Danish Queen Marks WWI Armistice

On Sunday, Queen Margretheparticipated in a wreath laying ceremony in Mindeparken in Aarhus to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. For this event, she wore a new hat. Clearly made to match her finely woven plaid jacket, this wool design features a domed crown and short brim that curls up slightly around the front of the hat. Stacked hatbands in burgundy, chocolate and caramel trim the design and lend some punchy contrast while still linking with the colours of the fabric. It’s a matched look for certain, but paired with a houndstooth checked silk blouse and caramel skirt, the ensemble has enough contrast to keep it from looking overly matched (the dreaded ‘matchy-matchy’ territory!).

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Designer: Likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: This hat is new
 I’m not often a fan of hats and jackets in the same fabric but I like this pair- what do you think of Margrethe’s new hat?
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Danish Opening of Parliament 2018

The Danish Royal Family gathered together today in Copenhagen for the official opening of Parliament. This annual event is often occasion to debut new hats and today, there were three new beauties! Queen Margrethe led her family in a smart new ensemble in cornflower blue. Covered in the same silk crepe as her dress and tailored jacke, the matching brimless hat is simply trimmed with a stitched twist bow on the side. While I think I’d prefer the hat more if it was more of a calot on the back of Margrethe’s head instead of this helmet-like style, its a go-to shape for her and the colour is wonderful. We’ll undoubtedly see the ensemble many times again but I think it’s a good addition to her wardrobe.

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Designer: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Crown Princess Mary also wore a new hat, a black felt bumper design with piped crown and small feather spray on the side. I adore the scale and placement, which makes the hat look like a rounded pillbox from some angles. We’ve not seen Princess Mary in many bumper hats (I think this is the first) and this one is also a great addition to her millinery closet.

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Princess Marie wore the only repeated hat of the day, her navy calot with large side bow. This remains a great hat for petite Marie, whose hair styled to one side was a great counterpoint to the hats large bow.

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Designer: Whitely
Previously Worn: Oct 8, 2016May 29, 2016April 13, 2016June 5, 2015April 8, 2015

Princess Benedikte also wore a new hat, a wide brimmed chocolate felt design with simply shaped, rounded crown, trimmed with a felt hatband and autumnal-hued spray of feathers on the side. The combination of hat, chocolate wrap and orange dress is a good one and the ensemble has that effortless elegance we often associate with Princess Benedikte.

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Designer: unknown- maybe Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Thoughts about this quartet of royal hats today in Copenhagen?

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💜 All eyes on elegant outfits of Danish royal ladies 😊 💜 • Queen Margretha II and her family attended opening of Parliament today. • Crown Prince Frederick, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte, like every year, are accompanying the Queen. 💖 • • • • #queenmargretheofdenmark #queenmargrethe #crownprincefrederikofdenmark #crownprincefrederik #crownprincessmaryofdenmark #crownprincessmary #princejoachimofdenmark #princejoachim #princessmarieofdenmark #princessmarie #princessbenedikteofdenmark #princessbenedikte #danishroyalfamily #danishroyals #openingofparliament #princechristianofdenmark #princessisabellaofdenmark #princevincentofdenmark #princessjosephineofdenmark #princenikolaiofdenmark #princefelixofdenmark #princehenrikofdenmark #princessathenaofdenmark

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Danish Queen Closes Summer Sailing Season

The royal yacht Dannebrog delivered ​Queen Margrethe back to Copenhagen on Wednesday, thus officially completing this year’s summer sailing season. For this farewell, the Danish queen repeated a hat we’ve not seen yet this year- her red straw wide brimmed design with diagonal open weave crown overlay and brim edge, slim silk hatband and front bow.  These photos don’t show the hat in great detail (jump over to this post for a close look at it) but it’s been a workhorse for Margrethe and the mix of textures is an interesting one. For this sailing event, it tops a nicely tailored, nautical look. And I’ll admit- it’s much easier to admire this hat after an extended period of not seeing it!

After a dinner the Queen hosted for for officers of Dannebrog, the vessel is now en route back to her base in Frederikshavn where she will be cleaned, repaired, repainted and refitted over the winter. In early spring, she will set sail again.

Danish Summer Cruise 2018: Part 2

Queen Margrethe concluded this year’s summer cruise aboard the Danish royal yacht Dannebrog with a two day visit to the municipality of Svendborg. Her arrival yesterday brought a surprise- the white hat we saw her wear July 19 is indeed, a new hat! In white straw, the design follows the tall crown shape of a fedora (without front pinches) with a wide brim that curves downward in the front and back.

The hat is simply trimmed with a wide white hatband and folded side bow. The profile is larger than many of Queen Margrethe’s hats and while the colour isn’t exactly exciting, it pairs well with the nautical red and navy clothing she favours for these summer cruises.

Designer: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: July 19, 2018

For today’s final day of visits and engagements, Queen Margrethe repeated her navy felt hat with rounded crown, gently raised kettle brim and wide silk hatband with tied bow at the side.
The hat’s simple design paired well with Margrethe’s brightly patterned raincoat and neutral suit (how fantastic is her mixing of patterns in this ensemble? I love it!)

