the hat.

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It’s a beautifully trimmed hat, the scale perfect for an event where all eyes were on Estelle. The addition of that second spray of  lace applique roses is a unique one, adding greater presence to the piece and linking it in a lovely way to Victoria’s updo. We don’t often see accompaniment milliner pieces in such a way.

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Designer: Malinda Damgaard. Dress by Elie Saab. 
Previously Worn: This hat was new

Queen Silvia repeated a blush straw turban with twisted side rose. For this occasion, small pink silk flowers, feathers and a scattering of pearls were added to the design, giving it texture that beautifully complimented her blush lace peplum jacket.

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Designer: unknown. Jacket by Valentino. 
Previously Worn: April 30, 2004

Princess Madeleine wore a pale grey feather crescent shaped headpiece with lavender net birdcage veil. At the time, it seemed like such an elegant and classic choice for her.

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Designer: Malinda Damgaard. Dress and coat from Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti 
Previously Worn: This headpiece was new

Sofia Hellqvist, who was not yet a member of the Swedish royal family, wore an ecru multi-looped bow fascinator studded with trimmed feathers.

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Designer: unknown.  Dress by Tibi
Previously Worn: This headpiece was new

Prince Daniel’s mother, Ewa Westling, wore a fascinator of taupe twists and feathers. Danie’s sister Anna, who is one of Princess Estelle’s godparents, wore a simple brimmed hat in white straw trimmed with a flower and bow at the back.

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Estelle’s other godmother is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who repeated a golden wheat coloured straw saucer studded with tiny diamanté and trimmed with large ecru silk flowers and coque feathers on the underside of the raised brim. The neutral scheme of her ensemble kept Mary suitably in the background while the hat’s dramatic shape and bold trim gave it just the right amount of ‘statement’ in her significant role at this happy occasion.

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Designer: Jane Taylor.  Dress by Strenesse.
Previously Worn: July 2, 2011. It has since been repeated  on June 15, 2016 and June 15, 2019

There were numerous royal guests and members of the extended Swedish royal family at this christening- see their hats at this post.

Which designs from this group of immediate family and godparents stand out to you most these nine years on?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated; Corbis

This Week’s Extras

Crown Princess Victoria looking fantastic in Maria Nilsdotter’s “Nocturnal Creatures” tiara in a photoshoot to coincide with her receipt of an inclusion award.

Crown Princess Kiko in a pale sage green printed silk calot hat with rolled brim on February 23 for the Emperor’s birthday

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
More incredible feather worn on this dramatic headpiece by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Adore the silk stitched flowers on this bandeau headpiece by Greek milliner Lia Ioannou
Ivory felt button percher with lovely black lace applique by Italian milliner Monica Gamberale
Teal felt oversize bowler hat printed with chocolate Labradors by British milliner Edwina Ibbotsen
Ice blue felt bandeau headpiece with felt feather and dotted veil by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Black wool felt fedora with vibrant Peruvian woven hatband by UK brand Sahar Millinery
Deep amaranth pink straw bergère hat trimmed with spectacular ombre feathers by Australian milliner Belinda Osborne


Stunning beaded red kokoshnik headpiece by Russian milliner Lyubov Mikhaleva
Wonderful black parasisal beret percher with fern lush floral trim by Australian brand Ebbella Millinery
Love the unexpected acid green velvet hatband on this tan fedora by British milliner Jess Collett
Charming brim and crown shapes on this fuchsia felt hat with veil by Australian milliner Melanie Atherinos
Black and white checked straw wide Dior brim with quills and rose by Awon Golding for Lock & Co.
Simple but so-pretty crin-draped peach straw beret percher with pearls by UK milliner Nora De la Quintana
A pair of halo bandeau headpieces with beautiful statement pink flowers by Tasmanian brand Cessiah Alice Millinery
Uniqe shape on this black peachbloom waved felt design with grosgrain rosette by British milliner Stephen Jones


Sweet portraits of Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar and their pup Rio released for Estelle’s 9th birthday.

How lovely is it to hear this voice again!


