Queen Beatrix in The Hague

Queen Beatrix was at the Societeit de Witte in The Hague today to attend the 20th anniversary of the High Commission on National Minorities. Beatrix wore a navy straw hat with double bumper brim. I think i’s the same hat she wore last October for her visit to the European Space Agency.

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7 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix in The Hague

  1. These are two different hats. This has a double-brim; the exterior brim has a sharper angle. The crowns are different shapes.

  2. No – It is not the same hat. Even though they may be of the same colour and material, the radius at the base is very different. The previous hat is very rounded at the bottom, while this hat has a sharp corner at the bottom, as seen in the right-hand picture which which has the same edge-on perspective. Could the hat have been re-worked? There is also no evidence of the back ribbon in the previous hat.

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