Queen Margrethe in Græsted and Herning

Queen Margrethe was in Græsted today to open the exhibition “Chasubles, the church and the artist” at Esrum & Møllegård. She repeated the electric blue beanie cap with black trim she wore a few weeks ago (as well as in October 2010 and 2012). I’ve been outspoken about my dislike of this hat… so there’s not much more to say about it.


Last Monday (April 1, 2013) Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik traveled to Herning to take part in the town’s 100th anniversay. Margrethe repeated the purple wool diagonal brimmed hat we first saw at her Ruby Jubilee last year (all the other times she’s worn this hat are listed here). I like this hat and am happy she’s getting a lot of wear out of it but I’m ready to see her in something different. Or maybe, this hat worn with a different dress? Yes- that would freshen this hat up a lot, don’t you think? Maybe a grey suit? Or a tweed coat?

Photos from Sn.dk and Tony Brøchner 

5 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe in Græsted and Herning

  1. The first hat with the pointy thing at the top – not good. A monk’s hat? There is even the appearance of a plastic rim! This hat needs a lot more think. The second hat looks more fitting for a queen but I don’t like that its also based on a beany.

  2. You must give this fashionista props. If you’re going to wear it, you’ve got to OWN it. Even with that tragit blue hat she OWNS her whole look.Go girlfriend!

  3. What a great idea, putting that lovely purple hat with a different dress. I think it would be very pretty with a dark grey suit with a purple blouse underneath and a purple purse. This purple dress is all puckered and it seems no amount of ironing is helping. I think a new outfit for this hat is a wonderful idea.

    • Yes- its a good idea wearing hats with different outfits. You can get a whole new look by mixing and matching. Queen Elizabeth does that sometimes, yes?

  4. That puple one shore is smart. If I didn’t no better, I’d think she was giving us a larking with that blue one! LOL!

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