While we royal hat fans love to admire the details of each piece, a bird’s eye view of the wider body of hats within each royal’s millinery closet places each hat in a larger perspective. Here are inventories, by colour, of the hats worn by some of our favourite royal hat wearers.


   Queen Mathilde  Queen Mathilde


Queen Margrethe   

Crown Princess Mary       Crown Princess Mary







The Netherlands

Queen Maxima  Queen Maxima      Queen Maxima  Queen Maxima


Royal Hats   


Queen Silvia

Crown Princess Victoria | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Victoria | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Victoria | Royal Hats 

United Kingdom

   Queen Elizabeth  Queen Elizabeth    Queen Elizabeth  
Queen Elizabeth  Queen Elizabeth  Queen Elizabeth  Queen Elizabeth  Queen Elizabeth    Queen Elizabeth

Duchess of Cornwall  Duchess of Cornwall  Duchess of Cornwall   Duchess of Cornwall  Duchess of Cornwall 

       Duchess of Cambridge  Duchess of Cambridge          Duchess of Cambridge


Princess Eugenie | Royal Hats  Princess Eugenie | Royal Hats

Countess of Wessex  Countess of Wessex  Countess of Wessex