This Week’s Extras

Queen Sonja, Princess Ingrid and Maud Behn in Norwegian folk bunad ring headpieces on Monday for National Day
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Princess Gabriella of Monaco in a sweet red rosette headband yesterday to watch qualifying races for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix with her dad and brother
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The American Milliner’s Guild is counting down to Royal Ascot with an interactive event inspired by Eliza Doolittle- see how you can take part here.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Lighter-than-air design in black crinoline and cane by London-based milliner Anna Stefanou
Grey saucer with multicolour statement feathers by US milliner Alexandra Bell for Suzanne Couture Millinery
Exquisite filigree beaded Kokoshnik headpiece by Australian milliner Wendy Louise Diggles
Lovely cream to navy ombre Panama straw fedora with leather flower by British milliner Louise Pocock
Whimsical striped sun hats with twist trim by Japanese milliner Yumiko Kuroiwa
Wonderful modern take on a cloche in aubergine straw by German milliner Ulrike Strelow
Beautiful use of 3D organza on this brimmed design with bird by American milliner Jamie Cantwell
Natural straw button with fantastic black braid trim by Australian milliner Jill Humphries

Also from Australian milliner Jill Humphries, this red bandeau with charming straw braid flowers
Absolutely beautiful brim shape on this black straw design by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Simple but still memorable ecru and slate grey bow headpiece by Italian brand Galia e Peter
Green leopard print covered pillbox with back bow by Australian milliner Lisa Hughes
Charming natural patterned straw hat with red hatband and blue brim binding by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Pink jinsin oversize saucer with braided brim edge by Australian milliner Christine Waring
Incredible feather flowers on this grey button beret percher by British milliner Ian Bennett

Lovely new photos of Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar and pup Rio released today for Pentecost. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia also shared these photos of Prince Alexander to celebrate his fifth birthday.
Princess Benedikte opened an exhibition of Danish artist Lars Physant​’s work which includes a striking new portrait of her, unveiled at the opening.
And finally, this stunning photograph taken by Prince Nikolaos of Greece, shared to announce his upcoming photography exhibition in London

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Norwegian Opening of Parliament 2020

Crown Prince Haakon and Queen Sonja were on hand yesterday for the 165th opening of Norwegian Parliament, Prince Haakon filling in for his father who has been ill.

Queen Sonja repeated her black capulet hat with close fitting cloche crown and upturned front brim. The brim follows a slightly peaked shape with central point and is printed (or embroidered?) with diamond shapes on the undersideIt’s difficult to assess this hat without a better view but the shape of the hat, from front view, works well with Sonja’s hairstyle and regally frames her face in a sort of modern kokoshnik.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Oct 9, 2017

Thoughts about this petite black hat?

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Norwegian Royal Wedding, 52 Years On

King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway celebrated 52 years of marriage on Saturday.

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The couple married on August 29, 1968 at Oslo Domkirke following a nine-year courtship that began serendipitously when, several months after her father’s death, Sonja Heraldsen was convinced, by her mother, to attend a June 1959 party also attended by the Crown prince.  Despite the couple being photographed several months later at his graduation from the Norwegian Military Academy, they had to overcome strong pressure for Crown Prince Harald to marry a foreign princess instead of a commoner trained as a dressmaker and tailor. But overcome they did (reportedly, after Harald, the sole heir, gave an ultimatum to his father that it was Sonja or no one!) and consent was granted to their union in 1968. King Olav V added his own support to the marriage by offering to escort Sonja down the aisle.

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Sonja’s training as a dressmaker in Norway and France and work in her late father’s clothing store undoubtedly gave her greater understanding of fashion than most royal brides. She collaborated with Sigrid Vedeler from Norwegian fashion house Molstad for her gown.

The resulting gown followed a silhouette popular in the late 1960s- high neck, three quarter sleeves, slight empire waist and A-line skirt- made of structured silk zibeline that crisply emphasized the design’s clean lines and beautifully held its shape. The gown was simply embellished with pearl embroidery on the funnel neck and on bands at the sleeves.

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A sweeping, square edged train attached at the shoulders.

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The gown was topped with a voluminous silk organza full length veil anchored by a spiky white faux floral headpiece. To balance the headpiece, Sonja’s only other accessories were simple pearl stud earrings. Her all white bouquet, made by legendary retired decorator Fernando Menk, included orchids, roses, lily of the valley and Sonja’s favorite flower, freesia.

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With guests in gowns and tiaras, the wedding was a glittering affair.

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I have always loved this bridal look for its sweeping lines and streamlined aesthetic. What are your thoughts, 52 years on?

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Hat From the Past

Royal Hats52 years to this day in 1968 and a pair of hats worn by a royal bride. Sonja Haraldsen donned a voluminous banded turban-tam hybrid to greet guests arriving at Fornebu airport for her wedding the next day to Crown Prince Harald (who looks very handsome in a jaunty trilby).

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For a public reception later that day, her textured halo brimmed hat is the height of late 1960s chic.

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We’ll look at the wedding of these two lovebirds next week.

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This Week’s Extras

Yesterday, Empress Masako was photographed arriving for the Spring Equinox Festival at the Imperial Palace in an ecru silk covered hat with upturned Breton brim. This video shows Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Mako, Princess Kako and Princess Hisako arriving in cream silk bumper hats and Princess Tsuguko in a her cloche with short cartwheel brim.
King Harald and Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit shared greetings and words of encouragement along with photos of how they are keeping occupied in isolation

Several of you have commented on this re-post of Queen Margrethe making a dachshund hat. It’s certainly worth another watch!
I have no idea when this photo was taken but it shows one of the wives of  Swazi King Mswati III in a fun, deep red headpiece that I don’t remember seeing before.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

 Blue straw fedora with saucy brim with silver lace appliqué with hand embroidered sequins by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Black beret percher rimmed in straw blooms and a straw bow by New York-based brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Another bold and wonderfully vibrant sinamay headpiece by American milliner Amy Fowler
Lovely drape on this vibrant blue felt beret percher’s double bow by Australian milliner Neil Grigg
Exaggerated and striking white boater hat with tall crown and cutout brim by Korean milliner Q Park
Blue ombre bandeau headpiece of overlapping straw leaves by British milliner Bee Smith
Lovely mulberry felt fedora with extended brim and fantastic pheasant feathers by Kenya-based miliner Chloe Mitchell
Black and white straw saucer with flying rim trimmed with lace by American milliner Tiffany Arey
Mysteriously beautiful veiled black lace mask headpiece by British milliner Jane Taylor
Tan felt fedora with fascinating textured brim by Australian milliner Felicity Northeast
Two-toned blue sinamay percher with sweeping shape by New York-based milliner Sally Caswell
Futuristic black straw saucer brimmed design with orbiting planets by British brand Miss Ginny Millinery
Two blush leather halo bandeau headpieces with statement flowers here and here by Australian milliner Cessiah Alice
For our dear gents, this sleek black fedora with silk paisley hatband from Danish brand Hornskov København

And from British milliner Anne Tomlin, this amazing percher made from straw braid sewn with wire and formed into a caged button percher, trimmed with exquisite handmade lily-of-the-valley and silk abaca leaves.

Happy news from Bhutan on the safe arrival of a new prince on Thursday.

What are you doing to spread support and encouragement these days?

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