Funeral of Princess Lilian

The funeral of Princess Lilian of Sweden occurred today in Stockholm. The Swedish Royal Family and Queen Margrethe of Denmark attended the service to celebrate and remember her life.

Queen Silvia wore a lovely black hat with rolled brim and curled ribbon

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Princess Victoria wore simple, unadorned but very elegant Garbo hat.

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Princess Madeleine, who attended with her fiance Chris O’Neill, wore a black pillbox with bow and net trim

Queen Margrethe of Denmark wore the same wool hat with fur brim she wore to visit the Royal Life Guards earlier this month, but replaced the red button detail with an ivory one.

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The King’s three sisters, Princess Margaretha,  Princess Birgitta, and Princess Désirée, seen at the right of this photo, also wore black hats as a part of their mourning dress.

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Sofia Hellqvist, longtime girlfriend of Prince Carl Philip, also attended. While not officially a Swedish Royal, her attendance at this event seems to indicate she has become a member of this family. She wore an unembellished black bumper hat.

Photos from Getty as indicated

4 thoughts on “Funeral of Princess Lilian

  1. I like all the hat’s except Sofia’s hat. It looked like one of Queen Beatrix’s old hats. I really hope she does not become a member of this family. She is terrible.

  2. Victoria’s hat is gorgeous. And I like how Margrethe changed the button on her hat to make it wearable for a funeral.

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