Queen Margrethe of Denmark in Haderslev and Zealand

Queen Margarethe of Denmark has had a busy week of hat wearing so far this week. Yesterday, she attended  Marianne Christiansen’s installation as Bishop of Haderslev at the Haderslev Domkirke (Haderslev Cathedral). A short video of Margrethe entering the church can be seen on the cathedral’s Facebook page here. For this event, she wore her textured red picture hat with raised brim and side bow detail.

This morning, Margrethe attended the 275th anniversary of the Vallø Foundation (the foundation that supports Vallø Castle, a residence for unmarried, widowed and divorced women of noble decent). She wore the same black straw picture hat (with ruched band around the crown and a looped side bow) she wore while on a visit to England last summer. I suppose the shape is all right but compared to her usually millinery which is much brighter and bolder, this hat seems rather bland.

Which hat do you prefer?

Photo from Haderslev Domkirke and Rikke Michael Hansen

7 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe of Denmark in Haderslev and Zealand

  1. The red one is the best. Queen Margrethe often wears small hats but the larger brims suit her much better.
    PS This is a great site, thank you, I really enjoy it.

  2. I like Daisy in bigger hats like the red, and I definitely do not like the rounded bowl-shaped crowns many of her hats, large and small, have.

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