Queen Máxima Visits Thomas House

Today, Queen Máxima attended the 10th anniversary celebration of Thomas House, a small-scale housing complex in Houten for adults with intellectual disabilities.

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For this happy occasion Máxima wore a new unembellished, oversize Homburg-style hat made of cream coloured straw.

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This is a great hat that beautifully complimented her red and cream tweed coat. It is also a very versatile hat so I expect we’ll see it again and again. My only request for the next time Máxima wears this is to skip the oversize earrings and let the hat make a statement on its own.  What do you think- earrings or no earrings?

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4 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Visits Thomas House

  1. Such a high crown already lengthens her face and the long earrings add even more length. Perhaps large button earrings would have been better?

    • Could you please share a photo? I thought this hat was different than the ones she wore in 2003 but would like to make this correction and update my archives. Thanks!

  2. HatQueen, milady, you are always dead on….no earrings..or, more specifically, not THOSE earrings!
    Is it just MrFitzroy, or does anyone else think her bouquet looks like it could be an Angela Kelly craft project Hat for QE2? If you look at the second photo for a moment, and think ‘Tonga state visit’ it kinda works.

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