Duchess of Cambridge Reviews Scouts

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped in for the Queen at the National Review of the Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle this morning (the Queen is celebrating her 87th birthday in private today). Kate looked lovely in a latte colored straw beret designed by Whiteley.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Kate has worn this hat on 3 other occasions: on June 6, 2011 at the Epsom Derby; on June 9, 2012 for a family wedding, and on July 5, 2012 for the Order of the Thistle ceremonies in Edinburgh. Many royals repeat a hat with the same coat or dress but Kate has changed it up and worn this hat with a different outfit each time. I LOVE this kind of recycling – it keeps things interesting for us hat fans and shows what a creative dresser Kate is. I hope this is something she will continue.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

What do you think of this beret? Of the four outfits Kate has worn with it, which one do you think looks best with this hat?

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19 thoughts on “Duchess of Cambridge Reviews Scouts

    • I loved the coat. The color is so pretty on Kate and those flower buttons are very cute. This hat is really sharp on her.

      • I don’t have much to add (I’m also not a fan of this coat) except to say how wonderful Kate looks in this shape of hat. Every time she’s worn it, it’s been a beautiful hat on her. I really like that she’s choosing smaller and more elegant hats because they suit her so well.

  1. She looked great yesterday. I just wish she wasn’t such a fan of these frayed seam coats and suits. The look is a little messy for me but the color was fresh and springy on her.

    I liked this hat best with the yellow Emilia Wickstead dress she wore in Scotland.

    • That dress was too yellow for this hat and made the hat turn a funny color. I think this hat was best with the all white dress and coat or the pale blue flowered dress and coat. It was OK today but not my favorite.

  2. I really like this hat on Kate. I don’t usually like brown hats but this one is pretty especially when Kate wears her hair half up like this time. She looks very cute in this coat but I think the best dress for this hat was the flowered dress and plain coat over top that she wore to that wedding (I think it was William’s cousin’s wedding).

  3. My favourite is the first outing, mainly because of the updo and the dress + jacket. It’s a youthfull and fresh look with the hat.

    • I agree. The other dresses have been the wrong colour for this hat. The first outing with the white Reiss dress and Joseph coat, this hat was stunning.

  4. These are such nice photos of Kate! I just loved this outfit with this hat. The fresh minty green of the coat looked so nice with the tan shoes and this hat. I think this is the best dress she’s worn with this hat so far.

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