Dutch Queens in Burgundy Hats

Today saw the former and current Dutch queens attend events, both in burgundy hats. To unveil a statue of Willem van Oranje (founder of the house Orange-Nassau) in Dordrecht this morning, Princess Beatrix repeated a burgundy straw bumper hat with domed crown and exterior brim covered in feathers.

The shape is a ubiquitous one in Princess Beatrix’s millinery wardrobe to the extent that most of us associate this style as her ‘signature’ look. The colour is excellent on her and the feathers, with their darker edges, give great dimension to the piece. I’m not usually a fan of feather covered hats but somehow, this one works.

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Designer: Designer: likely Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Oct 2, 2014Nov 21, 2013;  Nov 22, 2011

Queen Máxima was in Amersfoort today to attend national meeting of volunteer palliative caregivers and programs. She repeated the muted burgundy melusine felt fedora we saw her wear last week (a far faster repeat than we usually see from her!)

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Since we recently talked about the effortless vibe this hat gets from its relaxed brim it, let’s focus here on styling. Today’s ensemble is a fussier one than the dress we’ve seen paired with this hat so far- between the complicated neckline and trailing tie on the blouse and the skirt’s asymmetrical hem, there’s a lot going on here. We usually think of hats adding or complementing an ensemble but here, I think this hat grounds and tempers it. Imagine this ensemble without the hat – not as good, right?!

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Borsamalia”
Previously Worn: Oct 2, 2019; Jan 31, 2019

What do you think of these two burgundy hats in Holland today?

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Princess Beatrix Commemorates Putten Raid

On Wednesday, Princess Beatrix  attended the 75th commemoration of Putten Raid at Putten City Hall. Putten Raid occurred October 1, 1944 when Nazis deported almost all of the men of the village to concentration camps- of 602 taken, just 48 survived. For this memorial, Princess Beatrix wore a black straw hat with boater-style crown and a wide, kettle-edged brim with gentle sidesweep. The hat is trimmed with a hatband/cuff of black patent leather.

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From a distance, the brim binding plays with multiple layers of straw that forms a darker stripe (where layers are attached and overlap) and gossamer light edge. It’s an interesting design feature that we’ll just look at from a distance (closeup, it’s not as neat as it could be), appreciating the way it gives movement to the otherwise monochrome design The patent leather hatband offers the same and, I think, the hat is better for it.

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Designer: likely Susanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: unknown

Despite several searches through my archives, I’m not able to find a previous outing for this hat, making me suspect it’s a revised iteration of either this similar design, or this one.

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Princess Beatrix Celebrates Cancer Society

On Saturday, Princess Beatrix took part in celebrating 70th anniversary of the Dutch Cancer Society Dutch Cancer Society with a visit to the Royal Dutch Mint to to see a special coin stamped to commemorate this milestone come off the press. For this event, she repeated a denim blue straw hat with domed crown and high, straight sided double bumper brim wrapped in a slightly slanted wide stripe of straw. The design is completed with two pointed ribbon tails curling off the back.

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The colour is so lovely on Beatrix and while I could do with a trim on those ribbon tails off the back, that slanting stripe of straw around the outside of the hat gives a unique take on shape that has become a very familiar one for her

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Designer: Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: July 3, 2008

It’s been a while since we saw this hat- what are your thoughts?

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This Week’s Extras

On Thursday, Queen Beatrix opened the opening of the 79th session of the Institut de Droit international (IDI) in the Hague. She topped her black floral dress with a black straw hat with tall, pleated Breton style brim.
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Princess Ingrid’s confirmation took place yesterday in the Chapel of the Royal Palace in Oslo. For this milestone, she, Crown Princess Mette Marit, Queen Sonja and Princess Märtha Louise, all  wore traditional Norwegian bunads with the folk costume’s wreath-style rolled headpiece .

