Duchess of Cambridge at a Wedding in Switzerland

Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry attended the wedding of their friends Mark Tomlinson (a polo player) and Laura Bechtolsheimer (Olympic dressage gold medalist) in Arosa, Switzerland today. Kate wore a smart chocolate John Lock & Co. pillbox she wore last March on her St. Patrick’s Day visit to Aldershot Barracks, this time with a different coat, dress and fur collar. I really like this hat on Kate- it’s a great shape and style for her. The color makes it a little boring (again, we have the problem of the hat blending in with the hair) but for this occasion, where she probably wants to stay in the background and not upstage the bride, it’s just perfect.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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2 thoughts on “Duchess of Cambridge at a Wedding in Switzerland

  1. Super cute! The colour is a little gramma but Kate always looks really nice. Too bad we can’t see her baby bump.

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