This Week’s Extras

Princess Beatrix in a black straw hat with embellished bumper brim last Wednesday at the funeral of Infanta Pillar
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On January 31st, Princess Nobuko and Princess Hisako visited the 69th Kanto Tokai Flower Exhibition at Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan in Tokyo. Princess Nobuko wore a black brimmed hat while Princess Hisako donned a gey felt Pork pie-crowned design with rolled brim and burgundy hatband
Chic grey felt boater hat on Princess Hisako today to open the 2020 Tokyo Tableware Festival
Queen Elizabeth in a familiar blue felt hat with feather flowers by Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren, to attend St. Peter and St. Paul church this morning in West Newton near Sandringham
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Lilac lace covered button percher with silk flowers by Irish milliner Teresa Nugent
Black straw saucer with lovely swirling blush floral trim from British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
Burgundy felt folded design with button trim by German millinery Angelika Löbering
Pink straw wide-brimmed hat with statement polka dot bow by Florida-based AmyJo Original Hats
Black featherpercher with quill twist and red feather hearts by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Beret percher wrapped in ombre orange organdie ribbon with bows by British milliner Dillon Wallwork
And this wonderfully elegant grey straw design with rolling wave cuffed brim, veil, feather quill twist and diamante bumble bees from British milliner Rachel Henry

Lovely new portrait released by the Dutch court to celebrate Princess Beatrix’s 82nd birthday
Sweet snap from the Monaco Royal Palace balcony during the Sainte Devote Ceremony last Monday
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This Week’s Extras

Princess Yoko repeated her Zarny circle tiara headpiece last Sunday during her visit to Myanmar.
Crown Princess Kiko in a pale, neutral modified bowler hat last Sunday for the 43rd National Tree Growing Festival opening ceremony in Ginowan
On Monday, Princess Beatrix attended a symposium at the Council of State in The Hague in a repeated iridescent plum straw bumper hat.
Queen Mathilde added a new red hat this week- see how it compares with her other red hats in this updated post.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Magenta parisisal straw blocked beret percher with unique coiled flying twist by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Two galleries (here and here) of impeccable felt hats by Japanese millinery brand Maxim
Amazing vintage shape on this dark green bumper hat with scalloped brim by British milliner Beverley Edmondson
Raspberry felt rounded beret percher with streamlined felt flower trim from London-based milliner Siana Yewdall

Chic midnight blue felt hat with off-center peaked crown and wide hatband from Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova  

Lovely photo holiday greeting from the Norwegian (the adorable gingerbread Royal Palace model was made by children from Fridheim kindergarten in Oslo), and Belgian royal families

Happy news from Bhutan- during a speech on the nation’s 112th National holiday, King Jigme announced that he and Queen Jetsun are expecting their second child early next summer
 More lovely Christmas photo greetings (both involving vintage transport!) from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall

The Duke of Sussex sent a cheery message to a children’s bereavement charity

This year’s sweet video greeting from Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar

We wrap things up this weekend with new photos of the Queen, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Prince George, preparing Christmas puddings for a charity supporting the Armed Forces.

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This Week’s Extras

Last Friday, November 8, Princess Beatrix attended a Science Symposium in Leiden in a layered straw hat in shades of blue. On Friday, she commemorated 30 years of children’s rights at the Peace Palace in The Hague in a vibrant green hat. 
Last Saturday, Princess Yoko and Princess Akiko donned eerily similar hats. For the kendo competition at the 68th National Youth Convention, Princess Yoko wore a short-brimmed ivory hat with tall crown and wide melon-hued silk hatband . To opene a national health festival in Princess Akiko  an ivory hat with wider kettle brim and soft peach silk hatband.

The Duchess of Cambridge in a black headband studded with sparkling beads from Zara last Saturday evening at the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall
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Another outing for Queen Margrethe’s royal blue beanie hat with black patent leather cuff brim on Wednesday to present “The Queen’s Clock” military award. This hat’s staying power amazes me.
Princess Beatrice supported her cousin, the Duke of Cambridge at a gala for the charity Centre Point in London Wednesday night in an embellished bandeau.
Princess Hisako in a tweed suit and hat with lace trim Wednesday to open an interior design show in Tokyo.
Queen Silvia met with Pope Benedict at the Vatican on Friday in an exquisite black lace edged veil.
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Drottningen besöker i dagarna Vatikanen för att närvara vid en konferens om hur man kan skydda barn från sexuella övergrepp på nätet. På plats finns representanter från cirka 80 internationella organisationer, digitala företag, politiker, jurister och religiösa ledare. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Inför konferensen togs Drottningen emot av Påven i en audiens. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Drottningen genomför besöket inom ramen för sitt engagemang i @worldchildhoodfoundation, som Drottningen grundade 1999. Organisationen arbetar för att förebygga våld och sexuella övergrepp mot barn och utgår från FN:s konvention om barnets rättigheter. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: Francesco Sforza/Vatican Media

