Inventory: Princess Marie’s Blue Hats

Princess Marie of Denmark celebrated her 43rd birthday on Wednesday, an event that warrants a dive inside her hat closet! We’re going to start with a look at all of her blue hats:

1.  2.  3.
Designer:  unknown; Whiteley; Susanne Juul
Introduced: February 14, 2011; April 8, 2015October 31, 2017

We don’t see Princess Marie wear hats more than a handful of times each year (usually just the Danish Opening of Parliament and major events or state visits) which partly explains why we see just three designs here. The first two designs, in straw and felt, have become workhorses for her and we have seen them worn multiple times while #3 has had just one public outing- something I’d like to see changed, along with a different placement of that hat on the head! What does this trio of blue hats in Princess Marie’s wardrobe say to you?

Photos from Corbis; Julian Parker and Ole Jensen/Corbis via Getty

Millinery Exhibition In Brighton Includes Royal Hats

A millinery exhibition of hats made by leading British milliner Stephen Jones over the past 40 years opened yesterday at The Royal Pavilion in Brighton.


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Among the hats included in “Stephen Jones Hats at the Royal Pavilion” are at least four that we’ve seen step out on royal heads:

Embed from Getty Images
Princess Diana’s stitched camel tam with chocolate band and bow worn in Wales, November 1982
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Embed from Getty Images
Princess Eugenie’s green straw percher with floral trim and flying leaves worn at Ascot, June 14, 2011
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Embed from Getty Images
Lady Sarah Chatto’s navy textured straw picture hat with mushroom brim worn for the Sussex’s wedding, May 2018
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Embed from Getty Images
The Duchess of Sussex’s ivory felt formed beret with stem worn to the Commonwealth Day Service, March 12, 2018
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Stephen Jones’ millinery aesthetic defies a single style and pushes limits of creativity and art. His designs aren’t ones I would always describe as beautiful but they are always interesting. The exhibition will be open until June 9 and if you are able to attend, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the exhibit and, if you’re game, feature your visit here on Royal Hats. 
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Inventory: Crown Princess Mary’s Blue Hats

To celebrate Crown Princess Mary’s 47th birthday today, we’re taking a look at all of the blue designs in her millinery closet. We have seen Mary step out in six blue hats of varied shades and shapes- here they are in the order they have been worn:

1.  2.  3.
Designer: Susanne Juul; unknown; Susanne Juul
Introduced: May 5, 2004; August 31, 2005; November 3, 2009

4.  5. 
Designer: both are Susanne Juul
Introduced: September 17, 2011; January 15, 2012; updated with feather trim October 4, 2016

Designer: unknown
Introduced: April 30, 2013

While material and colour provide some of the great contrast here, I’m more taken with the diversity of shape that covers some unusually high crowns and brims of all sizes. I’ll always have a soft spot for the ice blue stovepipe cloche (#1) worn during her engagement, a hat that topped such a great look for Mary and signaled this newcomer was not afraid to bravely experiment with unique hats. If forced to choose a favourite, I’d go with the straw beret (#3) for the beautiful curved lines that flatter the face so well. What hats stand out most to you in this group?

Photos from Stella Pictures; Julian ParkerOle Jensen and Julian Parker via Getty

Favourite New Royal Hat of 2018

2018 saw some truly wonderful hats enter the world of royal fashion- hats that delighted, wowed and awed us. Each month, dearest readers, you chose a favourite new hat and assembled a list of eleven beautiful designs as your standouts of the year.  Choosing a single winner from these eleven great hats proved a difficult task and the resulting poll was neck-and-neck to the finish.

There are some surprises here- this is the first British Royal sweep of the top five hats in this category and two of the heads are ones that have received considerable fashion criticism in the past (a vindication here that tickles me with glee!) in hats worn by milliners who only joined our list of Royal Milliners in 2018. It’s exciting stuff.

