Begian Royal Family attend Remembrance Mass

Members of the Belgian Royal Family attended an annual Mass at Église Notre-Dame in Laeken, Belgium today to commemorate the lives of deceased Royal Family members.  Queen Paola led the group with an unstructured chocolate velvet beret hat trimmed with many rows of stitching which gives texture and a quilted look to the design. It’s a bit informal for my taste but works well with her coat.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Mathilde repeated a grey wool vagabond-style hat designed by Fabienne Delvigne she first wore for King’s Day celebrations back on November 15, 2011. It’s an effortlessly chic design she carries off fantastically.

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Astrid and Princess Léa (wife of King Albert’s late step-brother Prince Alexander) were both in wool fedoras with slightly enlarged brims. I’m not usually a fedora fan but with their fur trimmed coats, these two princesses looked very chic as well. We have not see Princess Léa much since the death of her husband in 2009 and it’s wonderful to see her looking so well. Princes Marie Esmerelda (younger step-sister of King Albert) was also in attendance in a simple black wool hat with upturned brim.

Princess Claire did not attend this event- we’ll likely see her (and the rest of the family) at National Day celebrations on July 21. I also expect we’ll see a hat or two during Prince Phillippe and Princess Mathilde’s visit to Thailand in mid March.

What did you think of the Belgian royal hats today? Which one was your favourite?

Photos from Photonews, Bert Van Den Broucke/Photonews , Bert Van Den Broucke/Photonews, via Getty Images and PPE

4 thoughts on “Begian Royal Family attend Remembrance Mass

  1. Upon taking a closer look I believe Queen Paola is wearing a brown velvet beret which would match her fur lined brown velvet coat that appears black in the second photo. I have seen the Duchess of Cambridge wear this style and it looked stunning on her.

    Princess Mathilde’s grey felt hat worn with the geometric patterned grey and black coat is truly wonderful. I also thought Princess Astrid (?) with her camel coat, brown fox stole and darker brown felt fedora has great style too.

  2. I’m sorry, but I find all of these hats totally inappropriate for attending a Remembrance mass. Most of them look like they belong on a western-themed photo shoot.

  3. I think Queen Paola’s hat was quite nice. The other ones were all awful (except the last one). Mathilde looks like a cowgirl.

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