Twin Hats

From time to time, a particular hat is such a hit with their royal wearer that they purchase a twin. Click on any of the following photos for more insight into these royal hat twins:


Queen Mathilde


Crown Princess Mary | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary | Royal Hats          Crown Princess Mary | Royal Hats


Grand Duchess Maria Teresa                    Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

The Netherlands

Queen Máxima

Queen Maxima

Queen Máxima

Queen Maxima


Princess Beatrix


Crown Princess Mette-Marit

United Kingdom

          Queen Elizabeth

         Queen Elizabeth


Duchess of Cornwall         

Duchess of Cornwall            Duchess of Cornwall

Duchess of Cornwall           

Duchess of Cornwall | Royal Hats

Duchess of Cornwall


Duchess of Cambridge          Duchess of Cambridge         

Duchess of Cambridge


Princess Beatrice          Princess Beatrice


Princess Eugenie


          Countess of Wessex


Lady Sarah Chatto


Princess Alexandra of Kent


Princess Michael of Kent


3 thoughts on “Twin Hats

  1. You seem to have forgotten Princess Anne and her (number? It’s somewhere between 2 and 7, pretty sure of that much) black fur pillboxes!

  2. Great article!! I can’t believe Princess/Queen Beatrix has quintuplets! She is probably the member of a royal family who has the most stable and predictable hat style. Wild guess: did she try many hat styles in her young years and decided this particular one was the best suited for her?

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