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Ingrid’s new bunad was a gift from her grandparents, King Harald and Queen Sonja. In a wonderfully personal touch, Queen Sonja, who was a trained dressmaker before beginning her royal life, helped create the traditional folk dress.
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Ingrid’s godmother, Crown Princess Victoria, attended the event in a lilac silk chiffon dress with matching headpiece. of  lilac silk ribbon pleated flowers with hand beaded centers from Parant Parant Couture Headpieces by Örjan Jackobsson. Crown Princess Mary, who attended with Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian, wore a new folded headpiece in plum straw that wrapped around her head with a side rosette.
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Today, Princess Kako attended a memorial service for victims of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake at the Metropolitan Memorial Hall in Tokyo. She wore a sedate black silk covered hat with wide hatband and short kettle brim.

Also today, Queen Elizabeth was joined by Princess Anne and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence for Sunday service at Crathie Kirk in Scotland. The Queen repeated a raspberry Rachel Trevor Morgan hat with sidesweeping short brim and felt feather trim while Princess Anne seems to have repeated the brown felt trilby with extended brim she first wore last Sunday.

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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Sleek olive green felt cloche with metallic gold hatband from Melbourne brand Contempromental Millinery
White straw boater hat with lace overlaid brim by German brand MATAdesign
Pale blue straw capulet with lime hatband and navy honeycomb veil from Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Exquisitely dramatic black lace headpiece by UK-based Italian milliner Guilia Mio
Pink buntal button with delightful ruffled swoosh from Australian milliner Rachel Henry
Rust felt pillbox with black pleated ombre trim by British milliner Jane Taylor
White percher with swirling black feathers from British milliner George Durdy
Copper straw hat with relaxed crown, wide brim and feathers by German milliner Nicky Marquardt
Purple silk abaca turban with magenta leather orchids by Australian brand Murley and Co.
Emerald silk covered button percher with crin ovelay and gold feather by Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Cream and poppy red straw hat with marvelous side sweeping brim by Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput
Fantastic black straw hat with rainbow tipped ostrich feathers by Anthony Peto Chapelier

And from Australian hat shop The Essential Hat and milliner Catherine Ellen, this sunny yellow straw picture hat with cut-out brim.

The Danish monarchy released a trio of portraits to mark Prince Nikolai’s 20th birthday
Lovely portrait of the Norwegian king, queen and crown princely family taken before the formal dinner following Princess Ingrid’s confirmation
Pierre Casiraghi was part of the sailing team for Greta Thunberg’s landmark voyage and navigated some rather rough seas.
Empress Masako and the Imperial princesses donned traditional kimonos on Friday for a palace tea party hosted for African leaders.

We end this week with an August 27 performance”The Swan” by Saint-Saëns by Empress Emerita Michiko and flutist Karl-Heinz Schütz (jump to 0:30 to start)

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This Week’s Extras

Just fitting in this post while I step away for a day- I’ll be back to finish coverage of Lady Gabriella Windsor’s wedding tomorrow!

Back on May 4, Prince Mihailo and Princess Ljubica of Serbia christened their daughter Natalija in the church of St. George at Oplenac. Princess Ljubica wore a cream straw disc base percher hat with straw loops and ostrich feathers.
Last Sunday, the Prince of Wales took part in the Cavalry Sunday parade, an annual march and commemorative service held the second Sunday of May by the Combined Cavalry Old Comrades Association in Hyde Park. He sported the traditional black felt bowler hat worn by retired regimental members to this event.
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On Monday, the Earl of Wessex donned a dapper cream straw fedora for The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards Presentations in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.
Also on Monday, Princess Hisako wore a cream silk covered bowler trimmed with a modern floral motif and a very interesting, octagon shaped upturned kettle brim for her departure en route to Sweden. I’m not sure I like the brim shape but it’s undisputably unique.
Princess Beatrix celebrated the bicentenary of the Hermien Mill in Harreveld on Friday, repeating her navy straw hat with domed crown wrapped in layers of wide straw ribbon.
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Yesterday, Crown Princess Kiko attended the 30th National Greenery Conservation ceremony in Tottori in a cream hat trimmed with a pale green hatband (not a coincidence, I’m sure!)
The Duke of York was photographed yesterday in more rehearsals for upcoming Trooping the Colour. The Duke was appointed Colonel of Grenadier Guards in 2017 (taking over from the role his father had held since 1975) an will review the troops in this regiment on June 1 to make sure they are in tip top shape for the Queen’s birthday parade on June  15
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Today, Princess Yoko donned a tall, flared pink cloche hat for youth tennis championships in Kashiwa.

