Queen Beatrix Hosts Russian President

2013 marks a year of cultural reciprocation between The Netherlands and Russia. To kick off this partnership, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited The Netherlands today for a one-day state visit. Queen Beatrix welcomed him this morning at the Amsterdam Hermitage Museum wearing one of her signature “cake” hats – this one with a tiered crown and side bow-loop detail. Seeing her made me feel a little sad that in less than three weeks, her reign will be over.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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8 thoughts on “Queen Beatrix Hosts Russian President

  1. Oh yes. My starts this hat is pretty and just show’s how a nice hat can be the perfect touch for any outfit and make any lady look like a queen.

  2. Queen Beatrix always looks beatiful and has the best hats of all. I like this blue one because it maches her eyes and the shape is so elegant. And she needs the cape to keep her warm on the cold day yesterday.

  3. The blue is very pretty. And I like the different layers on top. I just like hats better that have a brim. But I guess this one is OK too.

    • The hat it is OK. The color is very nice. But that cape with the long threads it ruins the ensemble. Take it off please Queen.

      • Yes. Those fringes are not attractive with this nice blue hat and dress. And fringes can be a safety hazard. These ones are especially long.

    • I also prefer hats with brims as these ones tend to look like a blow-up inflated hat and that is not a good look. I love dear Beatrix but I also really wish she would stop with the blue and purple eyeshadow. Matching eyeshadow to your hat colour is not a good fashion statement

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