Without further ado, here are your top six (thanks to a tie for fifth spot!)  Favourite New Royal Hats of 2018:

 Embed from Getty Images   Embed from Getty Images
Autumn Philips’ ice blue Juliette Botterill button percher with silk abacca looped bow worn April 1
Princess Eugenie’s straw picture hat imprinted with leaves & flowers by Bee Smith worn June 9

Embed from Getty Images
Duchess of Cambridge’s raspberry velvet percher with silk flower spray and veil by Philip Treacy worn October 12

Lady Kitty Spencer’s burgundy felt Philip Treacy percher with silk rose spray & veil worn June 16

Embed from Getty Images
Lady Sarah Chatto’s textured navy straw mushroom brim hat by Stephen Jones worn May 19
Sincere congratulations to Sally Ann Provan, whose first year on our list of Royal Milliners saw her claim ‘top spot’ with this beautiful hat. Congratulations also to Bee Smith, another new royal milliner, and to Juliette Botterill and veterans Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones whose work continues to inspire. 
Jump over to this post to see the results in greater detail (note how close the numbers are). Final
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Favourite Repeated Royal Hat of 2018

Last year, several hundred hats stepped out on royal heads for the second, third, (or twelfth!) times. Each month, you picked a favourite from these repeatedly worn designs to assemble a list of ten stunning semi-finalists for the year. You have voted, dearest readers, and now we crown a winner in this race for Favourite Repeated Royal Hat Design of 2018:

Embed from Getty Images
Princess Anne’s straw picture hat with cream brim, navy crown, feathers, bows and quills worn March 12

Embed from Getty Images
Autumn Phillips’ magenta straw cocktail hat with rose & quill twists by Juliette Botterill worn June 23

Embed from Getty Images
Queen Máxima’s deep purple felt upsweep with side brim pleat by Fabienne Delvigne worn November 21

Embed from Getty Images
The Countess of Wessex’s oyster straw Jane Taylor picture hat with curling feathers worn June 18


The Countess of Wessex’s lattice brimmed straw saucer hat with twists & coral feathers by Jane Taylor worn May 15

Congratulations to British milliner Jane Taylor, who created this winning saucer hat, and to the other three milliners who designed these beautiful runners up. I can’t say I expected to see one of Princess Anne’s hats included in this list but such is the wonderful world of royal hat watching- there are surprises around every corner!
Jump over to this post to see the poll results in greater detail and please- share your thoughts about these winners! 
Photos from Getty as indicated and The British Royal Family

Top Royal Hats: November & December 2018

Despite stiff competition (and one victory by the skin of its felt pelt), results for favourite new design and favourite repeated hat worn in November and December are in:

Embed from Getty Images 

Queen Máxima’s deep purple felt upsweep with side brim pleat by Fabienne Delvigne worn Nov 21

Embed from Getty Images

Autumn Phillips’ emerald felt crescent-formed percher with bow by Sally Anne Provan worn Dec 25

Jump over to the poll for favourite new hat here and the repeated hat poll here to see the results in greater detail. And stay tuned tomorrow for the finale polls of 2018 to choose your top hats of the year. 
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Inventory: Duchess of Cambridge’s Dark Pink & Burgundy Hats

Following up yesterday’s post on the Duchess of Cambridge’s pink hats, we’re going to continue down this millinery path today with a look at her hats in darker and fuchsia burgundy shades. Here’s what a look in her millinery closet reveals:

1.Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images  2.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Jane Corbett; Philip Treacy
Introduced: December 25, 2011; October 12, 2018

3.Embed from Getty Images 
Designer: Jane Taylor
Introduced: December 25, 2018

It’s a small group (so far!) but an excellent one. Many of us continue to admire the stunning trilby (#1)from Christmas 2011 (and wish for it to make a repeat appearance) and velvet percher she wore to Princess Eugenie’s wedding this fall (#2) is a semi-finalist for Favourite New Hat of 2018. Kate wears these deeper jewel tones so well

Photos from Getty as indicated