The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Visit Cambridge

This morning, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, visited Cambridge for a day of engagements.

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The Queen opened the new Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the royal couple visited the Rosie Maternity Hospital. Elizabeth wore the same soft pink wool hat she wore this year for Easter and looked lovely. I wasn’t initially a fan of he white koosh ball pompom but now find it to be whimsical and fun. What do you think of this hat?

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13 thoughts on “The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Visit Cambridge

  1. I have been reading this blog for several months (it is very well done!) and have seen many hats worn by the queen. Some of them like this one, have a soft, rounded beautiful shape and look very elegant. Some of the others are not as nice (the purple one this week for example). Why are they so different? I wish all of her hats were shaped like this one.

    • What you’re seeing, Jane, is hats by different designers. I just confirmed this hat is by Rachel Trevor Morgan – Rachel’s designs have the beautiful shape you describe (see others here, here, here, here and here). The purple hat worn by the Queen earlier this week was designed by Angela Kelly. Angela’s hats are in more unusual shapes (like this one, this one, this one, and this one). When you look at the hats by one designer in a group, you might notice some similarities in their designs. My preference is for Rachel Trevor Morgan’s designs but that’s only my opinion!

      • Thank you so much! You are right. That hats made by Angela Kelly are the ones that I don’t like very much. The ones by Rachel Morgan are beautiful. When I see them together it makes sense.

      • I wish Rachel Morgan, Jane Taylor and Philip Treacy would make all the Queen’s hats. Angela Kelly looks like a nice enough lady but she really needs to retire from designing hats.

  2. My first impression is that this hat somehow does not go with the coat. Its hard to imagine what would because the coat material is so interesting and texture.

  3. The queen looks lovely and the trim on this hat is plucky indeed. I read that the Queen visited a baby born earlier this morning in the maternity hospital. The babe had been crying nonstop but settled when the Queen met her. The Queen’s got a magic touch!

  4. The first time you showed this hat I didn’t like the feather fluff. But this time I agree that it is not so bad any more. Queen Elizabeth looks so pretty in pink.

  5. Queen Elizabeth looks so pretty in pink I wish Duchess Kate would wear more soft pink. It is such a ladylike color to wear. I like this hat very much and those bows on the side are so pretty. I am just fixing to cut off that furry pompom ball because it takes away from the bows on the side and makes this hat not look as elegant as it could have. But that’s just my opinion! Sometimes ladies like funny things on there hats! LOL!

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