And if you haven’t already seen this…

Images from social media as indicated 

This Week’s Extras

King Willem-Alexander re-enacted his marriage proposal to Queen Máxima on the pond at Huis ten Bosch Palace, the couple in matching knit winter hats.
 The Swedish royal family in knit hats to cross country ski together
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Beautiful Valentine’s themed designs by Australian milliner Jill Humphries and Dutch milliner Berry Rutjes
Adore the plum and teal scheme on this button percher with silk abaca bow by British brand Camilla Rose Millinery
Watermelon pink beret percher with perfect bow by British milliner Awon Golding for Lock & Co.
 Amazing quilled black straw braid halo bandeau studded with pearls by Australian brand Zia Pazza Headwear
 Grey-blue felt bucket hat with whimsical faux fur brim by British milliner Laura James
Charming blush straw Tiffany hat with bow by German brand Atelier Hutgeflüster
Elegant camel felt beret percher with veil and two cafe au lait feathers by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Stunning headpiece of orange and red cascading silk leaves by Australian milliner Felicity Northeast
Pyramid hat in black and red checked buntal straw with black lace and tassel by American milliner Laura Del Villaggio​
Chic cream straw trilby with black hatband and brim binding by American milliner Jill Courtemanche
Lovely bandeau headpiece of oxblood feather flowers by German milliner Nicki Marquardt
Incredible feather work on this teardrop percher with wave in ombre blue by Australian milliner Jill Humphries


Fascinating story of a lost, found and restored couture gown worn by an American socialite who was briefly married to a Polish prince (Town and Country)
Happy 40th wedding anniversary to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

The British royal family is growing! Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s son arrived safely this week and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced today that a sibling is expected for Archie.


Images from social media as indicated 

This Week’s Extras

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella in sweet summer hats to cheer their mum’s participation in the Calvi to Monaco Water Bike Challenge in support of her charitable foundation. Prince Jacque’s monogrammed cap is very sweet!
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Queen Margrethe repeated a cream felt hat with peach wool covered curved brim today to open an outdoor museum at Trundholm Mose, Odsherred, site where the famous Bronze Age “Sun Chariot” figure was found in 1902.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel hiked the Jämtlandstriangeln trail last weekend to advocate best ways to access nature
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Amazing how a cream straw trilby can be utterly transformed with a dotted veil. By Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Green straw bandeau with stunning floral and feather trim by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
Elegant charcoal button percher with dip-dyed black stripe bow by British milliner Karen Geraghty
Indigo shibori dyed straw hat with hand embroidery by Australian brand Somewhere Here

Dior brimmed showstopper with hand sewn black and white braid brim by Australian milliner Christine Waring

Black felt teardrop percher with emerald and ivory silk abaca statement bow by British milliner Camilla Rose
Charming ecru and dusky pink straw boater with floral trim by American brand Victoria Regina
Navy and emerald felt fedoras that come to life with patterned hatbands by British milliner Jess Collett
Whimsical white and yellow straw brimmed hat with oversize feather daisies by Canadian milliner David Dunkley
Fantastic texture on this folded purple, gold and lime patterned-ribbon bandeau by UK brand Florey Millinery
Lovely jade straw and crin hat custom made to precise specifications by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit (see front view here)
Stunning black pleated crin headpiece with Lady Amherst feathers & vintage crystals by British brand John Boyd Hats
Streamlined felt hat with flat topped crown in the loveliest shades of blue by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Pale gold straw freeform hat with crin edge and dramatic black quills by British milliner Lucy Bowler
Navy parasisal beret percher with bronze levitating leaves by Australian milliner Lauren Ritchie
Tall mustard felt cloche with black beading and a decidedly 1960s vibe by New York brand Genevieve Rose
Whimsical beret in vibrant crin stripes by American milliner Amy Fowler. It’s so happy!

On Thursday, Princess Hisako unveiled a statue of her late husband, Prince Takamado
Princess Kiko celebrated her 54th birthday yesterday. The Imperial Household Agency released some lovely new photos to celebrate her birthday.

Photos from social media as indicated