Queen Beatrix Visits Breda

Dutch Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands visited the Dutch Defence Academy in Breda this morning. During her visit, she decorated the flag of the Royal Air Force with a campaign streamer in honor of their deployment to Kosovo in 1999. For this visit, Beatrix wore one of her signature brimless hats- this one in striking cherry red straw with a wide red velvet band and side loops. In the past, I was not a fan of these brimless hats but now, I find them rather endearing. That might be my soft spot for Queen Beatrix talking; I can’t help but like any headgear that shows off her sparkling eyes and bright smile.

Putting my bias and affection aside- don’t you think this a great color for her?  Please Queen Bea- scrap the black hats for this final month of your reign! You shine in bright colors!

What do you think of this hat?

Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos by Albert Nieboer, Albert NieboerAlbert Nieboer and Albert Nieboer via Corbis

5 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix Visits Breda

  1. I always prefer hat’s that are in bright colors. I do not mean to be rude but I think would have looked much better if she was not wearing purple eyes makeup. That purple does not look nice with a red hat. But the hat is very nice color.

  2. I like the color but the sides of the hat seems a little odd to me. And those things on the side look like claws.

  3. That’s a super hat. Makes the old girl look bright eyed and bushytailed! (I’m old too so I can say that!) LOL!

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