Hat from the Past

 This week has been a quiet royal hat week (don’t worry – there are a few royal tours next week and there will be lots of activity around the Dutch coronation) so I thought today we would take time to look back at another hat from the past.

Queen Elizabeth’s mother, affectionately known as the Queen Mum, was a prolific hat wearer. Her MANY hats were almost always the same shape – an oversize capulet with a high upturned brim in the font that formed a sort of halo around her face. While they were the same shape, they appeared in a kalaidescope of every pastel rainbow colour you can imagine. More often than not, they were also adorned with a veil and either feathers or flowers (the Queen Mother’s hat philosophy was “more is more”). Twenty years ago today, when she was ninety-three years old, she wore this yellow flowered hat to church on Easter Sunday. With the upturned shape (see the halo effect?!) veil and side spray of feathers, this hat captures this unforgettable Queen’s style.

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8 thoughts on “Hat from the Past

    • I don’t mean to be rude but I can’t see much style with her. I guess thats OK she’s more of a gramma to everyone than a fashion leader.

      • Her style was not the same style that we see today because she developed her style during the 1930s and 1940s when she was a young woman. Her dresses were usually draped and quite flowing with graceful necklines and lots of soft pastel floral fabrics. If you imagine a garden party from the Great Gatsby, that’s the kind of style she had. She stayed with that style all of her life and it was beautiful on her.

  1. I can’t see it quite clearly, but it looks like this hat also includes a light veil with black dots. Very nice. Taking in the pearls, ear rings, broach and hat shape, she dresses in a very similar way to Queen Elisabeth.

  2. I was wondering when you would show one of her hats. I remember as a little girl looking at pictures of her. She always wore a hat. Please show some more of them.

  3. Oh The Queen Mam was always my favourite Queen and she always did look just like a Queen shood look with her hat’s and gloves as pretty as a picture. Heaven rest her sweet soul.

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