Hat Design Features

Milliner Profiles

Ahko Hirata
Otto Lucas


Extreme/Interesting Royal Hats

Animal Prints Hats
Christmassy Hats
Most Colourful
Most Unusual Colour Scheme –  Queen Elizabeth and All Other Royals
Tallest Crown –  Queen Elizabeth and All Other Royals
Spotted Hats
Square Hats
Striped Hats
Widest Brim –  Queen Elizabeth and All Other Royals


Interesting Royal Hat Trimmings

Craziest Trim
Lace –  Queen Elizabeth and All Royals
Largest Bow –  Queen Elizabeth and All Royals
Largest Feathers –  Queen Elizabeth and All Royals
Largest Flower –  Queen Elizabeth and All Other Royals
Largest Twists
Longest Quill
Most Bows
Most Flowers –  Queen Elizabeth and All Other Royals
Most Realistic Flowers
Most Sparkle
Most Veil/Most Statement Veils
Painted Hats
Tassels & Fringe
Tallest Feather(s)
Twists –  Queen Elizabeth


General Millinery Design

How Hats Stay on Royal Heads
Pillbox Placement
Royal Pillbox Trends By Decade in the 20th Century
Royal Hats That Make Us Smile


Royals and Their Milliners

Princess Beatrix

Profile of Princess Beatrix’s hats and milliners

Queen Elizabeth

Frederick Fox Designs
Philip Somerville Designs

Rachel Trevor Morgan’s Feathered Flower hats

Angela Kelly’s Boater hats
Angela Kelly’s Diagonal Crown hats
Angela Kelly’s Diagonally Wrapped Cloche hats
Angela Kelly’s Domed Crown & Upfolded Brim hats
Angela Kelly’s Hourglass hats
Angela Kelly’s Oblique Brim hats
Angela Kelly’s Split Crown hats
Angela Kelly’s Square Crown & Kettle Brim hats
Angela Kelly’s Teardrop Crown hats

Duchess of Cambridge

Profile of hats made by Jane Corbett


Millinery Construction Videos

How It’s Made: Barbisio Wool Felt Fedoras
How It’s Made: Borsalino Hat
How It’s Made: Burgess Bowler Hat (machine made)
  How It’s Made: Ella Gajewska Hat
How It’s Made: Handmade Italian Straw Hats
How It’s Made: Paul’s Hat Works Fedora
How It’s Made: Stephen Jones Hat
How It’s Made: Suzanne Newman Hat
How It’s Made: Philip Wright Hat


Milliner Interviews

   Jill Courtemanche
Philip Treacy
(as interviewed by Hilary Alexander)
Philip Treacy: Approach to Hat Design
Philip Treacy: Inside The Millinery Studio
Philip Treacy: The Duchess of Cornwall’s Wedding Headpiece
Philip Treacy: Orchid Hat Project
Rachel Trevor Morgan
Stephen Jones
Ian Philip Wright: How To Pick the Right Hat
Ian Philip Wright: How to Wear a Hat


Royal Hat Special Design Features

Queen Elizabeth and Hat Modifications: Part 1 and Part 2
Queen Silvia and a Hat Modification
Rachel Trevor Morgan’s designs for Legoland Windsor

5 thoughts on “Hat Design Features

  1. Can a replica of a hat be made and purchased or once it’s made for the queen no duplications

  2. Could you put next to the designers names the royals that favours them and maybe links of photos wearing their hats?

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