This week, I updated the post on all of Queen Máxima’s signature upswept brim ‘slice’ picture hats and was gobsmacked to realize she has 25 (and counting) of this style! Jump to the updated post for a peek.
The following new millinery designs jumped out at me:
Brilliantly practical straw percher with interchangeable trim from British milliner Fernanda Lewis
Two great picture hats (one with lovely ombre ruffle & one with pink perspex bow) by British milliner Ellie Vallerini
Exquisite movement on this crin trimmed black straw beret percher by Scottish milliner Maggie Mowbray
Pale grey saucer with iridescent pinwheel of layered crescent petals from London-based milliner Merve Bayindir
Red button percher with swirling scarlet cherry blossoms by Irish milliner Suzanne Ryan
Bandeau headpieces with colourful, statement-making trims from British milliner Jess Collett
Striking black and white design, amazingly made without a hat block by Australian milliner Louis Macdonald
Lovely colour story on this lilac and peach floral trimmed boater from Irish milliner Carol Kennelly
Stunning midnight blue beaded pillbox percher with flying bow by New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Adore the ribbon pinwheel trim on this cream straw trilby from period-inspired British brand Bea & Evie
Fantastic statement star magnolias on this magenta hugger percher by Australian brand Murley and Co.
Pattern! Vibrant floral printed black straw boater with feather trim by Canadian-based brand Jaycow Millinery


Princess Märtha Louise was in a lot of headlines this week after announcing a new relationship. Here’s the interview she and her new partner Shaman Derek Verrett conducted to address some of the controversy:
Princess Benedikte’s daughter, Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, was married to Count Michael Ahlefeld-Laurvig-Bill’s wedding yesterday. Interestingly, she wore a floral tiara from her new husband’s family. Princess Märtha Louise (and Shaman Derek Verrett) were among a handful of family and royal guests.
Wonderful footage of the entire Cambridge family exploring the “Back to Nature” garden the Duchess was part of creating at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

And, we wrap up this weekend with a start to the Royal Ascot countdown… it’s just 4 weeks away!


Funeral of Grand Duke Jean: Royal Guests

The funeral of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg was attended by representatives from nearly every European royal house, many who wore hats. Out of respect for this event and the Grand Duke’s memory, this post contains photos only (no commentary) and is not open for comments.

Monarchs from Denmark, Sweden, Liechtenstein and Norway:

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Spanish, Romanian and Greek Queens:

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Dutch, British and Norwegian Royals:

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Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Portuguese Princesses

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Jordanian and Moroccan Royals:

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Marlene Koenig, author of Royal Musings, published a full guest list here. Representatives from numerous abolished, lesser known European monarchies (mostly French, German and Prussian) were in attendance but have not been included here- you can see them at this comprehensive post over at Luxarazzi.

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Dutch Princess Visits Exhibition

On Saturday, Princess Beatrix visited an exhibition of the work of the late artist Ad Dekkers, hosted by the Heemschut Heritage Association (of which she is patron) in a park in Bergeijk. For this visit, she reached deep into her millinery closet for a hat that’s not been worn publicly in a long time. In plum straw, the brimmed design features a domed crown and wide, bumper-like hatband.

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The brim gives an interestingly new take to the bumper shape we see so often on Princess Beatrix- ironic to call the shape ‘new’ as the hat is nearly two decades old! I can’t help thinking the shape would be further softened by some trim, even though there’s not much space between the hatband and brim edge to fit a flower or pouf of feathers.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed. Likely Susanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Sep 24, 2011 and likely more

It’s lovely to see Princess Beatrix out and about. What do you think of her hat?

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