King’s Day 2012

Belgium celebrated King’s Day today and members of the royal family attended the traditional Te Deum sung at Cathedrale des Saints-Michel-et-Gudule in Brussels. Queen Paola was not in attendance and Princess Claire did not wear a hat. Princess Astrid and Princess Mathilde, however, were in hats for the celebration service.

On paper, I should dislike Mathilde’s velvet headband- it’s barely a half hat in a burgundy velvet fabric that mildly clashes with her red tweed wool dress and coat. In reality, however, I really like the way this Fabienne Delvigne design frames her face and adds softness, something a velvet hat usually does not do. The burgundy accessories work beautifully against Mathilde’s coat (thanks to the collar and dress in the same colour).

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Embed from Getty Images
I love a classic wide brimmed Garbo hat and on its own, this one is fine. It’s just the pairing with those green pants that I can’t bring myself to like.
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Embed from Getty Images
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2 thoughts on “King’s Day 2012

  1. I like Princess Mathilde’s hat from the front, but not from the back. I just keep thinking someone took a big bite out of it!

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