Confirmation of Danish Prince

Prince Nikolai of Denmark, son of Prince Joachim and grandson of Queen Margrethe, was confirmed today at Fredensborg Palace Church by Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen. While it was a private event, the royal family appeared for a brief photocall after the service, before a private lunch. A brief video of The Royal Family taken just after the confirmation can be viewed on the Danish Monarchy website here.

Queen Margrethe wore a new hat for the occasion in beautiful marine blue. Margrethe looks great in picture hats and this one, with a contrasting white brim trimmed in the same blue as the crown, was beautiful and unique. Princess Marie (current wife of Prince Joachim) continued the blue theme in a navy straw hat with net wrapped around the crown  and a side flower. Marie last wore this hat for the 350th anniversary of the Danish Supreme Court in February 2011 and it’s a lovely hat on her. The shape might be a little plain and I’m not taken with the slapped-on flower but the colour on her is spectacular.

 The Countess of Frederiksborg, Queen Margrethe and Princess Marie  | The Royal Hats BlogPrince Nikolai’s mother, the Countess of Frederiksborg, wore a large feather fascinator. It’s gloriously over the top (it’s nearly the same size as Alexandra’s face!) and contrasts nicely with her dark hair but for this occasion, I think I would have preferred her in a hat. What do you think?

The Countess of Frederiksborg  | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Nikolai’s godparents and extended family were also in attendance. His maternal grandmother, Christina Manley, wore a small fuchsia hat with upturned brim and black bow to coordinate with her fuchsia and black suit. His maternal aunt, Nicola Baird,  wore a small cream feathered fascinator that looked like an afterthought plunked on her head. I would have loved her to wear a large cream picture hat to balance out the large print of her lovely wrap dress instead of that too-small fascinator. Nikolai’s godmother, Camilla Flint, wore a gorgeous chocolate brown picture hat with tilted brim and ruched crown that beautifully contrasted against her blue patterned frock.

Danish Royal Family  | The Royal Hats Blog

My favourite hat of the day was tied between Queen Margrethe’s new blue and white picture hat and the beautiful chocolate brown hat worn by Camilla Flint. Which one is your favourite?

Photos from and  Kongehuset 

16 thoughts on “Confirmation of Danish Prince

  1. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s a little suspect that both Alexandra and Marie are in similar navy patterned dresses…..?! Alexandra wins this fashion face-off hands down.

  2. My favourite proper hat is Margrethe’s. Perfect for her, original but not excentric.
    But I am in love with Alexandra’s look, she’s stunning! Such taste for such a beautiful woman. I don’t car if a proper hat would have suited more the event, we barely see her now so I’m glad she gave us such an amazing look.

    I’m not fond of Marie’s hat, I don’t like the crown’s shape, though I admit this color is right for her.

    • This is one of the most beautiful hats Queen Margrethe has ever worn. The blue is so appropriate for her eldest grandson’s confirmation.

      • When I first saw this beautiful blue and white hat I thought it would be better for taking on their sailboat but you’re right there Bobo (what kindofa name you got there? LOL!) its just perfect for the confirmation of her handsome grandson. I don’t like his mama’s hair feathers they are stikcing out the side of her head. The Queen has the nicest hat followed by that pretty blue one on the new wife. That hat is just beautiful.

    • I totally agree. Alexandra looks AMAZING. The mix of animal print on her dress and the feathers in her hair is so fierce. She looks way better now than she did in the 90s when she was a princess. She knocked it out of the park.

      • I didn’t like her style at all when she was a princess. Now she looks AAH-MAY-ZING. That fascinator is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

      • I didn’t like her fascinator as much as Fashionista and Gigi did but I agree- The Countess of Frederiksborg looks wonderful these days. It’s too bad she was a princess during the awful fashion days of the 1990s. I remember thinking she always looked so stylish. Looking back now, it’s a shame the fashion was so awful.

      • Except for Alexandra’s mom and sister (who aren’t royals anyway) every single hat today was fantastic. Home run for Denmark! I loved how the family kept it all in blue. Where was Princess Mary?

        • The group photo included Nikolai’s immediate family (parents, step parents, siblings, grandparents) and godparents. His maternal aunt and Prince Frederik are also godparents so that’s why they were included in the photo without their spouses. I suspect Mary was in attendance but was not included in the photo as she is not one of Nikolai’s godparents.

  3. When she was princesse Alexandra did not wear many fascinators such as this and she looks incredible. So chic.

  4. Queen Margaretha’s hat is just beautiful. The white brim with the blue top and blue edging is gorgeous.

  5. I like all the hats today except the feathered ones. I really like the queens hat with the white brim and the blue stripe and flowers. That looks so nice on her.

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