Queen Beatrix Opens Exhibition in Haarlem

Yesterday, Queen Beatrix opened an art exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands. She wore a sparkling black straw hat (it seems to be woven with metallic threads that gave it a little sparkle) with flat crown and upturned brim, also worn last April during the state visit of the President of Turkey. The crown shape on this hat is a little off for me, but I love smiley Beatrix in an upturned brim so I suppose I’ll give this hat a fashion pass. What do you think of this sparkler on Beatrix?

Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated

5 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix Opens Exhibition in Haarlem

    • While I wish Queen Beatrix a well-earned restful retirement, I have a hunch we’ll continue to see her (and her hats) from time to time. She is just too popular to be forgotten.

  1. How can this be a straw hat? The brim and crown are connected by a sheer mesh that you can see in your second photo. The basis for this has is definately not straw but something akin to needlepoint stitching base.

    • It’s the woven texture of this hat that makes me think it’s straw. I suspect it’s straw woven with another material (a metallic thread or, as you mentioned, a sheer mesh of some type). Does anyone else have any idea of what material this is?

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