British Royals Attend Epsom Races

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip attended the Epsom Derby today, one of the biggest days in the British racing calendar. The Queen repeated a pale blue hat designed by her dresser, Angela Kelly (she wore it previously for Trooping of the Colour in 2011, a visit to Norwich in May 2010, a visit to Derby in April 2010 and to host an Indian state visit in 2009). This hat, like most Angela Kelly hats, features a distinctly shaped crown (this one is another teardrop shape). I don’t like these shaped crowns but I do like the contrasting black upturned brim (at such a jaunty angle!), the feather trim and the whimsical curly cues made of the same polka dot fabric as is trimming her coat. If it weren’t for that funny shaped crown, I could really like this hat.

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Prince Philip looked very distinguished in a black silk top hat. I thought it was rather cute he chose a blue necktie to compliment his wife’s ensemble.

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The Queen and Duke were accompanied by their granddaughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Both princesses created a fashionably retro vibe with their millinery choices.

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Princess Beatrice wore a new burgundy wool cashmere cloche with ribbon trim designed by Karen Henriksen (see a photo from the designer’s workshop here).I think I might have liked this hat if she had tucked her hair behind her ears (that wing of hair on  the left side of her face is driving me nuts) and paired it with a less graphic dress. The hat feels very vintage and the dress feels very modern and somehow, they aren’t working well together for me.

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Princess Eugenie wore a new hat designed by Sarah Cant that I absolutely adore. The “Grey Blades Landscape” is a lovely shape on Eugenie and the soft feather trim beautifully complimented her blue and grey patterned 50s inspired day dress. It’s a great hat and I thought she had one of the best looks of the day.

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The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester also attended the races today. The Duchess wore my other favourite hat of the day- she repeated a slate blue straw beret we first saw on her here at Epsom last year (she also wore this hat in November 2012 at St. Paul’s Cathedral). I think this beret is a wonderful hat shape and colour on her that blends perfectly with her hairstyle. It is also fun and fresh while remaining unquestionably elegant. For a more mature royal, I think it’s a perfect hat.

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All in all, it was a great day of hats for the British royals at Epsom. Which hat was your favourite?

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16 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Epsom Races

  1. I really like the Queen’s hat, and actually, I think the shape of the crown adds interest, with half of it echoing exactly the jaunty uptilt of the brim. I also like Beatrice and Eugenie’s hat, although I agree that Beatrice’s cloche might be better paired with a different outfit.

    • I agree with you about the teardrop shape of the Queen’s hat, but there is a bit of fussiness going on overall – the small pattern edging plus patterned buttons, plus two colors on the hat brim, plus feathers, plus more printed cording detail – it borders on too much.

      I also agree that Beatrice’s hat and dress may both be OK, but not with each other. I am glad Eugenie won the day, and I look forward to her coming out of the shadow of her older sister to find her own confidence and style. No, she is not slim as Bea, but she has a lovely face, hair and figure (albeit a different body type). If Eugenie ever finds a stylist who can help her find her own look – with that and some self confidence, she could be a real knockout.

    • The Queen looks festive and elegant for a day at the races. I also like the teardrop shape of this hat. Different and unique without being outlandish. The York Princesses are also vastly improved from their last appearance. Princess Beatrice looks so nice in this cloche but the dress does not match. Princess Eugnie’s dress does not fit her but her hat is very, very nice.

  2. The Queen’s hat is very nice. I like the black brim that brings a contrast. Eugenie looks beautiful today. Her dress needs to be fitted to her better but her hat is so lovely and she will be able to wear it with many different dresses. I also like Beatrice’s hat but I do not like it with this dress. It would have been very pretty with a more traditional flowered dress.

  3. I think Bea’s cloche is a mismatch too! It is, for me, a winter hat with a summery dress. The ‘dog collar’ belt also is out of kilter. Eugenie, in contrast, looks quite lovely. The shoulder line of her dress is slightly off – she should have a chat with Mathilde who also favors this line, but it is always snugly fitted on her.

  4. I think Princess Beatrice looks fabulous and I love Princess Eugenie’s hat!! Both the Princesses look beau!

      • I love how both girls looked today. I loved Beatrice’s coat and even though I never would have bought the hat, I do like it’s quirky-ness. I liked Eugenie’s dress, even though I though it should have been a bit bigger, it looked really good on her.

      • Count me in with the minority that love Bea’s hat. I think it’s classic AND different, which is hard to do.

    • Eugenie is the belle of the ball today. It’s good to see these girls wear things that are not utterly rediculous.

      • Eugenie’s hat is one of the few Royal hats I have really liked. She looks very good. Not very keen on the print of Beatrice’s outfit

    • I liked both outfits – both neutral shades which made me look twice at Beatrices hat. And I LOVE IT. The close up picture even shows that she matched her lipstick to the colour of the cloche hat. Its different and quirky – and it is a hat (not a blinking fascinator!) which I also love.

      • I love Beatrice’s dress and her hat but not together. A hat with a large brim and a modern shape would have been amazing with this dress. Eugnie looks good but I like Beatrice’s dress better

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