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Brace yourselves- there’s a lot of new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Black felt hat with wide brim, silk hatband and beautiful red silk poppies by British milliner Tracey Hillel
Love how this neutral taupe felt hat is elevated by lovely pleated silk trim. By Spanish milliner Eugenia Jiménez
Wonderful orange and fuchsia sinamay percher backed with flowers by UK milliner Inna Walker
Winter white felt beret with fantastic jewel tone, swirling pheasant feathers by British brand Layla Leigh Millinery
Striped felt bandeau headpiece with scarlet ombre velvet chrysanthemum by Italian milliner Giulia Mio
Fantastically unexpected lines on this royal blue felt hat with folded ribbon hatband by Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Magnificent interwoven pinwheel headpiece by Australian milliner Angie Jackman
Periwinkle blue felt stylised trilby with modern felt flower by Czech milliner Jolanta Kotabova
Perfectly proportioned ivory felt beret with a little sparkle from Scottish milliner Maggie Mowbray
Australian milliner Jill Humphries takes bandeau headpieces to a whole other level with this pink straw & crin design 
For our dear gents, two perfect fedoras in darker and lighter blue by Danish brand Hornskov København
Winter white felt folded cloche from New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Adore this take on a bucket hat- perfect shade of red with a woven crown. From US milliner Genevieve Rose
Aqua crystal encrusted percher with curling dyed feathers by British milliner Victoria Grant
Fantasy halo headpiece of flying jeweled butterflies and lace& leather covered saucer by Irish milliner Deb Fanning
Fabulous Dior brimmed hat in stripes of sequins by Australian milliner
And two show stoppers from from Australian milliners- from Amanda Smith, an amazing hand embroidered pentaptych (5 panel) headpiece and from Erin Bridget, a fabulous Dior brimmed design with stripes of sequins and

Empress Masako sparkled regally last Sunday in a parade through Tokyo from the Imperial Palace to their residence in the Akasaka Estate to mark the recent enthronement.
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Congratulations to Flora Ogilvy, who announced her engagement Wednesday to Swedish-born Timothy Vesterberg.
Sweet snap of Prince Carl Philip with Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, shared on Swedish Father’s Day
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💜 💜 #farsdag

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Congratulations to Ayako and Kei Moriya, who welcomed a baby boy this morning. He is a first grandchild for Princess Hisako.
I’m curious- how many of you have carved out time today to dig into the third season of The Crown?!

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Dutch Queens in Burgundy Hats

Today saw the former and current Dutch queens attend events, both in burgundy hats. To unveil a statue of Willem van Oranje (founder of the house Orange-Nassau) in Dordrecht this morning, Princess Beatrix repeated a burgundy straw bumper hat with domed crown and exterior brim covered in feathers.

The shape is a ubiquitous one in Princess Beatrix’s millinery wardrobe to the extent that most of us associate this style as her ‘signature’ look. The colour is excellent on her and the feathers, with their darker edges, give great dimension to the piece. I’m not usually a fan of feather covered hats but somehow, this one works.

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Designer: Designer: likely Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Oct 2, 2014Nov 21, 2013;  Nov 22, 2011

Queen Máxima was in Amersfoort today to attend national meeting of volunteer palliative caregivers and programs. She repeated the muted burgundy melusine felt fedora we saw her wear last week (a far faster repeat than we usually see from her!)

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Since we recently talked about the effortless vibe this hat gets from its relaxed brim it, let’s focus here on styling. Today’s ensemble is a fussier one than the dress we’ve seen paired with this hat so far- between the complicated neckline and trailing tie on the blouse and the skirt’s asymmetrical hem, there’s a lot going on here. We usually think of hats adding or complementing an ensemble but here, I think this hat grounds and tempers it. Imagine this ensemble without the hat – not as good, right?!

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Borsamalia”
Previously Worn: Oct 2, 2019; Jan 31, 2019

What do you think of these two burgundy hats in Holland today?

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Princess Beatrix Commemorates Putten Raid

On Wednesday, Princess Beatrix  attended the 75th commemoration of Putten Raid at Putten City Hall. Putten Raid occurred October 1, 1944 when Nazis deported almost all of the men of the village to concentration camps- of 602 taken, just 48 survived. For this memorial, Princess Beatrix wore a black straw hat with boater-style crown and a wide, kettle-edged brim with gentle sidesweep. The hat is trimmed with a hatband/cuff of black patent leather.

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From a distance, the brim binding plays with multiple layers of straw that forms a darker stripe (where layers are attached and overlap) and gossamer light edge. It’s an interesting design feature that we’ll just look at from a distance (closeup, it’s not as neat as it could be), appreciating the way it gives movement to the otherwise monochrome design The patent leather hatband offers the same and, I think, the hat is better for it.

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Designer: likely Susanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: unknown

Despite several searches through my archives, I’m not able to find a previous outing for this hat, making me suspect it’s a revised iteration of either this similar design, or this one.

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