Designer: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: May 9, 2017May 3, 2017

And so draws another season of Danish summer cruises to a close. Any thoughts about the hats we saw this week?
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Danish Royals Celebrate Flag Day

With Queen Margrethe away for her summer cruise and crown Prince Frederik recovering from back surgery, attendance at this year’s annual Flag Day commemoration fell to remaining family members. Crown Princess Mary attended events in Copenhagen, laying a wreath at The Citadel, attending a commemoration service at Holmens Church and watching a parade at Thorvaldsens Plads at Christiansborg Castle. For these events, she repeated her black hat with felt crown and straw brim, simply trimmed with two feathers. It’s a restrained and elegant piece that paired beautifully with her floral dress.

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Det officielle Danmark med H.K.H. Kronprinsessen i spidsen markerer i dag flagdagen for Danmarks udsendte. Markeringen startede med en kranselæggelse ved monumentet på Kastellet og efterfølgende en mindegudstjeneste for Danmarks faldne i Holmens Kirke. Senere på eftermiddagen vil Hendes Kongelige Højhed deltage i en parade for årets udsendte på Thorvaldsens Plads ved Christiansborg Slot. Flagdagen bliver derudover højtideligholdt ved en række lokale arrangementer over hele landet. I Fredericia deltog D.K.H. Prins Joachim og Prinsesse Marie i markeringen af flagdagen. Først med et besøg på Ryes Kaserne og derefter en gudstjeneste i garnisonskirken Sct. Michaelis. Til slut deltog Prinsen og Prinsessen i en parade på Bülows Plads i Fredericia. 📸 Liselotte Sabroe, Ritzau Scanpix og Leon Lindholm ©️

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Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Mar 21, 2017; Apr 25, 2015;  Oct 1, 2013; Sep 18, 2013; Oct 2, 2012; Apr 21, 2012; Jul 27, 2011; Apr 9, 2010; Oct 5, 2010; Sep 23, 2006Sep 6, 2009Sep 28, 2006Sep 23, 2006

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in Fredericia where they attended a worship service in the garrison church Sct. Michaelis, laid a wreath and watched a parade at Bülows Square. Princess Marie repeated her black headpiece of ruffled black silk organdie. I’ve always liked the delicate way this design frames Marie’s face and the scale, which is as large as an average percher hat, is a very flattering one for her. Black hats can look very flat and one dimensional but this piece has a lovely sense of layered texture and movement while remaining perfectly appropriate for a memorial occasion.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 21, 2017May 18, 2016Sep 5, 2015Apr 16, 2015;  Oct 1, 2013Sep 5, 2013 
We’ve seen both these hats numerous times before but as they are both so good, I don’t mind taking another look. What do you think of this pair of hats yesterday in Denmark?

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Danish Summer Cruise 2018: Part 1

Queen Margrethe embarked on the first leg of her annual summer cruise this week, spending Monday and Tuesday in the municipality of Silkeborg. For her arrival Monday at City Hall and a day of events that included visits to the museum Jorn and Neder Kjærsholm manor house, the Danish queen repeated her hat with ecru straw crown and brim sandwiched between a pair of curved grey straw brims curved both upward and downward.

 The hat stands out for its unique shape, which is tempered by the neutral colour scheme. It’s interesting and always draws me in for a closer look- something I like a royal hat to do. Grey isn’t my favourite colour on Queen Margrethe but it worked, thanks to the pop of colour she added to the ensemble with her canary yellow blouse.


Yesterday, the tour of Silkeborg continued with visit to an eco-minded demolition company and art therapy program. For these visits, she repeated her natural straw hat with domed crown and short brim with upturn around one half (this time, the half around the front), trimmed with a hatband in the same plaid as her skirt. Not overly exciting, it gets a nod for it’s nautical-ness.

Designer: likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn (with plaid band): Aug 31, 2017; Aug 24, 2015Sep 9, 2014Jul 3, 2014Jun 20, 2014Sep 3, 2013Aug 29, 2013;  Jun 4, 2013Jun 9, 2011
Previously Worn (with green band): Aug 23, 2015Sep 10, 2014; Sep 1, 2014Apr 28, 2013Aug 30, 2013Sep 5, 2012
Thoughts about these hats? We’ll catch up with the second leg of the cruise tomorrow. 
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Danish Queen Celebrates Banking Milestone

Last Wednesday, July 4, Queen Margrethe took part in events celebrating the 200th anniversary of  Danmarks Nationalbank, Denmark’s central bank. For the occasion, she repeated her pale blue straw hat with round crown and openly woven sideswept brim, trimmed with a posy of pink and white silk cockscomb flowers and green feather leaves. 

It’s such a light, pretty, summery hat that pairs beautifully with this silk floral dress. The cut of the dress is fantastic on Queen Margrethe – something that always makes a hat look better – and the ensemble’s balance of neckline and brim, texture and pattern, solid and print are all just right.

July 4, 2018 | Royal Hats

Designer: likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: October 22, 2015June 25, 2013
I think this is a fantastic summer look for the Danish queen- what do you think?
Photos from Hanne Juul and Hasse Ferrold via the Danish Monarchy